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How the CRE ignored the racial abuse of the English

Below is the correspondence I had with the Commission for Racial Equality (now incorporated in the Equality and Human Rights Commission  ( after I made a complaint of gross abuse of the English by the one-time Welsh Language Board chairman … Continue reading

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The white working-class and the British elite

From the salt of the earth to the scum of the earth Robert Henderson Thirty years ago the primary client base  of the Labour Party was the white working-class, while the Tories still had remnants of the heightened sense of … Continue reading

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Mass migration is an English not a UK problem

When people talk of mass  immigration to the UK they really mean mass immigration  to England.  The  2001 census gave this breakdown by ethnic group for the UK:  The white group comprised   White British   50,366,497   85.67%                                                      White (other)   … Continue reading

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Will there always be an England, whatever the origin of its people?

The title of this piece  is taken from an article by Charles Moore in the Daily Telegraph  (16 April 2011 – ).  Moore’s article addresses a  fact which  to most, probably all,  people is obvious , namely,  that human … Continue reading

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Notable English technologists and inventors

Thomas Savery (1650-1715). Invented the first commercial steam engine -a steam pump.  Thomas  Newcomen (1663-1729).  Improved Savery’s engine by  introducing the piston.   Richard  Trevithick  (1771 – 1833). Invented the  high  pressure  steam engine. Built the first steam locomotive. George Stephenson … Continue reading

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Human accomplishment and the English

Robert Henderson In  his  book  “Human  Accomplishment”   the  American  Charles  Murray calculates  the  contribution  to  civilisation  made  by   individuals throughout  history  up until 1950.  To give his calculations  as  much objectivity  as possible he measures  the amount of attention given  … Continue reading

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The truth about social housing and ethnic minorities

To an English public incessantly bombarded with politically correct propaganda on the evils  and illegality of discrimination based on race, religion, nationality or culture,   it will come as a surprise to learn that in one of the most vital things … Continue reading

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Nations and Empires

Robert Henderson The longest lived empires in history, the Roman and the Ottoman, lasted approximately six hundred years; the Jews, a people long without a land and scattered to the four winds, are un-obliterated after two millennia of  persecution. Moral: … Continue reading

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The position of minorities

Robert Henderson All our historical and contemporary experience tells us that the more homogeneous a society, the greater its stability and peace. History and our present world also tells us that the common experience of minorities everywhere is persecution. Not … Continue reading

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What the nation state owes you and what you owe the nation state

In its purest form liberal internationalism holds that a man may live anywhere he wishes and owe no particular allegiance to any people, place or society. In theory, although not in practice, it is a an imagined universe in which … Continue reading

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