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Is it in the blood?, Peter Oborne and the question of Englishness

Robert Henderson The political journalist Peter Oborne recently published an article entitled England’s South Africans are on a sticky wicket ( In it he addressed the question of whether South Africans playing for England could be anything other than self-serving … Continue reading

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England: the mother of modern sport

Contents 1. Sport is stitched into the English social DNA 2. The organisation of sport 3. International  Sport 4. Cricket – the first modern game 5. Football – the world game 6. The amateur and the professional 7. The importance … Continue reading

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The Olympics: England and the Celtic Fringe

Robert Henderson The final Great Britain tally of medals at the 2012 Olympics was 65  comprised of 29 Gold, 16 Silver, 19 Bronze. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland  managed a grand total of  six medals comprised of 3 gold, two … Continue reading

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The Archers – an everyday story of simple ever more politically correct folk

Robert Henderson Listeners to the Archers have long remarked at the miraculous retention of an Irish accent by the bastard son of  Brian Aldridge and Siobhan Hathaway Ruairi Donovan after arriving in England at the age of 5 and living … Continue reading

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Well, at least there wasn’t a six-foot dancing penis

Robert Henderson Prior to the  opening ceremony of the  London Olympics,  the last time Britain put on a taxpayer-funded  entertainment that was  meant  to project the country to the world was on 31 January 1999.  The event was broadcast   from … Continue reading

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