The English haters

A bizarre and sinister growth which has been assiduously cultivated for the past century. That growth is widespread Anglophobia amongst those with power and influence in England, the majority of whom are English born and bred. Let us call them the England haters. This masochistic inverted racism has   reached potentially mortally damaging proportions. It has long been the fashion for latterday liberals and the more  overtly malevolent Hard Left to look askance at the very idea of Englishness. Now this mentality has now become the  official policy of the state and is part of the ideology of  the British elite, a group which consists not merely of   politicians, but mediafolk, senior public servants, important  businessmen and those in charge of our schools and

Be you black or brown or yellow or Irish or Scots or Welsh or Muslim or Hindu or Jewish or Buddhist, indeed, be you  anything but English and your right to enjoy a sense of cultural or racial separateness is not merely acknowledged   but positively insisted upon by the liberal establishment.  But if you are English, that privilege – the most  fundamental of psychological and social balms, a sense of belonging, a literal “natural right” in the sense of an  innate need – is energetically denied to you by the very people who make a totem of ethnic diversity. Let the mildest display of English pride enter the public fold and gargantuan is the media led furore about “English nationalism”. Offer our elite any opportunity to gratuitously insult and  belittle the English and England and they are as happy as  liberals in cant. Where the elite do not belittle, they studiously ignore. In their brave new world, of all the peoples in the world only the English are to be denied national self-expression. 

But the very frequency and vehemence of the denigration of  Englishness tells its own plain tale, for no sane person  attacks so frequently and with such force that which he does  not fear. Far from doubting its reality, the England haters recognise perfectly and fear greatly the granite nature of England, a community so well nurtured by time and  cumstance that uniquely it is not in need of incessant  vulgar displays of chauvinism to reinvigorate and restate its ational identity. Indeed, the sense of what it is to be a people and the creation of a political entity which goes beyond the theocratic, the dynastic or the tyrannical are such vigorously grown, deeply rooted and entwined English plants that England has first claim to be both the  progenitor of the nation state and even to this day, the most complete and natural of nation states, despite being officially submerged for centuries in the irons of a spurious and state sponsored “Britishness”. It is in such great distinctions that the essence of Englishness lies, not in the tourist board tokens of nationhood such as food or  dress.

But as strong and as natural a nation as the English are, the incessant attack upon them is dangerous. For thirty years  or more those with authority in education, assisted by politicians and those in the mass media, have conspired, in  the sociological sense of creating a climate of opinion, to produce a public ideology designed to remove any sense of  pride or sense of place in the hearts of those who are unequivocally English. A whole generation of English men and  women have been bred without a knowledge of their history and who see any display of English national pride treated as something shameful by those who control public life. It is scarcely surprising that this denigration, allied to the deliberate policy of the state to deny English children knowledge of their past, has dented English self- confidence. 

The native Anglophobes have also given a spur to the many people abroad with an axe to grind against England. The  Irish in America with their support for the IRA are perhaps the single most obvious and dangerous example of foreign  Anglophobia. But there are less obvious examples of the behaviour, such as the insidious demonisation of the English  through the compulsive use of the English as villains or fools in recent Hollywood films, which may well be more  damaging in the long run. (Ask yourself when you last saw an American film with an Englishman in a positive role.)

This revitalised international Anglophobia has had another effect in lands whose origins are found in England. There is a curious state of denial in America and the old  white Dominions of their English roots. The mentality was neatly encapsulated in the verse Maya Angelou read at the Clinton Presidential Inauguration. The work extols the racial and  cultural diversity of America by a litany of ethnicity: “Native Americans”, Greeks and Irish, “African-Americans” and  Chinese, Italians and Poles and a dozen others jostle for attention. What is signally missing is any mention of the  national group which caused the USA to exist and which formed, through the character and customs of its people, the   institutions and moral values which to this day set the tenor of American public life, namely the English. A most  curious thing in the land with the most obsessive promotion of “roots”.

