Emma West, immigration and the Liberal totalitarian state

Emma West of New Addington, London has been arrested and placed in “protective custody” following the publication on YouTube of  a two minute 25 second  recording labelled by the YouTube poster as “Racist British Woman on the Tram goes CRAZY at Everyone ! (Must watch!)”  You can find the recording at (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pONVYjAd1wc).   The recording was made by a black woman thought to be named Kelly Hollingsworth.

Here is a partial transcript of  what was said during the recording published in  the Daily Mail  : ‘What has this country come to? A load of black people and a load of ****ing Polish. A load of ****ing, yeah… you’re all ****ing… do you know what I mean?

‘You ain’t English. No, you ain’t English either. You ain’t English. None of you’s ****ing English. Get back to your own ****ing… do you know what sort out your own countries, don’t come and do mine.

‘It’s nothing now. Britain is nothing now. Britain is **** all. My Britain is **** all.

‘Yeah its fine. I have got a little kid here. Have respect? I have a little boy here. **** you. I dare you, I ****ing dare you.

‘Don’t watch my language. Go back to where you come from, go back to ****ing Nicaragua or where ever you come from. Just ****ing go back.

‘I work, I work, I work, this is my British country until we let you lot come over.

‘So what. It is my British country, you ain’t British. Are you British? You ain’t ****ing British. **** off.

‘You ain’t British, you’re black. Where do you come from?

‘No, someone’s got to talk up for these lot. Look the whole ****ing tram, look at them. Who is black and who is white.

‘There is all black and ****ing burnt people.’


Her delivery gives her words an articulacy which is not apparent from a transcript.  As you listen to her try not to be  distracted by  the copious swearing because the woman is a white working class Londoner,  or at least part of  what Jerome K Jerome called “greater Cockneydom”,  and the effing and blinding goes with the territory.  She is also speaking  in a very stressful situation and allowance has to be made for that.

She does not come across as  thick.   The  fact that  she has worked as a dental receptionist  suggests that she is at least reasonably bright.  She is also respectably dressed and there is nothing in her appearance to mark her out as being  mentally ill or on the margins of society. Her son  (aged between two and three I would judge)  is smartly dressed and generally  looks well cared for. (Contrary to some press reports, the child looks  unfazed throughout ).   I can see no sign that she was significantly drunk or under the influence of drugs.

The teasing question is why someone like her would  take such a chance,  both from the view of what the police might do in oh so  politically  Britain and the risk to her and her young son of saying such things in a carriage filled with ethnic minorities and white immigrants.  We do not know what happened just before the recording begins. It could be that she was somehow provoked by being in a dispute with someone.  But her  first words in the recording are “’What has this country come to? A load of black people and a load of ****ing Polish” and throughout the recording she seems to be addressing the general point of mass immigration and its consequences rather than having a particular quarrel with one person on the tram.  Perhaps she started sounding off generally  after a specific occurrence, for example,  someone ethnic brushing against her or perhaps  someone foreign making a disparaging remark about Britain or England. It could even have been simply being in an enclosed environment and hearing nothing but foreign voices in her ears.

But if it was any of those things it would only give us the trigger for her behaviour. There would still be the question of why Miss West would express such views.  I suggest it was simply desperation.    She lives her life constantly bombarded by the multicultural propaganda and unlike the white liberal; elite probably encounters circumstances every day in which she finds herself  in the ethnic minority in her own country.   She will feel that her country has been invaded,  whilst at the same time being denied any opportunity to protest  or have any mainstream politician put her point of view.  That type of drip, drip pressure on the most vital thing to any human being – the ethnic nature of your society – can build a rage within a person like no other.

Since the posting of the video on YouTube other recordings of white women on public transport  expressing similar views have appeared, for example,  http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3969559/More-rail-racist-videos-emerge-online.html?OTC-RSS&ATTR=News.   Miss West is far from being alone.  Interestingly, there are also regular incidents of supposedly politically correct white liberals  being crudely racist (http://www.minorityperspective.co.uk/2011/05/30/black-tv-presenter-called-a-nigger-at-the-baftas/).

