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England and the practice of science

 England was from the seventeenth century in the vanguard of the rise of science.    William  Gilbert’s   work on   magnetism  was  followed  by William Harvey tracing the circulation of the blood,  Halley’s work  on comets and Robert Hooke’s polymathic span from … Continue reading

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England and the concept of science

The development of the concept of what we call science is arguably  the most  dramatic intellectual event in history,  for it  utterly  changed both  the way in which men viewed the world and provided them with  the means to mould … Continue reading

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The beginnings of English intellectual history

English intellectual history is a long one.  It can reasonably be  said to  begin  in  the early eighth  century   with  Bede’s  Ecclesiastical  History of the English,  which amongst other things firmly  establishes the  English  as  a people before England as  … Continue reading

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Quantifying English intellectual accomplishment

In  his  book  “Human  Accomplishment”   the  American  Charles  Murray calculates  the  contribution  to  civilisation  made  by   individuals throughout  history  up until 1950.  To give his calculations  as  much objectivity  as possible he measures  the amount of attention given  to an  … Continue reading

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SNP XMAS Novelties 2010

Brighten up Christmas with this amazing choice of novelties brought to you by the SCOTCH NUMPTY PARTY  Darien Colony Risk  A board game where players attempt to get the English to rescue a forlorn and absurd Scotch attempt to set … Continue reading

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A guide to Anglophobe propaganda

The England-haters use contradictory propaganda tactics in their quest to undermine any attempt to give England a political voice or any other  point of national focus.  They argue that England is too large to be given a parliament because it … Continue reading

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Scotch the ban on Scotch

The reluctance of the native inhabitants of Scotland to accept descriptions of themselves as Scotch or the use Scotch as an adjective except in a limited number of cases is a modern affectation.  The celebrated lexicographer R W Burchfield has … Continue reading

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