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English liberty and the Peasants’ Revolt

Nothing  demonstrates the Englishman’s  long held lack of deference  and desire to be his own man better than the Peasants’  Revolt in 1381. General resentment  of  privilege  and  particular  hostility  to  the imposition  of  a  tax  (the  Poll Tax) considered  to  … Continue reading

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The Free-Born Englishman

It  may  have  taken until 1928 for full  adult  suffrage  of English   men  and  women  to  arrive,   but  the   essential sentiments  which  feed the idea of  democracy –  that  human beings    are   morally  equal   and  enjoy    autonomy    as individuals  and   … Continue reading

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Part of England has been invaded

Part of England has just been  invaded.  The Hampshire town of Aldershot has suddenly been treated to a an exceptionally large dose of “the joy of diversity” by the transformation of the town through a massive influx of Ghurkha soldiers … Continue reading

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If England was a sovereign state again

For  England  it  is difficult to  envisage  any  insuperable disadvantage  in  the break up of the UK,  but  easy  to  see definite and  substantial  advantages. Most importantly,  England would be able to act wholeheartedly in her own interests. Her  considerable population,  … Continue reading

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Is it in the blood? and the hypocrisy of the media

The death of the great England all-rounder Trevor Bailey prompts me to take down and dust off a classic example of the discrepancy between what mainstream mediafolk privately believe and their public obeisance to political correctness. In 1991 I wrote … Continue reading

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A fundamental malaise

I had this piece published in Wisden Cricket Monthly in 1991. The situation has not changed substantially. The re-entry of South Africa to Test cricket has removed the excuse for South Africans to play for England but this has in … Continue reading

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Cameron’s “British values” enshrine political correctness

David Cameron’s definition of Britishness contains within it the  three central tenets of political  correctness: racial equality, gay rights and sexual equality. That means anyone, indigenous or immigrant, who does not agree with political correctness is, in NuTory Boy’s eyes,not British.  … Continue reading

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Want to win literary competitions? Pretend you’re black

I am white. I wrote this story as an experiment to test the effect of political correctness on literary competitions. I did this by creating a story which both had a black theme and was written in a way which … Continue reading

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The future of Englishness in films

It  may  be that the present popularity of Englishness  in  films  will pass,  although it shows no sign of doing so soon.  But  even if overtly English films do not maintain their  present  high global profile the use of English … Continue reading

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