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Emma West has her trial delayed yet again

The trial of Emma West on two racially aggravated public order offences has been put back to 5 September to allow further medical reports (  Her trial was meant to take place on 17th July but a request for … Continue reading

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Public and Private Confusion (And, yes, there is an alternative)

I wrote Public and Private Confusion in 2006, before the credit crisis, before even Northern Rock was saved by the taxpayer. NuLabbour’s mania for privatizing anything in sight was in full spate, mostly, because the Tories had privatized all of … Continue reading

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Ed Miliband and the Left’s attempted sabotage of England and Englishness

Robert Henderson The leader of the Labour Party Ed Milband has cynically climbed onto the bandwagon which  Labour politicians like  John Crudas, Harriett Harman and John Denham  tentatively started rolling before the last election  as they began to fret over … Continue reading

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Is modern fielding really superior to what it was in the past?

Robert Henderson The idea that fielding in first class cricket is vastly superior to what it was even a generation ago has attained the status of a truism amongst sporting journalists and the idea is probably shared by the overwhelming … Continue reading

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