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The “wrong” sort of indoctrination (for the Left)

Robert Henderson An unnamed (because they did not want the children identified) Rotherham couple experienced in fostering  have had three of their charges peremptorily  removed by Rotherham social services ( The reason? The couple are members of  the United Kingdom Independence … Continue reading

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Elite Mischief – Gordon Brown and The Francis Crick Institute

I was recently contacted by Bloomberg News and asked to comment on the  Francis Crick Institute, a massive research laboratory which is being built in central London  on land immediately behind the British library and a road’s width  from the Eurostar terminal.  The … Continue reading

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Do you want this potential terrorist target in London?

The United Kingdom Centre for Medical Research and Innovation (UKCMRI) was granted planning permission for a research labratory on 16 December. This is a consortium comprised of the Medical Research Council (a taxpayers funded body) , Cancer Research UK, the Wellcome Trust … Continue reading

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