In the context of Miss West’s case,  the comments in recent years by the singer Morrissey and the comedian John Cleese about the effective conquest of parts of England by recent mass  immigration are of particular interest. Here is Morrissey in the   New Musical Express in 2007:

England is a memory now…The gates are flooded and anybody can have access to England and join in.

“Although I don’t have anything against people from other countries, the higher the influx into England the more the British identity disappears. So the price is enormous. Travel to England and you have no idea where you are. It matters because the British identity is very attractive. I grew up into it and I find it very quaint and amusing. Other countries have held on to their basic identity, yet it seems to me that England was thrown away.

“You can’t say, ‘Everybody come into my house, sit on the bed, have what you like, do what you like.’ It wouldn’t work.” (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/morrissey-blames-immigration-for-disappearance-of-british-identity-760825.html)

In  September 2011 John Cleeese said this:

‘I’m not sure what’s going on in Britain. Or, let me say this – I don’t know what’s going on in London, because London is no longer an English city.

‘That’s how we got the Olympics.

‘They said we were the  most cosmopolitan city on Earth. But it doesn’t feel English.

‘I had a Californian friend come over two months ago, walk down the King’s Road and say, “Where are all the English people?”

‘I mean, I love having different cultures around. But when the parent culture kind of dissipates, you’re left thinking, “Well, what’s going on?”‘

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2032956/John-Cleese-London-longer-English-city-thats-got-2012-Olympics.html#ixzz1fOwFZX00

Both Morrissey and Cleese are expressing essentially the same sentiments that Emma West was giving vent to, albeit in much more restrained language and not in a public place. The interesting question is what would have happened to someone speaking as Morrissey and Cleese  spoke who did not have their celebrity. There are plenty of examples of people speaking or behaving  in a non-politically correct way in recent years  who have  had the police round to intimidate them before you could say knife, for example, the shopkeeper who had the police breathing down his neck after putting golliwogs in her shop window (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-452477/Police-order-shopkeeper-remove-golliwogs-window.html).  The odds are that anyone without power wealth or influence  expressing the sentiments that Cleese and Morrissey expressed would have had at the least a visit from the police.

It is also a fact that white liberals have an uncanny ability to arrange their lives so that they live in very white, and in England, very English worlds, my favourite example of this being the English folk singer Billy Bragg who is wondrously right-on and lives in  Dorset, arguably the whitest county in England.  The truth is that white liberals are not only  aware of the effects of mass immigration on the white working class, but have inside them exactly the same primal feelings about ethnicity and the invasion of territory that those who openly rail against the effects of mass immigration.

There is a great deal of suppressed anger  amongst native Britons of all classes  about the profound act of treason which is mass immigration.  The liberal elite have suppressed dissent   to the extent that most people have developed the mentality normally associated with  totalitarian states, namely, a belief not that certain  views are morally wrong but, rather,  that  they are not to be spoken because they are dangerous for anyone might be a potential police  informer.  But the resentment is still there and growing.  It will become an unstoppable political energy  if a mainstream political party has the courage to release it by offering the electorate an end to mass immigration and the removal of all the apparatus created by the state which places ethnic and racial minorities in a privileged position and the native population under the ideological hammer.

The retention of Miss West  in “protective” custody  is positively sinister, as is the suggestion Miss West  is mentally ill.   It is reminiscent of the Soviet Union and Communist China still. Both  are indicative of  the fear the British elite have of the truth about immigration being told.  They fear this because  it would  both dismantle the world which they have built (and which has often enough provided them with a very decent income) and the fact that the finger of blame for the treason would be pointed at them.

That the white liberal’s position is purely political and self-serving rather than principled can be seen by the tolerance they extend to racial and ethnic minorities, especially blacks, when they make  nakedly racist comments about whites.  The black Labour MP Diane Abbott was allowed to remain within the Labour Party despite complaining in 1996 about the employment of “Blonde, blue-eyed Finish nurses” instead of black West Indian ones (http://www.theapricity.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20066) , while the great black liberal totem is the unreservedly racist Muhammad Ali (http://livinginamadhouse.wordpress.com/2011/11/09/muhammad-ali-and-the-white-liberals/).  All the white liberal does is defend those of whom they approve.

