The Archers: An everyday story of simple politically correct folk

The longest running soap-opera in the world, The Archers*, has just jettisoned one of its longest serving (30 years) and most popular characters, the stately home owner Nigel Pargetter, who hurtled to his fictional death from the roof of  his house on the programme’s 60th anniversary . The official BBC   explanation for killing off  the character was the need for drama on such an anniversary, but it has been widely remarked by many regular listeners that Pargetter was one of the very few upper-class characters in the soap and the suspicion is that the editor of the Archers is pursuing a policy of social cleansing, with toffs and members of the middle class who do not resemble Outraged of Islington in increasing peril. Well, stranger things have happened in the fictional village of Ambridge in which the Archers is set.

Ambridge is supposed to be a small English village (with a population of a couple of hundred at best) set in farming country in the English midlands, the sort of place where the inhabitants have only just taught themselves not to point at aeroplanes, at least not when strangers are present. Into this environment the BBC has introduced in the past ten years, a homosexual couple running one of the village pubs, an Asian solicitor (whose circle of Asian relatives and friends is currently being assiduously introduced into the cast), a female vicar, a working-class male vicar whose deceased wife was black and whose teenage daughter is in modish socialworkspeak of “dual heritage”. This daughter immediately became “best friends” with the youngest and very middle-class daughter of the richest farmer in the village, Brian Aldridge. The grandmother of the vicar’s daughter, a particularly irritating caricature of a god-fearing black Jamaican, has been shoehorned into a story of drug abuse in the village, the drug abuse involving (natch) a white addict being supplied by supplied by white dealers.

One of the daughters (Kate) of Brian Aldridge, has married a black South African and has another “dual heritage” child. The stepson of the same farmer, Adam Macy, has returned and “come out” and begun an affair with the new Grey Gables chef, a homosexual Ulsterman with a bizarre persona – think of a young and mincing Ian Paisley.

White characters introduced into the serial in the past decade or so have shown a new trend. A surprising number of them are not English. The homosexual Ulster chef is one example, the loutish Scotchman Jazza McCreadie another. Then there was the now dead beautiful Irish siren who seduced Brian Aldridge.  curiously, their love-child Ruairi (pronounced Rory) who  has lived in England for several years  since he  arrived aged four  still speaks with a broad Irish accent. As many listeners and reviewers have pointed out, in real life  he would long ago have lost his Irish accent. However, that would not fit in with the determination of those in charge of the serial to promote their multicultural fantasy.

To these particular PC character developments may be added certain general PC rules of the series. Except in very special circumstances where they can act as useful idiots in the PC cause by moving temporarily out of character, all men are either bastards or wimps, in either case possessing the emotional IQ of a brick wall; all women are heroically struggling to tolerate their men; any ethnic character is a model of rectitude, vastly able and, if young, beautiful or handsome. No male character may criticise any female character unless a female character is available to correct them. No white character other than Roy Tucker (more about him later) has ever been known to criticise a black or Asian character and under all normal circumstances no mention will be made of the fact that they are not white.  Kate Aldridge’s black South African husband managed to appear for weeks in the serial without anyone commenting on the fact he is black, ditto the “dual heritage” children of the marriage and the daughter of the current vicar.

There are also class and age rules. Increasingly, the higher the social status, the worse the characters behave. In any conflict of views with someone of a lower social status, the higher status person will be made to seem inept at best or wrong-headed at worst. Where the class of the characters in a scene is the same, the female dominance rule applies if the company is mixed-sex.

As for age, the older cast members are normally used to express non-PC views, for example, the matriarch of the Archer family, Peggy Woolley, refused to accept the female vicar and the erstwhile  landlord of The Bull, Sid Perks, evinced a dislike of homosexuals. Very occasionally a younger cast member is allowed to express non-PC views, as was the case with Roy Tucker, who had a brief flirtation with the local racists.

But old or young, the non-PC character is invariably nullified by large numbers of characters with PC views and frequently contradicted directly. The non-PC character is simply there to act as a theatrical device to amplify the PC message.

There is always  great joy over the non-PC sinner who repenteth, which they almost invariably do in remarkably abrupt and unconvincing fashion. Roy Tucker went from support for National Front-style politics  to being the shiniest of “new men” in a trice. More recently Tony Archer has gone  from a distraught father hating the fact his daughter Helen has become pregnant through artificial insemination to an OTT doting grandfather  the instant the  child is born replete with Maoist confessions of fault. That set a trend as all recent new fathers in the serial have had the same fate thrust upon them.

