The English Landscapes and Identities Project

12-07-2011 09:42 by Lucy Palmer

Hazel Down Lynchets. Credit: Ian R. Cartwright.

“A new five-year project is announced today looking at the history of the English landscape from the middle Bronze Age to the Norman period. The English landscape of fields, trackways and settlements is an ancient one.  While much has changed over the 3,500 years since the agricultural landscape was laid out, surprising continuities exist. ‘The English Landscapes and Identities project’ will use a mass of mapped data for the period from the middle Bronze Age to the Domesday Book (AD1086) to explore continuities and changes in the use of the land in different parts of England

“The results will be publicly available on a website to be called ‘A Portal to the Past’, which is being created by the School of Archaeology at the University of Oxford. The project with funding of €2 million from the ERC (European Research Council) will not only map the whole of England, but also allow the research team to collect and analyse huge amounts of digital data – on a scale never attempted before….”

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