Her   son  will have been taken into care if there is no relative to look after him. It will be interesting to see  if he is  removed from his mother   in effect on the grounds that she holds “racist views”.

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  1. Sue says:

    I know how Emma West feels believe me. My home in the East End has been invaded and my roots have been stolen from me. However, it’s not the immigrants I’m angry with, it’s the traitors that opened the door and haven’t bothered shutting it, that I feel like swearing at!

  2. barry says:

    Did not see one racist word used in the video’s I might be wrong and did not hear the colour of anyone skin’s mentioned except for the first video…someone needs to look up the word racist and or racisim..If I say to someone who cannot speak English, learn fucking English speak my language that is not racist that is fact..the liberals in this country need to look very carefully at what they now deem racist as is saying to an American, speak my language, you are in England now after they said the word ‘fall’ when describing Autum is not racist it might be slighty ignorant but not racist the same could be said for having a pop at someone whomever they maybe for taking a job here, that again is NOT racist it is again erring on the side of ignorance the two are not the same and England and it’s newspapers know it, I could give you some video’s of me being racially abused and beatean up by a group of black youth because of my colour because I wondered into the so called wrong area it happens both ways and to be racisit it does not have to be white on black or brown it can be white on white, black on black, black on white or whatever people need to understand this then we can all move on and kick the politically correct brigade into touch I will condem someone for use of the N word when the black people’s of the world stop using it to identify each other, when they do this they advertise the word and instate it as an ‘ok’ word to use to describe someone I cannot see how anyone can complain when then it is used to describe them by someone else…I might not like the word but then I am not using it to describe myself, perhaps that should be addressed first before jumping on this particular bandwagon..me thinks.

    • Marta says:

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  3. Silas says:

    I notice that this affair has received very little coverage on the television. I expected it to be a topic of discussion on the ultra-right on Jeremy Vine Show but there has been no mention of it. Could it be that the editors of these programmes know that giving air time to this story would be problematic because it provides one of the starkest examples we have seen as to what happens to those who forcibly express their anti-immigration views in public. Hitherto the main controversies have centred upon people who have said forbidden things on the airwaves, on television or in print. This incident clearly demonstrates that we live in a police state and that we are liable to prosecution for what we say in public places.

    Despite the seriousness of this situation and its impications I couldn’t help being amused by the fact that the the most vocal opponent of Miss West’s was another English woman who seemed more bothered about raised voices and having her child’s sleep disturbed than she was by the “shocking”, “vile” and “horrific” (the words of The Daily Mail) sentiments being voiced by Miss West.

  4. Jay says:

    Hmm not racist? I don’t think any level-headed person would suggest there was not at least an element of racism, and it was done in a way that causes offence and could have led to far worse.. therefore it is right that she should be arrested – difficult to defend. The entire diatribe centered on the colour of peoples skin, where they came from and whether they should ‘go back’.
    The other element to this case is that of course, now it has been made so public, she has to be taken into protective custody. This is where the whole thing gets a bit convoluted – if it had not got onto youtube, nothing would have happened – because it has, and it is SO offensive, she has to come under investigation AND given protection at the same time. Naturally if there is no-one left at home to look after the kids at this time they HAVE to go into care – what other choice would you have? left at home to fend for themselves?
    The other point is that despite one of the commenters seeing no suggestion that she was drunk, I see every evidence that she was indeed drunk or under the influence of something.. Lack of focus, slurred speech, failure to finish most of her sentences, they just trail off – she is addressing no-one in particular and is being thoroughly obnoxious without any qualms – I have seen that hundreds of times – drunk every time! Maybe she should have been charged with Drunk & Disorderly instead?