If there is an Archers’group more at risk than toffs, it is men. Nigel Pargetter joins Greg Turner (blew his brains out with a shotgun), Sid Perks (dies suddenly at a relatively young age),  John Archer (crushed to death by a tractor) and  George Barford (natural causes) who have all died before their time in recent years.

When they are not dying, the Ambridge men are going in for armed robbery (Clive Horribin), becoming down-and-outs and  taking class A drugs (Ed Grundy), suffering brain damage through taking ketamine (Jazza McCready), having affairs and fathering a bastard (Brian Aldridge), engaging in racist acid attacks (Roy Tucker), committing adultery with your brother’s wife (Ed Grundy),  engaging in violent assault (Will Grundy), committing rape (the rape of Cathy Perks), vandalising property (Jamie Perks), becoming addicted to gambling (Alastair Hebbden-Lloyd), engaging in massive fraud ( Matt Crawford and Stephen Chalkman) or simply going senile (Jack Woolley).

Female characters are treated completely differently, with characters dying much less frequently and showing absolutely no propensity for crime bar one exception, the harbouring of Clive Horribin by his sister Susan after he had gone on the run from the police. That, of course, was presented as being the wicked man (Clive) forcing  his sister to break the law. It is also interesting that while there have been four male gay characters, the Archers has yet to see any “girl-on-girl”action.

When one reflects on the fact that the Paergetter character apart from being upper class was also white, male, unequivocally English, resolutely heterosexual, married, monogamous, honourable,  possessed of natural good manners, was a good father and, horror of liberal bigot horrors, wanted to send his children to public school, one can only wonder at his survival for so long.

Hilarious as all this is to those of us with a weakness for agitprop – we just cannot resist the clankingly crude propaganda lines masquerading as fact and reality – I cannot help feeling that it may not be quite what The Archers’ audience generally favour. Indeed, they may be so unprogressive as to think that a small English village set in farming country might look rather different from the current very PC world of The Archers. Their idea of the village could well be one where the inhabitants are uniformly white and English. Where support for country pursuits is perilously close to 100 percent. Where homosexual rights are not an issue because there are no overt homosexuals in the community. Where sexual equality is thought to be “damn nonsense”. Where a female vicar would be thought unworthy of the name of priest. Where the sight of strangers would be cause for frank and extended comment. Where the sight of a black or brown face would arouse the same sort of amazement as the aeroplanes going overhead.

Such a village would be a House of Horrors for The Archers’ producer and writers, a creation made all the more terrifying because somewhere in the remote recesses of their minds they will dimly know it represented reality, or at least came much closer to reality than their nightly bill of politically correct multicultural fare. That The Archers is simply a vehicle for the more extreme PC propagandists within the BBC is self-evident. The question is should we lament its existence? I suggest the answer is no, because it performs the vital function of demonstrating beyond any shadow of doubt the institutionalised political bias within the [British Broadcasting] Corporation. That bias cannot be explained away for, unlike news and current affairs programmes where apologists for the corporation can fudge the issue of bias by pointing to such things as pressure of time or news priorities, The Archers shows the view of the world the BBC wishes to put before its audience. It is their articulated political dream, created at leisure and unmarked by any dissenting voice.

When the Archers began it had the subtitle of “An everyday story of simple countryfolk.” It has transmogrified into “An everyday story of simple politically  “.

*The Archers is the longest running radio soap in the world, having been on air continuously since 1951 (BBC Radio 4)

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21 Responses to The Archers: An everyday story of simple politically correct folk

  1. Does anyone listen to it? I gave up listening to BBC radio years ago.

  2. Maria says:

    Well, Nigel first appeared in November 1983, which is not 30 years (lousy reporting by a variety of sources – “30” sounds so much more dramatic than 27), but aside from that I’m with you.

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  4. Byrnsweord says:

    A fascinating analysis of the piece. I am certain that the programme does not reflect the scale and nature of the difficulties that people whose ancestors’ names are written on the headstones of the local church actually face, nor is it truly representative.

  5. Wyrdtimes says:

    Good piece. As a habitiual R4 listener I get to hear the Archers fairly often – it’s on eight times a day and all day Sunday or so it seems.

    Strange for a small rural village in the heart of England; no-one is concerned about the undemocratic EU or the CAP. No-one complains about paying £7.20 per prescription whilst other folk in the “UK” pay far less. No-one has to pay for care or has had to sell their homes to pay for care that’s free elsewhere in the “UK”. No-one is unhappy with tuition fees that are free or subsidised elsewhere in the “UK”. And of course no-one wants fair representation for England because no-one is English.

