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The English voice on Scottish independence must be heard

Robert Henderson The shrieking flaw in the  proposed Scottish independence referendum is the failure to establish the terms of Independence before the referendum is held.  This is vital because all parts of the UK are potentially seriously affected, especially if … Continue reading

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A sane future for English cricket

Robert Henderson The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) proposed last week that first class county cricket at the weekends should be no more ( After publicity by the Daily Telegraph and anger amongst the counties,  who asked when people … Continue reading

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Being arrested in England is no small matter anymore

Robert Henderson There was a time when being arrested in England  did not matter very much.  Before digital technology  came of age your fingerprints  and mug shot might be taken,  but if  no charges were laid or, if you were … Continue reading

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Political speech and action in Britain: What is legally permitted ?

Robert Henderson Free speech is a very simple concept: you either have it or a range of permitted opinion, the  scope of  which can be altered at any time (  Sadly and dangerously, not only is free expression in Britain … Continue reading

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