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The Effects of Mass Immigration On Canadian Living Standards and Society

The Effects of Mass Immigration On Canadian Living Standards and Society Edited by Herbert Grubel  – a compilation of essays by  12 authors Published by the Fraser Institute of Canada  in 2009 ISBN 978-0-88975-246-7 Robert Henderson Massive numbers of immigrants … Continue reading

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Leveson Inquiry – Wanted- people who have had their evidence ignored

The Leveson Inquiry are refusing to use my evidence of press, PCC and police misdoing. They will not even take up the matter of Piers Morgan’s perjury before them despite the fact that I have given them a letter from … Continue reading

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The claustrophobia of diversity

Robert Henderson In November a 34-old woman Emma West was recorded on a tram in Croydon (near to London) expressing her very no-pc views of  the effects of immigration on England even though she was surrounded by ethnic minorities.   Since … Continue reading

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Bring the Nuclear Deterrent to England now

Robert Henderson A Daily Telegraph report  of 27 January 2012  “Nuclear subs will stay in Scotland”  ( James Kirkup – is most disturbing. The essence of the story is that should  Scotland votes for independence the  UK nuclear deterrent would … Continue reading

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It must be no to Devomax

Robert Henderson The leader of the Scots Numpty Party  (SNP) Alex Salmond has a secret love. He has a long-time partner Independence , but also  a burgeoning  affair with  the siren Devomax.    No, this not a relative of the cyber personality Max … Continue reading

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