    • Andre says:

      Andy, you, like many others, keep saying that now Emma”s comments have “gone public” it is probably a good thing that she has gone into custody. Why? It is because people like that quick-tempered, young, Black man who jumped up behind her angrily would have bashed her to death for commenting that a Black woman, who was Black, was in fact Black? I wrote to politicians to speak to that potentially violent, eavesdropper who had to be restrained and pacified like a child having a tantrum or a dog baring its teeth! “There..there..settle down..out of control, adult male ..give Mummy (two White Girls) a hug. There was no hug for distressed Emma. In fact, another White Sister screamed and swore at her for waking her own “fuckin’ baby” but no one tut-tutted at that woman’s expletive. Every one on that tram was metaphorically trying to gag Emma…and many still do..literally. I also made the point that it was hypocritical, racist and unjust to ignore the Black man’s threatening stance but to incarcerate White Emma for making an angry comment while seated passively and nursing her child.. A microcosm of what is happening on the macro level in Marxist-controlled Britain! Some people even said Emma was’ lucky’ that she had her child on her lap……or……or….what.? How many English or White British people do you know would stomp a woman to death for grumpily holding an opinion? Don’t English men, deep down, admire and respect a feisty woman? Shakespeare’s female characters were no shrinking violets and nor was Elizabeth Bennet, which was why Mr Darcy adored her. How many Englishmen would threaten to rape someone like Emma and to also hurt her Angelic, cute, wee lad as creatures on Twitter and facebook threatened? See this IS a race issue. ….people have vowed to hurt Emma and she is White and her distress s and reflects the instinctive awareness and every day actual experience that many White people struggle with——– that a particular kind of Black and Muslim is out to kill them. I wonder why they think that!!!!!? ” IF YOUR ENEMY VOWS TO DESTROY YOU..BELIEVE HIM!” Don’t be surprised, therefore, to hear some ‘soldier talk’…..even from a female, when people FEEL and truly BELIEVE that they are fighting for their very survival!

      • Jay says:

        The ability of the blinkered to see what they want to see is amazing – so a black man jumped up behind your hero – I didn’t see it, but I am sure you could be right.. he would have bashed her to death right there would he?? well I am pretty sure I didn’t see anybody bash her to death, so what are the circumstances of your ‘would’ – in your sick imagination I guess? or if he was held back – was he held back by some more white heroes?? I think Emma had already broken down the barrier of expletives – it is more than blinkered to criticise someone who uttered a single expletive in reply during that diabolical rant. I struggle to see what you are saying here. Do English white men admire hateful, shameless verbally violent women? I don’t think so, but I can’t speak for all…The main failure if your argument is that all you are saying in defence of the woman – is based on the REACTION to her outburst -she actually catalysed these foul responses.

  5. Andy says:

    The video shows a women losing control. Legally a criminal offense may have been comitted so I could understand why it was recorded. However Perspective is needed. She will be prosecuted but the people who are utimately responsible will not. It is not possible to have an honest debate about immigration in the UK, and that is a shame.


    The recent video of a woman in the UK identified as Emma West, venting her frustration with non-White minorities aboard a Tram has generated worldwide attention. Unfortunately, she has been arrested since the video went viral and now she will truly feel the wrath of the Marxists that have utterly destroyed the UK with their genocidal immigration and multicultural policies. In the UK it is illegal for Whites to express their frustration over the fact that their country has quickly become a non-White hellhole by design. If a White mother is frustrated over the destruction of her homeland and is willing to vocalize it on a public tram filled with non-White immigrants, surely many other Whites in Britain must share her frustration but are obviously too fearful of expressing it. Emma West can see the future for her little boy in the UK and it scares her to death. Hopefully, her children are not subjected to re-education programs that will teach them to hate their own kind in order to progress the Judeo Marxist agenda that so many of our White youth have already been subjected to.

    Enemies of the White race are portraying Emma West as mentally unstable because she openly vocalized her opposition to White genocide aboard a Tram filled with the people who have turned the UK into a non-White dumping ground. By attempting to portray Emma West as someone who has mental problems, our enemies are trying to convey a message that it is morally wrong for White people to openly oppose their own genocide. It is that simple. White people have two choices. They can sit back and watch their homelands get destroyed or they can stand up for their people and risk getting insulted, threatened, and possibly imprisoned.

