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The Archers – an everyday story of simple politically correct folk part 2

Robert Henderson Ambridge is becoming  even more diverse. The “dual heritage” daughter of the white vicar  who was married to a black Jamaican (now dead) and is now married to a Hindu is being given much more prominence. She has … Continue reading

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Skintland: The Economist spells out the wages of Scottish Independence

Robert Henderson Alex Salmond, the leader of the Scottish Numpty Party (SNP),  has been at full impotent froth over an article in the Economist which describes Scotland as Skintland and carries a map of Scotland with puns on place names … Continue reading

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The right of self-defence in England

Robert Henderson The Current State of Things If there is such a thing as a natural right it is surely the right to self-defence, for any organism will defend itself when attacked. To deny a man the right to defend himself … Continue reading

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The English white working-class and the British elite – From the salt of the earth to the scum of the earth

Robert Henderson 1. How it used to be  Thirty years ago the Labour Party primary client base was the white working-class, while the Tories still had remnants of the heightened sense of social responsibility towards the poor created by two … Continue reading

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