BBC Anglophobe anti-white propaganda: The liberty of Norton Folgate

Robert Henderson

The Saturday play on Radio 4 The liberty of Norton Folgate  (9 February)  was an unashamed piece of racism, the racism being directed at the native English. (

The play was set in the East End of London. Norton Folgate is a street connecting Bishopsgate with Shoreditch High Street.  The  playwright Mark Davies Markham hung the play on the skeleton of the British pop group Madness’  album of the same name.

Madness wrote their album after a building which the locals prized was in danger of being demolished.  This was eventually prevented after it was discovered that Norton Folgate was a liberty, an archaic free status which put it outside the jurisdiction of the local authority.   Hence the title The liberty of Norton Folgate.

The Madness album concentrated on the racial and ethnic diversity of the area both past and present. Davies Markham took this general theme and made it his with knobs on.  In the play the building threatened with demolition becomes the Union café, its proprietors Asian and the wicked developer who wants to demolish the building is (natch) white and English.  Davies Markham’s  intention are clear from a blog he wrote for the BBC:

“The Union café is threatened to be demolished. The livelihood of Bangladeshi owners, Gazi and Sitara, is under threat. They fear for the identity of the community. This family make a stand for preserving British culture. The right for all their customers to a full English breakfast.  “ (

You get the idea: the Asians are the true Britons: the English are not.

The Asian characters are constantly promoted positively (with the subtext that they are the real British patriots now) while the white  English characters (interestingly there was no non-white character represented as English) with the exception of Jess,  the white daughter of Ralph Burke, the evil property developer and leader of the New England Party,  were caricatures of what the liberal left fondly but mistakenly imagine are the only English people who resist immigration and its effects, namely, Neo-Nazis.  Jess is in a relationship with an Asian (natch) and just to put a cherry on the cake of Asian good, English bad scenario,  the wife of Ralph ran away with an Asian.

This was a deliberate denigration of theEnglish. It  was also unabashed politically correct, pro-immigrant propaganda. How does  all this  fit with the BBC legal requirement to attempt balance and remain within the law of  incitement to racial hatred?  You tell me.

When shall we see  BBC productions which honestly address the plight of the native English population,   especially that of the working class, a plight which engineered by the white liberal elites through their encouragement  and permitting of mass immigration? How about a topical drama which takes as its subject the Muslim gangs roaming places such as the area in which Norton Folgate was set with the intent to intimidate and assault non-Muslims? Now that would be realistic.

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16 Responses to BBC Anglophobe anti-white propaganda: The liberty of Norton Folgate

  1. slimalred says:

    Another excellent article from a man who recognises the plight of the indigenous UK population.We can`t have a tv programme or an advert now without the ethnic minorities being over-represented.In tv soaps ethnics are usually portrayed as the intelligent,caring reasonable ones,with responsible jobs and attitudes,always willing to interact with the locals;a misrepresentation if ever there was one.Multiculturalism does not work;it is a myth.The vast majority of immigrants form their own communities and have no intention of integrating with the local inhabitants;many have an inbuilt strong dislike of the British.It is something that has been thrust on the native UK population against their will.It leads to the pertinent question of who is really running our country ?

  2. Kevin says:

    They are, quite simply, traitors. They will get their reward.

  3. I am disgusted that we pay for that drivel and again and again we are treated like this ..nothing will happen until we complain, complain and complain again…I for one will be penning a complaint to BBC Radio 4.

  4. Bob Garnham says:

    An absolutely excellent piece by Mr Henderson succinctly detailing the Left/Liberal agenda currently held by the BBC.

    This organization is not complying with its terms of reference and should be privatised a matter or urgency.

  5. robert cross says:

    Is it not time that we English stopped talking?

  6. Andy says:

    Robert Cross,
    I think its long past time for talk,we`ve tried that and been shouted down or ignored,
    It seems to me that the question here is are we,the people, ready for the battle that will inevitably come when we decide that that the lies,treachery,theft,sexual depravity and just generally shitty behaviour of most of our politicians and the established parties is too much to bear and its time they were gone.

  7. robert cross says:

    Sir,the words that are printed are all that i wrote,as for advocating violence,people are free to draw thier own conclusions,which are not necessarily inherent in those nine words.

  8. Kevin says:

    I think it was someone called Andy that wrote the offending words, not Robert.

  9. Kevin says:

    I do agree though that if our political elite continues on this path, they are setting the conditions for a very bad reaction.

  10. canspeccy says:

    We know that the great majority of the British population (65 to 70%) oppose mass immigration, and we can assume that that proportion is even higher in England where most immigrants settle and higher still among the indigenous population of England. Yet all three major political parties in England are for mass immigration, whatever lies they may tell at election time about the need for the issue to be “gripped.”

    We have clear evidence, then, that the will of the people on an issue of fundamental importance to the survival of the British nation as a racial and cultural entity is recognized by the Government and its agencies only as something to ridicule, demean and suppress.

    This raises the question: why is there no effective political movement to oppose mass immigration to Britain, a supposedly democratic country?

    People, naturally, will not vote for thuggish, racist clowns like Nick Griffin, whose connection with the security services seems worthy of investigation.

    But why is England so entirely devoid of patriots that no effective, campaigning political party exists to oppose the obvious racist and, indeed, genocidal program of the existing political establishment toward the native population?

    Time is running out for the English. If voices that speak for England are not soon loudly and effectively raised, the English will be in the weak and unhappy position of all conquered peoples: perpetually despised and exploited in their own home.

  11. John Alexander says:

    You will never see a balanced production from the BBC. They have a religion which involves denigrating everything English and will never give it up.

    Incidentally there’s a great take on how the Birmingham terror plot is making treason relevant again in: “Humpty And His Numpties” at:

  12. wanderer says:

    The English aren’t ‘true Britons’. They are English. Get the ‘British’ out of England and you have a chance. Note the playwrite’s name by the way. The suffix ‘ham’ points to an Englishman. Perhaps the greatest enemy we face is English self-loathing. Orwell recognized it. We are such a gutless people.

  13. maverick says:

    Lets be honest if the scenario was anything other than how you have described it ,it wouldn’t have got anywhere near production .The media in this country is as tightly controlled as North Korea in the area of race relations.

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