    Notice how all of the people who are attacking this White mother are completely ignoring the fact that non-White immigration has turned the UK into a non-White cesspool. It is not debatable. White people know what is going on but are simply too afraid to do or say anything about it. What is truly appalling is that many Whites are calling for violence against her and even her death. This just proves how much our people have been poisoned by the Jew. Aryans have been poisoned so deeply and effectively by the Jews and their Marxist/Communist agenda that they have actually trained us to fight each other when we fight back against those who wish for our destruction. This must end.

    If our enemies are willing to jail a White mother for vocalizing her opposition to the genocide of her people there is nothing that our enemies will not do to destroy each and every one of us. Those of you who denounce National Socialism and shun Hitler but still call yourselves Nationalists need to open your eyes and stop playing the Jews game thinking that you will be safer while winning the White masses over at the same time.

    When more and more Aryans are treated like Emma West and they begin to fully realize the scope and magnitude of the situation they are in, they will yearn for another Hitler, and they will get him. The greatest disgrace on that Tram that day were the numerous Whites who attempted to look busy, texting, looking away, or rushing over to comfort the non-whites, when in reality they agree with everything Emma West said.

    Ryan J. Murdough
    National Political Director
    National Socialist American Labor Party

    • Jay says:

      Utter uneducated crap, your home-grown white supremacist philosophy is not applicable to us – you clearly know nothing about UK society or about the thoughts of UK whites. Let the people speak for themselves – it is ridiculous and wrong on every level to judge a man by skin colour alone – always will be… It is shameful to voice ignorant racist views, as it is to be publicly inebriated. I feel sorry for the woman because she has been so badly educated and has let stupidity rule her judgement – However, I don’t think jailing her is a remedy, but please note that she has not been judged, sentenced or jailed yet – she is in custody pending prosecution. Although the authorities say it is not protective custody, it probably should be.
      There is probably a small mad twisted minority calling for ridiculous levels of retribution, in the same way that there is a small twisted mad minority who thinks this is acceptable behaviour.
      By the way… Aryan? Emma West?? really???

      • If by “uneducated” you mean that I have not been poisoned by the Jew and their Marxist, multicultural agenda than you are correct. It seems that you have been fully educated and therefore, fully poisoned. I know enough about the UK to know that UK Whites are not allowed to voice their opinion or else they could end up in jail. How are White people supposed to speak for themselves when the UK has a justice system that allows non-White savages to attack at will and not get jail time while at the same time jailing a White woman for expressing how she feels about those same non-Whites in her country?

        You are right I don’t know much about the UK but I know that if the majority of Whites in the UK are like you there is no hope for Britain and it will turn into the multicultural hell that it is headed for. If the majority of Whites in the UK are like Emma West the UK has a good chance of not turning into a third world hellhole.

      • Andre says:

        Jay, only a rude, unrefined and uneducated person would ever reveal so obviously their hypocritical, insulting and racist abuse as you have to Mr Ryan from the United States…’utter, uneducated crap.’ I would like to apologise, on Jay’s behalf, to Mr Ryan McDough. Please Mr McDough try and understand that most young people in Britain now have been brainwashed into hating WHITE Americans, whose History they have never studied. They just can not see their own racism and even say, as this Jay person did: “It is ridiculous and wrong on every level to judge a man on the basis of his skin colour,’…yet, he goes on to do precisely that as you are White and American. He would not have done so if you were Black and, therefore must reflect on why he would not. I doubt that with an attitude such as he possesses and with the name ‘Jay” he is not likely to be English. I would like to thank you for showing concern for the sinister and disturbing developments in Britain, especially over the past 30 years. By the way, thank you to all the Mothers, wives and sisters who lost American Loved Ones when they were forced to fight and to die to provide the democracy and freedoms that Jay has enjoyed but which are now being eroded .I refer you to the wider picture. THE SCHILLER INSTITUTE..THE NEW DARK AGE//THE FRANKFURT SCHOOL OF CULTURAL MARXISM AND POLITICAL CORRECTNESS//THE TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE EXPOSED BY Dr JOHN COLEMAN//TAVISTOCK AGENDA.WARP.COM. Of course, you may be familiar with these so I also recommend THE ORIGIN OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.ACCURACY IN ACADEMIA//CLOVEN PICKARD STRATEGY AND NWO//EXPONENTIAL FUNCTION BY EMERITUS PHYSICS PROFESSOR ALBERT BARTLETT FROM COLORADO UNIVERSITY. ( that relates to immigration growth every 7 years)…You will know these..NAU/AMERO/BILDERBERGERS/CLUB OF ROME//EURO//EU and CULTURAL MARXISM/TRI-LATERAL COMMISSION AND COUNCIL FOR FOREIGN RELATIONS. If you could recommend any links, I woulld be grateful. People like Jay think only at the micro level (Emma West’s case) but do not understand how this will soon play out at the macro level. He doesn’t know that we will all be literally fighting not just for past RIGHTS but for our lives in the near future .He is too busy screeching outwardly that he can not see the enemy within. A powerful force wants to destroy White, Christian-based Western countries. ..God help us all!

