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BBC Anglophobe anti-white propaganda: The liberty of Norton Folgate

Robert Henderson The Saturday play on Radio 4 The liberty of Norton Folgate  (9 February)  was an unashamed piece of racism, the racism being directed at the native English. ( The play was set in the East End of London. … Continue reading

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How the English saw themselves at the height of Empire – Cecil Rhodes’ will

Today the English are frequently represented by the politically correct left liberals  as being a people without any sense of identity, indeed, not really a Nation  at all.  The politically correct are able to freely peddle this fantasy because at present … Continue reading

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The significance of borders –why Representative Government and the Rule of Law Require Nation States

Author: Thierry Baudet Publisher: Brill ISBN 978 90 04 22813 9 Robert Henderson This a frustrating book.  Its subject is of the greatest interest, namely, how human beings may best organise themselves  to provide security and freedom.   It contains  a … Continue reading

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