Emma West has her trial delayed yet again

The trial of Emma West on two racially aggravated public order offences has been put back to 5 September to allow further medical reports ( http://www.thisiscroydontoday.co.uk/Trial-alleged-YouTube-tram-racist-Emma-West-moved/story-16543355-detail/story.html).  Her trial was meant to take place on 17th July but a request for a further adjournment was granted on 13 July.

I have been unable to discover whether the prosecution or the defence asked for the further adjournment, but whichever it is  the delay is extraordinary . Ms West pleaded Not Guilty on 17 February and her trial was originally scheduled for 11 June (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-17073198).

The 11 June date was missed when the first adjournment was granted because of  a wish  for extra medical reports. That was surprising enough ,  because there had been four months between Ms West’s plea of Not Guilty and the request for the adjournment, ample time to get any medical reports.  If the 5 September date is kept six months will have passed since the Not Guilty plea.

The further delay suggests the authorities  or her own lawyers are trying to wear Emma West down by extending the wait so that she will eventually plead guilty out of fear or exhaustion. The authorities are always  terrified of a full trial on such charges  because it reveals the naked repression of the British elite  and  gives a public voice for dissent from the politically correct narrative of multiculturalism. As for the defence,  English lawyers  these days  are  almost always loth to put up any defence which challenges such  charges on the grounds of the right to free expression or offers a justification for dissent from the politically correct narrative.

The only other reason for such a delay I can think of is that the authorities hope to force her to plead guilty by preparing social service reports which say she is not a fit mother and these take rather a long time to acquire . If so, they could get the reports and then either give her a choice of  keeping her children by pleading guilty (and  by admitting her crime proving she is a fit mother who will not hand on racist attitudes because she has “seen the pc light”)  or continue to plead Not  Guilty and lose  her children.

There has been very little on the web about this further delay and the only media report I could find is the Croydon Advertiser one quoted in the opening paragraph.

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14 Responses to Emma West has her trial delayed yet again

  1. david brown says:

    They know they have a week case – none of the tram passengers made any official complaint to two transport police who where at the tram stop. Fearing the are probably going to loose this case one option might be to have her declared mentally unfit for trial . As her persecuters are capable of any evil they might threaten to have her two children placed in care.

  2. William Gruff says:

    The treatment of Miss West (Mrs?) should be considered in the same light as that of Roger Hayes who was reportedly arrested recently and imprisoned by a single magistrate at the instigation of the local council, to whom enquirers were, unusually, directed by ‘The Police’.

  3. Adrian Romilly says:

    Emma is yet another victim of our oppressive race laws. For many centuries the British, and the English in particular, have been insulting one another and foreigners with no more than social disapproval; we need to restore that happy position. I find it intolerable that so many of us are willing to stand by and see one another sent to prison /subjected to institutional penalty (loss of job, promotion,…) for bad manners towards foreigners / those of foreign descent.

    I encourage people to send a supportive postcard to her solicitor:

    c/o Charter Chambers, 33 John St, London WC1N 2AT

    or, and better still, a postal order or cheque. .

    Adrian Romilly

  4. The Crown Prosecution Service seem determined to get Emma West – however they are probably worried that they will not get a majority guilty verdict. So as others have suggested their tactic will be to covertly intimidate her by saying she is mentally unfit for trial to try and coerce her into entering a guilty plea on the basis that if she is mentally unfit her two children could be taken into care via the secretive family courts. As it happens the first Croydon magistrate JP Ellis is also involved with the family court.

    If people want to help Emma West now i suggest pre- emptying this tactic. Many local and national press web sites are not pre- censored . You can even go to The Voice -The Black Newspaper – and leave your comment. Post it up as many places as you can that CPS lady Frances Lockhart is threatening Emma West children will be taken into care if she does not enter a guilty plea. This will cause outrage and revulsion among readers of The Sun, Daily Mail ect

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  6. daniel says:

    shut up the bitch will get whats coming… what you think after all this the cps will just cave in ha ha ha u stupid fools

  7. david brown says:

    The trial date has been postponed yet again due to the weakness of the case – not because of any complaint by tram passengers but because a video clip was posted on youtube -the real reason for the case -millions around the world heard the truth about the demographic deconstruction of England – as this political show trial is of public interest – it would be effective to have pictures of the persecuting people on the web so their picture comes up on google images and in the news media – see my blog for information

  8. kingrollo says:

    EMMA WEST -. Shocking news – And now a NEW adjournment as of 05/09/2012. (till when?)
    What is going on ?, Lets hope that the CPS have a very weak case and they don’t know what to do next. Does’ anybody have any answers ?

    • david brown says:

      google up the CPS solicitor behind this case -Frances Lockhart of kingston upon thames -see previous comment on this case- listed in phone book under Christopher Lockhart – why not make a polite call and ask her if she denies she is using social service reports to try and intimidate her.

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