Emma West trial scheduled for the fifth time

Robert Henderson

A fifth, yes that’s fifth,  date for the start of Emma West’s trial on criminal charges arising from her complaint about  mass immigration and its effects made on a Croydon tram  in November 2011 has been set  for  9th April (http://www.thisiscroydontoday.co.uk/New-date-trial-alleged-Croydon-tram-racist-Emma/story-18324751-detail/story.html#ixzz2NP2WTqtB). Assuming it actually takes place it will have taken over sixteen  months  since being charged with racially aggravated public order offences. (https://englandcalling.wordpress.com/2011/12/01/emma-west-immigration-and-the-liberal-totalitarian-state/).

Justice delayed is justice denied. The delay here is unconscionable because her comments on the tram were recorded by a fellow passenger and the only points at issue are (1) whether the recording has been doctored; (2) whether what was said or happened before the recording began have relevance to the context of the remarks, for example, was there any provocation offered to Miss West; (3) whether the remarks were racist or fair comment and (4) the condition of Miss West at the time.  None of this should take such an age to determine.

The  delay is plausibly not down to any practical or legal reason,  but the fact that Miss West has done something very unusual by maintaining a plea of Not Guilty throughout her ordeal, despite being imprisoned for two weeks in the nearest there is to a Category A prison in England for women HMP Bronzefield after being refused bail on the bogus grounds that it was “for her own safety” and having the threat of her child being taken away hanging over her.

The powers-that-be cannot be doing with  people designated as having committed politically correct crimes not coming quietly by pleading guilty and making a Maoist-style public confession of fault . That is especially the case where the accusation is one of racism.  Emma West represents real danger to the authorities because a not guilty plea raises the possibility of that being discussed  in public which the politically correct most dread: the policy of mass immigration of the UK, overtly and covertly practised by ever government since the war, and its effects.  The ridiculous delay has been in all probability simply a cynical ploy to wear Miss West down and get her to plead guilty.

During the time since the original charges, Miss West has been further charged with assaulting two police officers at her home. These charges were due to be heard in a magistrates court  on 3rd March but have been delayed until after her trial on the  racial harassment charges.  Presuming she did not attack them with a deadly weapon or seriously harm them – something suggested by the cases being dealt with in a magistrates court – is it really in the public interest to prosecute her considering the stress she has been placed under by the oppressive action of the state in charging her for what is an illegitimate crime in a free society, her imprisonment, the threat of taking her child away and great the delay?  If this alleged assault merely consisted of, say, Miss West pushing the officers, or resisting when she was  physically held by the officers, a prosecution would be wholly unreasonable in the circumstances.

The authorities may simply have decided they can no longer string things out and have to bring the case to trial or drop the charges.  However things could be rather more sinister.  The delaying of the assault charges could be used as a carrot to get her to plead guilty (you plead guilty and we will drop the charges) or,  if she is found not guilty of the racial harassment charges, a means of punishing her by convicting her of assault which could be a lever for the social services to take her son into care.

If the case is delayed again it will be impossible to offer any plausible  explanation but deliberate interference with justice by those with power and influence.

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31 Responses to Emma West trial scheduled for the fifth time

  1. David Kelly says:

    The state has had ample time to prosecute this non-case. It should be dropped, because if the prosecution could prove its case, it would have done by now. No case to answer. Now let’s see the police and CPS earn their keep, instead of persecuting white English people purely for our colour and nationality.

  2. david brown says:

    on todays telegraph are lots of anger in readers comments re-mass immigration, story about Cameron wanting to allow no visa rules for Brazilians , You can add comment then post link to this site – i urge everyone who reads England Calling to go on national news web sites and post links to this site Sun on Facebook does not allow links but you can write google up : england calling emma west – which has same result.

    Hunhe was a perjury and he did great harm, for financial gain ,to our England. Are not the Croydon magistrates , both company directors, Gerald Ellis and Ian McNeil also perjuries or are we to think them so stupid as to believe the CPS claim that she had to be held in prison for her own safety .

  3. CanSpeccy says:

    Political correctness is a denial of freedom of speech. This cannot be admitted since it would be an admission that the Western democracies are not free countries, but soft tyrannies where criticism of the state including the policy, now universal in the West, of autogenocide by mass immigration and multiculturalism, is severely restricted.

    To restrict speech without outlawing it directly is achieved by politically correct propaganda disseminated at public expense under the guise of education, via the corporate and state owned media, and all other available means, for example, gutting England’s state church and transforming it into a pathetic social services agency run by the son of a Jewish immigrant formerly employed as a “money shark” with the oil giant Elf Aquitaine, and allegedly closely connected with the British security services.