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  9. Peter says:

    I have lived in small villages in Gloucestershire Yorkshire and Dorsetshire and there have not been any foreigners or ethnics to speak of. Most people either hunt, shoot or support it, and they think politicians are pond slime. You never hear anyone in Borsetshire saying the Prime Minister is a woman’s reproductive organ. You do here. And there may be some homosexuals but I haven’t met any. Radio 4 was taken over by communists decades ago. If you don’t like the Guardian (which is the organ the BBC use to recruit their Fabian employees) then don’t listen to Radio 4. I gave up years ago and prefer Classic FM where you don’t get some lesbian ice maiden tut tutting because we don’t want illegal aliens in our country. The only thing the BBC has got right is Radio 2 and Top Gear – the rest of it is that which you find on the floor of a cattle market.

    • Never forget, Peter, that Orwell used the BBC as his model for the state in 1984. Michael Wharton was also very amusing about the Stalinist attitude of the BBC in the 1950s. That is not to say get rid of the BBC, but it does need severe reform both in terms of its political bias – which crosses from news and current affairs in drama and comedy – and its relentless increase in size.

  10. CFE says:

    Excellent article.

    Although I’ve listened for years, I managed to miss Roy Tucker’s supposed racial awakening. I’m sure it was hilarious. Certainly no sign of it now.

    “The Archers shows the view of the world the BBC wishes to put before its audience. It is their articulated political dream, created at leisure and unmarked by any dissenting voice.”

    Absolutely right. It is an “educational” programme, otherwise known as social engineering. This is admitted from time to time, such as with the recent story lines about old people using IT.

    What the BBC as a whole presents is a vision of the future that the elites wish the English inured to. That is our slow but quickening, and inevitable if we do nothing, race-replacement.

    The Jew Mark Damazer (former controller of Radio 4) recently called for Ambridge and the rest of Radio 4 to become even more unrealistically “diverse”. Well, he would wouldn’t he.

    • Roy Tucker fell into the company of neo-Nazis and went along with them enthusiastically until one of the group threw acid in the Hindu solicitor’s face. This had two miraculous effects: the acid caused no discernable let alone lasting damage and Roy immediately saw the liberal bigot light and became very pc indeed. There was an amusing sub-plot which lasted for a few espisodes whereby Roy’s father Mike was fingered as the real culprit because he had given Roy the idea for such wicked ideas by voicing his non-pc feelings about immigrants in the home.

  11. CFE says:

    …one of the group threw acid in the Hindu solicitor’s face…

    I KNEW it would have been hilarious, in the sense that it would present an absurd and crude misrepresentation of nationalists, their motivation and conduct.

    It sounds like an event a year or so ago, when Ian the “gay” chef was assaulted by a footballer. All that happened was that a thug of low intelligence thumped a homosexualist. It was out of nowhere. Message – if you don’t “celebrate” degeneracy, you are stupid.

    How typical that Helen would name her ever so modern little bundle of joy after this unhappy pervert, sorry, paragon of sympathy, understanding and emotional intelligence.

    The punters must be made to realise that anyone who objects to being race replaced in their own country, or to the ever worsening degeneracy fostered by hostile elites, is not motivated by the instinct to live or resist degeneracy – they are just “haters”.

  12. Chris Marchant says:

    I always listen to the Archers so that I can monitor what the toffy nosed mob are up to.

  13. Bloke says:

    The Archers, like Eastenders, pulls the BBC in two directions. They desparately want the entire cast to black, disabled, muslim lesbians. But if they did that they would lose most of the white (license fee paying) audience. Meanwhile outside the gates leftists media types berate the BBC for not including more black, disabled, muslim lesbians using that as proof of the BBC’s inherent Tory, racist bias. Hilarious.

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  15. Giles of Ham says:

    What is equally laughable about a show that I only have the misfortune to hear because I am usually driving my car home at 7PM is the constant, out of place attempt to introduce business management lessons to the farming community (and presumably beyond). If the average listener wants to know how to market an organic pork sausage or needs some very superficial lesson in trend analysis our agricultural colleges can surely pick up the slack.

  16. Sue Sims says:

    Yes, but that was what The Archers was all about: it was introduced in post-war Britain to try and get farmers up to date. I’d far rather have that than all the PC stuff.

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  18. David Murphy says:

    Also the biggest pile of right wing feminist bullshit to hit the airwaves every day. A subtle propaganda tool for neo liberal class ridden Britain. And a good enough reason all by itself for abolishing the licence fee and re-organising the BBC as a commercial broadcaster funded by subscription and/or adverts. (Yes they advertise too – right wing policies and their own stuff!)

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