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Politically incorrect film reviews – Outlaw and Made in England

Nick Love and Shane Meadows, two directors of white workingclass origin who like nothing better than to tell the world how much they empathise with the white workingclass world they grew up in. In pursuit of this they make films … Continue reading

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English education – a project to culturally cleanse the English

Robert Henderson Ask an English child of 2011 about the iconic dates of English history such as Hastings, Blenheim and Waterloo and your chances of getting a correct answer are very small. Quiz them on who was Alfred the Great  … Continue reading

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Poems of England

The Quiescent They want England to be As they remember But not with tears or hurt; Only by a harmless wish As children make, Which changes the world Without fracture And leaves no moral stain. They say: “if only it … Continue reading

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