As for non-English Anglophobia nearer home, anyone who has visited Scotland, Wales and Ireland in the past ten years will have been left in no doubt that the there has been a considerable increase in overt insult and expressions of  hatred against England and the English. Again films play their part. Some such as Braveheart and In the name of the  father are no better than incitements to racial hatred of the English.

In England itself, ethnic minorities have been emboldened to place their culture before that of the native population. All this is scarcely surprising when the English elite display such a religious dislike of their own country and people, a  dislike which is shown at its most virulent when born and bred Englishmen and women amongst the elite solemnly claim to be Scots, Irish and Welsh because they have one grandparent who was not English. These fantasy Celts would be simply figures of fun if they were not part of the general wave of denigration and dislike, (as a film director said of the English raised actor Daniel Day-Lewis: “I knew Daniel before he was Irish”), but in the present political climate, they stand as potent symbols of the England haters’ idea that to be born English is not a boon but a misfortune.

It is in the light of these melancholy circumstances that I write. My frank purpose is to provide an antidote to this deliberate attempt to damage England to the point of  oblivion. I do not pretend that this essay is anything other than polemic. It is expressly designed to provide the English  with a reason to feel proud of England and the historical and ntellectual ammunition to fire at those who would tell them  that their past is shameful or insignificant. To that end  I have provided an outline of English achievement and of  what the English are heir to in a manner which is sympathetic but not one-eyed. I show English warts as well as unblemished skin, but unlike the England haters I do so by setting the warts both in their historical setting and in comparison to other nations and peoples. I deliberately emphasise the positive and the exceptional in England’s past. I catalogue her many great sons and daughters. I dissolve  in the acid of fact many of the more pernicious myths which the England haters peddle. In short, I do what those in authority in England might be expected to do but which they have long since ceased to do: I instinctively seek the good  not the bad in England. That will be the watchword for this blog.

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21 Responses to The English haters

  1. Philip says:

    Robert, this is absolutely superb. Not only well written, but completely accurate in its assessment. I have read and admired your stuff for many years, and it just gets better. You will no doubt be strongly attacked and denigrated by those ‘England Haters’ you refer to, but you should (as you no doubt will) take comfort from that as evidence of the truth of your position.

  2. Ian Campbell says:

    This is the best succinct account of England’s position that I have ever read.

  3. Edwin says:

    Excellent and accurate account of Anglophobia we need to tackle the myth’s untruth’s and accusations and stand up for England and most of all the English
    The old History and biographies Books are the most accurate and truthfull surprising what TRUTH you can learn from these

  4. Fred Forsythe (not the) says:

    Thank you.
    We now need to fight, as did our forefathers, for the very existance of our country.
    The enemies are not in foriegn lands they are in Westminster.
    The Irish Republicans realised this and won their case.
    The British buy their enemies and sell their friends, we need rid of the British

  5. Fred Forsythe (not the) says:

    Thank you.
    We now need to fight, as did our forefathers, for the very existence of our country.
    The enemies are not in foreign lands they are in Westminster.
    The Irish Republicans realised this and won their case.
    The British buy their enemies and sell their friends, we need rid of the British

  6. B.F.E. says:

    A great article.I shall save it and show it to as many people i can.

  7. Colin Ray says:

    Succinctly put. The English Haters with their institutional Anglophobia are treading a very dangerous path. When a people begin to perceive they are oppressed, which an increasing number of English do, they will revert to the blood ties of ancestry, history and culture of their forbears.

    Artificially created states have, historically, fallen with the diverse peoples contained within those states reverting to their blood ties and asserting their national identity. Recent examples of this are the former USSR and Yugoslavia. The United Kingdom of Great Britain is also an artificially created nation state and like others, created for political purposes.

    The devolution settlement has exposed the frailty of lumping together people who have their own unique culture, history and identity, despite degrees commonality. The Scots, Welsh and Irish, since devolution, are asserting their identities much of which is based on not being English or even British. Overt anti-Englishness is now prevalent with these peoples.

    The English are now beginning to assert their cultural identity and this can be seen in the rising popularity of English folk music and dance spreading out of the rural areas, where it never disappeared, into the urban conurbations.