    A problem arises when an individual not only breaks the politically correct speech code but is so poorly brainwashed as to refuse to acknowledge their guilt. It is Ms. West’s refusal to plead guilty that necessitates her public humiliation and punishment. Since her crime was to state the truth, namely, that most if not all the other passengers of a tram in Croydon on which she was riding were “not English,” she has to be charged with some ridiculous crime of racially aggravated harassment.

    That the harassment charge is merely a device for punishing free speech is evident from the fact that (a) the police appear to have had not the slightest interest in charging the many individuals who, on the Internet, expressed the wish to rape or knife Ms. West, expressions that were clearly criminal and which were the claimed justification for gaoling Ms. West “for her own safety;” (b) at the time of the alleged offense Ms. West was seated with a small child on her lap and thus represented no threat whatever to anyone; and (c) that the only racist comment during the exchange of words that Ms. West had with other tram passengers at the time of her offense was that of a black person who said that foreignhers had to come to England to “do the work that you won’t do.”

  4. To anyone that believes in freedom this is a very serious case. Are the native English to be allowed no means of protesting against the destruction of English culture through mass-immigration. We were never asked if we wanted to give away our country. Many would say the same as Emma if it did not involve death threats and a prison term. What she said was right and should I be prosecuted for saying so?

  5. david brown says:

    canspeecy – i agree with your above comments the politically motivated persecution of Emma West . However i have looked at your link its a anti- Semitic Conspiracy theory stuff. With absurd connections. The late Jimmy Saviille was in his time photographed with just about everyone , Thatcher, Blair and The Queen. So its easy to use a picture of him and make some fantasy connection.
    The Jews are in ratio their numbers at the top in just about every thing . There exists a logical explanation see http://www.rlynn.co.uk Higher than average intelligence. Jewish IQ levels that’s why in the field of science a people who are not even point one per cent of the worlds population have won 25 of the Nobel prizes for Science. This should be used as an argument against people who say we are all the same.
    just a plug my non-conspiracy http://www.davidsfirst.blogspot.com no I am not a Jew

    • Only the Ashkenazi Jews (those of European ancestry) have a superior IQ distribution. The Sephardi (Oriental ) Jews have an IQ distribution similar to the Arabs, their average IQs being in the early to mid 80s, see Lynn and Vanhanen: IQ and the wealth of nations.

    • canspeccy says:

      The innate intellectual superiority of Jews, Askenazi or otherwise, is open to question. In Israel, certainly, Jews show no particular exceptionalism either in IQ or academic distinctions.

      This suggests that the outstanding economic and academic success of Jews in the US and other countries is due less to inherent superiority than to unique cultural characteristics that promote Jewish success in competition with the indigenous people of the societies in which they dwell.

      These characteristics include ethnocentrism and a high regard for learning. Were the English to display such characteristics in greater measure one might hope to see not only greater economic success and an improvement in the general level of intelligence, but also abandonment of their supine acceptance of their own national destruction.

      Such an effect of social environment on IQ appears to be the best explanation of the Flyn Effect, i.e., the substantial generational changes in IQ that were observed in most societies during the 20th Century.

  6. david brown says:

    yes -right to correct that. Also my post should read :won twenty five per cent of Nobel prizes in the field of science. I do think its important to stay away from anti-semites conspiracy stuff. Why make an enemy of an intelligent people who are not an enemy of England?

  7. canspeccy says:

    @David Brown: canspeecy – i agree with your above comments the politically motivated persecution of Emma West . However i have looked at your link its a anti- Semitic Conspiracy theory stuff. With absurd connections. The late Jimmy Saviille was in his time photographed with just about everyone …

    You are either confused or deliberately attempting to smear me without the slightest justification? I make no reference to Jimmy Saville or link to any article about Jimmy Saville, who was, in any case, not a Jew but a Catholic.

    And my alias is not “canspeecy.”

  8. david brown says:

    Canspeccy – my use of Savile , may have been confusing. Its just that he was photographed with so many famous people that it would be easy to construct a conspiracy theory involving him. With respect your web site does seem to go into a lot of conspiracy theory stuff of the – Jews- but you could substitute Masons/New World Order/ Illuminata are covertly behind everything you don’t like .
    I Have not googled up Israel but suspect it has good percentage of high intelligence people-scientific discoveries , leading diamond cutters , built Nukes.
    Anti- immigration site http://www.vdare.com has a number of articles on Jewish intelligence. i
    ts thesis and that of Prof Richard Lynn is that the ratio of intelligent people , once you factor out sitting on oil fields, determines how well run a country is. Hence its not a good idea for the US to import Mexicans. Japan has no resources but is by some degree better than the Congo despite its vast resources. Lynn explanation is the one which best fits the facts, There is a higher ratio of highly intelligent people among the Jewish population hence there are more Jews at the top. Not because of some sinister conspiracy.

    ps as someone with mild interest in comic strips -see ones i wrote on http://www.davidsfirst.blogspot.com

    The Jews created Superman and Spiderman

    • CanSpeccy says:

      So you admit that when you accused me of absurd conspiracy theories concerning Jimmy Saville you were just making stuff up.

