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Prison for merely speaking…Non-custodial sentences for sustained physical attacks

The white and the black of it Robert Henderson Jacqueline Woodhouse  has been jailed for 21 weeks  ( after she admitted racially aggravated intentional harassment  on a train in January  (23/1/2012).  Her crime? Well, let Ms Woodhouse  speak for herself … Continue reading

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Helping Boris Johnson to understand why foreigners “get all the jobs”

Mr Boris Johnson Mayor of London Greater London Authority City Hall The Queen’s Walk More London London SE1 2AA Telephone: 020 7983 4100 Minicom: 020 7983 4458 Fax: 020 7983 4057 Email: 17 5 2012 Dear Mr Johnson , … Continue reading

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Liberals in a multicultural denialfest

Robert Henderson Nine Muslim men living in Rochdale Lancashire – eight from Pakistan and one from Afghanistan – have been convicted of  various offences arising from what  is coyly  described as “street grooming” , but whose honest description would be … Continue reading

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Poems of cricket

George Brown (Hampshire and England) George Brown, Aztecs’ face; Iron courage. Eccentric always, Chesting Larwood or Keeping wicket for England In a pair of Motor cycle gauntlets. Jessop one day; Scotton the next; Average not so much, But figures may … Continue reading

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Modern batsmen don’t know they’re born

Robert Henderson The absurdly early start (the first week in April)  to the English  first class cricket season has brought a wailing and gnashing of teeth from batsmen.  Pace bowlers have been ruling the roost and wickets have been averaging … Continue reading

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The really radical thing for the Tory Party to do – appeal to the English

The one-time Deputy Chairman and leader paymaster of the Tory Party Lord Ashcroft was pushing the pc bandwagon merrily along at a great rate of knots  in the Sunday Telegraph  of 29 April. ( In it he urged the Tories … Continue reading

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