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The people of England

One of the most frequently voiced myths of the England haters  is  that  the English are a peculiarly  mongrel  people.  The  truth  is  that  compared with most  other  peoples,  England  between  the Conquest and 1945 contained  a very  homogeneous  community. … Continue reading

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What makes a nation?

Man is designed by Nature to live in small groups (even today most of the world’s population live in small settlements despite millennia of urban settlement). Human beings are very large mammals which naturally seek a diet containing a good … Continue reading

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England and Britain – what is it to be British?

What is it to be British? A very pertinent question in the aftermath of Devolution. Britain is a blend of legal entity, geographical proximity, historical interaction and a degree of fellow feeling deriving from (by now) shared values and experiences. … Continue reading

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The English haters

A bizarre and sinister growth which has been assiduously cultivated for the past century. That growth is widespread Anglophobia amongst those with power and influence in England, the majority of whom are English born and bred. Let us call them the … Continue reading

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