    If our ruling elite continue to ignore, or actively prevent, the rightful aspirations of the English bearing fruit and to deny the English their right to decide what form of government best suits them, (otherwise known as democracy) then it could well be the English who will refuse the compromise of a federal United Kingdom and cause the break up of the UK by demanding independence and nothing less. The English Haters will then reap what they have sown. The English are slow to anger but when angry they can be fearsome in their hatred which is long lasting. (Read Rudyard Kipling).

  8. david b says:

    brilliant article, i agree with everything and would go further we need to get rid of the english haters in parliament and put our own people in, rule england for england the rest of the world have benefitted greatley by our technologies and englishness, we have become too dosile in our ways the english stiff upper lip needs to soften before its too late, reports of sheree law areas in london are very disturbing if the wish to live hear then they abide by 1 law english law these people obviously wish to continue their lives by their own faith and laws then go back to your own counties and leave us to ours this country is struggling to survive due to all the foreigners coming hear for the easy and better life why do the think its better than their own county obviously its our englishness that appeals so why can’t they accept us and our laws.and traditions we should be putting our own people first and also getting rid of the political correctness that has allowd our society to implode, there is no such thing as racism against the english yet there is against welsh scottish irish and the so called ethnic minorities.
    if england was to be at war with anyone would all these parasites step upto the mark and fight for england?

  9. Brin says:

    Well done Robert, you hit the nail on the head very squarely! Now we should resist all efforts of the liberal louts.

    Delay, obstruction, objection and disobedience, whenever can be done to make life more difficult for them. Bombard them with questions whenever a form needs completing, fill it in with your left hand and always use the post, sometimes letters even get lost.

  10. Sue Bowen says:

    We have fought wars for centuries using the peoples of the peripheral areas of the British Islands. There were Welsh Silures fighting against Rome, but in those days the whole nation spoke Brythonic Celt from “ABERdeen” to “ABERavon” and from “DUNdee” to “MaiDUN” and even Dubh Lynn in Ireland, to Glas Llyn. There was no England as a polity until Willian the Conquerer. Even the Great Alfred only claimed to be king of Wessex.

    If the peripheral areas now attack us it is because the communists amongst them and in thier Universities have stirred up this hatred. I have met them, I know thier names. If we are to be a seperate English nation who pray is going to lay the mines beneath Hadrians wall, or along Offa’s dyke? Where are the soldiers to come from to police the borders? Come on chaps, have some sense. These Islands were a unity before the Romans, let alone the English invaders from Germany. I can think of many inventors and engineers from over those borders you want to repel.
    Sue Bowen

    • andy says:

      Who the hell cares about the Romans?The English didnt come to this isle until after the Romans had left and the part of Germany we came from was never under Roman control.

  11. Nick Chance says:

    Well done Sue Bowen for deliberately trying to skew the very fundamental and absolute truth of the article. You, it would seem, are part of the very problem and I’m not sure you even realise it my dear.

    Nick Chance

  12. steve holwell says:

    The native Anglophobes have also given a spur to the many people abroad with an axe to grind against England. The Irish in America with their support for the IRA are perhaps the single most obvious and dangerous example of foreign Anglophobia. But there are less obvious examples of the behaviour, such as the insidious demonisation of the English through the compulsive use of the English as villains or fools in recent Hollywood films, which may well be more damaging in the long run. (Ask yourself when you last saw an American film with an Englishman in a positive role.) 3 batman spider man and one more all ENGLISH <, THATS BECOUSE WE ARE THE BEST ACTOURES , ALL THE REST YOU WRITE ABOUT IS TRUE

    • Hearts upwards says:

      There are many Irish in America as there are many Germans, Scots , English and Chinese in America. If Holland was so oppressed by all of Europe their Dutch supporters worldwide would be likely to develop a general phobia of their oppressors. Naturally. While I agree Hollywood and other media outlets can sway opinion and generally create ignorance and downright lies there are those of us who know right and wrong and conduct ourselves accordingly. Most squabbles between nations have been down to the greed of their governing body and not between the people of these nations.
      As a rule of thumb any nation should have enough homegrown food to feed their own population and enough resources to heat them in winter. If said nation cannot cover these basic neccessities then they have choices to make. If one of those choices is to cross borders to pillage other nations resources then who is to blame?