  7. Jay says:

    Yes the majority of whites are like me (thank God) in which case what right have you got to suggest the minority should hold sway? thankfully the racists are in the minority however vocal they might be. I choose my multicultural ‘hellhole’ over the racist hateful cesspit that you would wish on us.
    Uneducated means ignorant. Ignorant of the equality of humanity regardless of origins, in the case of racists, ignorant also means fearful of what they don’t understand without making any effort to understand. Racists are ruled by fear and hate, those embracing multiculturalism are ruled by love and a willingness to be neighbourly. I and other brits make our choice despite your protestations.
    BTW a ‘hellhole’ would be a place devoid of God by definition, does your God urges us to love our neighbours or to hate them?

  8. david brown says:

    please see my own blog for some good links . To help Emma West someone should set up a specific
    web site – say with http://www.one.com puting all the evidence that it was a political decision of the crown
    prosecuting service. links to the Somali girl busgang attack -video footage -and the black man who
    attacked the 97 year old I

  9. Muscle frog says:

    Jay, you sound like a faggot. I bet you can’t wait for some black Daddy to blanda upp with you. Filthy vermin.

    • Jay says:

      Ha Ha Ha – you’re a funny dude – do you have your own TV show? Don’t know what a ‘blanda upp’ is, but I’m sure that’s a very, very witty repost wherever it is you come from… LOL

      • ted says:

        You don’t understand do you, you don’t get to choose your multicultural utopia do you? You don’t get a vote or a voice you simply wake up one day and everything you know has changed and your simply a racist who isn’t embracing and loving and neighbourly, well what happens when we are a minority in this country within our lifetime according to the telegraph 2066, what happens if the people you import (islam) don’t express the same tolerance and equality to you when you become the minority? What will you do really? Shout about how you respect people rights as you get oppressed for your opinions? Open your eyes and answer my question to yourself, I’m assuming you’ll wash what I’m saying away with a thought like “this could never happen were all tolerant and peaceful and neighbourly” and that’s exactly the problem

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  18. John Alexander says:

    So the latest stage of development of our multicultural state is having political prisoners.

    There’s a great take on another high profile detainee in:”Unacceptable Radical” at:


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  33. How I have learned about Emma West: “Just a few years ago, the police were not allowed to hold people without charge for more than 24 hours. Today, all that has changed dramatically. Emma West expressed distaste for mass immigration on a train. She was imprisoned without charge for months and had her children taken from her. There wasn’t even a complaint against her. These are powers the police could only have dreamt of before mass third world immigration became a reality.” Well, when I read the transcript, I have to say I do not know if this is racism. And what is the lady reportedly published, I certainly do not like. But such an attitude of the police towards the citizen … This is not normal. That’s crazy. It’s criminal behavior on the part of law. And it has nothing to do with the rule of law. But it has a lot to do with the abuse and deliberate confusion between terms such as “civil rights” and “human rights”.

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