  13. Home Rule for England says:

    Sue Bowden. Who was here before the Celtic invaders? Presumably you conveniently (for you) do not look that far back into the history of Britain?

  14. Dan Gleezak says:

    Yeah Id be mad at america when they beat the greatest military power at that time, But hey england at least your not french. USA USA USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Rita cahull says:

    The British are nothing, they all live in the past, don’t forget what our history tells us, and what the Brits and northern Ireland had done to the Irish people in the past, but Ireland would never trust the Brits again, norther orange heads need to squeeze themselves from the past, as they linger in self pity and claim they are victims, there are two side of victims here, rember the Catholics were killed and Protestants, and the UVF bombed in Dublin and killed hundreds of people innocent civilians, but no justice was done for them, now orange heads want justice for there people, and nelson had the cheek to come to Dublin and ask in the dial if he could parade in Dublin on July 12th, but was refused, glad too, no Brits or uk should be allowed to parade British flags in Dublin, rember the people who died in the famine, the Brits should have been held accountable for them, as the people were starved by the Brits as the British soldiers stole their food and the Irish people had to shelter and pick potatoes in return to feed their families, and stil today the Brits are still at war, with falkland and Iraq in the past they attacked innocent civillians all for oil, blood money, now Iran is the next target, USA, Israel, Britain, France, germany all the war mongrels are greedy yellow gutless b…….. Who try to take power and glory, but I think they have messed with the wrong people this time, I pray to god Iran beats them all in the war, lower them down to size

    • Englisc says:

      He’s making the point that the ‘British’ don’t actually exist as a nation in any legitimate sense. You’ve been fed the usual lies, and accepted them, because it’s what you want to believe. It’s what you want to believe because you are weak and dishonest, and because suffering is currency in the babyish world of the modern day, so that by appropriating other people’s you add legitimacy to your own, all of it likely deserved. It is in their earnestly professed humility, the innocence and undeserved nature of their suffering, that we find irish vanity at its most self-regarding. The irish prosper in the current victim culture because a nation that has contributed sod all to western civilization – almost every ‘Irish’ literary figure of note is of English or Angloi-Norman descent – has nothing else to do when it isn’t living off the efforts of other people. Prove me wrong. Demonstrate your good intentions why don’t you? You might return the £8 billion you owe us for a start.

    • francis says:


      Most of the propaganda you are believing was in fact written by the so called ‘British’ you don’t like. Please don’t fall for it.

      The ‘British’ who are the cause of most problems in Ireland and elsewhere were actually in most cases of Norman extract.

      Anglicans in Ireland both North and South oppose sectaranism and do not join the Orange Order Parades.

      Most unionists in N Ireland follow the Scottish Presbyterian traditions. Presbyterians have hated Anglicans for centuries but this keeps on being missed out from the history books.

      Only 15% of N Ireland is Anglican (third largest ethnic group), they are the second largest ethnic group in the South and have integrated.

      Please do not confuse England with Britain or vice versa.

      I am English and do not like the UK. I have studied the War of the Three Nations that took place in Ireland and understand your history well. It is time people of all faiths and nationalities to accept that we may have wronged others in the past.

      One thing the Amercicans cover up is their extermination of the American Red Indians, and they blame it all on the British.

      I do agree with very strongly about the 1974 Dublin and Monghan UAF bombings. I would like to see the entire UAF put in front of firing squads. I would also like to see the entire Real IRA, PIRA and other groups suffer the same fate.

      If one looks closely at the drivers of conflict, you will see the hidden hands of bankers and other foreign groups with political interests in our countries.

    • Dave says:

      @Englishc.. Oh what the fuck you gonna do if ireland doesnt return the 8 Billion.. Very small amount compared to how other countries have helped

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