      Now you say “With respect your web site does seem to go into a lot of conspiracy theory stuff of the – Jews,” i.e., you are just making up more stuff, for which reason you are unable to cite a single example of what you claim.

      You are either mentally challenged or a crude and incompetent disinformation agent.

      • david brown says:

        sorry this out of sequence but – i am only referencing the percentage of Nobel Prizes won by Jews in the field of science not the often politically motivated awards – the peace price is almost satirical – recently won by the entity the EU ?

  9. david brown says:

    i did not accuse you of any thing re Saville . It was used as example of how to construct conspiracy theory stuff. Your web site plainly has lots of conspiracy items on it. Of course i cant prove any of them are not true. However you seem to have discovered rather a lot of stuff.
    It plainly has lots of conspiracies involving the Jews –
    Richard lynn says that the main Jewish group have a high ratio of very intelligent people among them.As in measured IQ . This is why they have won 25% of Nobel prizes in the field of science.
    The prize award members are not secretly controlled by zionists.
    The jews are succesfull in so many fields out of proportion to their numbers because more of them are of higher intelligence. Do you have a better explination which fits the facts ?

    • CanSpeccy says:

      Your web site plainly has lots of conspiracy items on it. …
      It plainly has lots of conspiracies involving the Jews.

      A claim for which you give not a single example because there is none to give.

      You are, sir, a liar and a scoundrel.

      As for your reiterated claim about the supposed intellectual superiority of Jews and your question: “Do you have a better explination [sic] which fits the facts ?” I have already given you an explanation, but apparently not only are you incapable of understanding an argument, you are incapable of understanding that an argument has been stated.

      Your comments here concerning my blog and your theorizing about Jewish racial superiority are totally irrelevant to Robert Henderson’s post, and are characteristic of the behavior of a troll.

      • david brown says:

        Lynn was the person who put this evidence –
        1 the main Jewish group tends to have above average IQ and more people among them of very high intelligence
        2 – Nobel prizes in the field of science are only won by very intelligent people
        3 25% of them have been won by Jews .


      • david brown says:

        the principle of parsimony used in logic solving , among competing hypotheses, the explanation which best fits the facts should be the one. see post below

      • canspeccy says:

        Nobel prizes in the field of science are only won by very intelligent people

        Nobel prizes are only won by people in top research schools and institutions in countries where research is well funded, that means, to a large degree, the people at the top US Universities. And the people at the top US Universities are people of high socio-economic status. In the US, Jews are by far the wealthiest ethnic group and they account for something like one third of the faculty at the Ivy League Universities. So there’s no mystery about why they win so many prizes.

        The claim that Nobel prize winners are necessarily of exceptionally high IQ is open to question.

        When Richard Feynman, Junior, son of Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman was in school, his teacher phoned home one day to ask if young Richard had been unwell. His mother replied: “No, Why?” To which the teacher responded: “we did IQ tests today and young Richard scored only 124.” Prompting his mother to say: “A chip off the old block, his father scored only 123.”

        And in fact Richard Feynman, though undoubtedly a great physicist, may well have had a relatively low IQ, since when he applied to attend graduate school at Princeton, with glowing references from his professors at MIT, the Princeton faculty were concerned over the fact that they had never admitted anyone with such low grades in everything except mathematics.

      • canspeccy says:

        the principle of parsimony used in logic solving , among competing hypotheses, the explanation which best fits the facts should be the one. see post below

        The principle of parsimony indicates the correct hypothesis except when it doesn’t.

        In any case, youy hypothesis that Jews are more likely to win Nobel Prizes than members of other ethnic groups because they have higher IQ’s is no more parsimonious than my hypothesis that Jews are more likely to win Nobel Prizes than members of other ethnic groups because they are the most economically successful ethnic group in the US.

        Certainly Jews in Israel are not doing terrifically well at getting Nobel prizes, and if you deduct those won by Israelis of American origin you’d likely find that the Israelis were no better at winning Nobel Prizes than say the Finns.

        Furthermore, the Nobel Prize is clearly a political award. Think about Barak Obama, Peace Prize winner. Or look at the distribution by nationality. Do you really think that that the Danes with 14 Nobel prize winners are are collectively smarter than the Chinese with only eight?

        Or to take another comparison adjusted for population, do you really think the inhabitants of the Faroes, with one Nobel Prize per 48,000, are smarter than either the Americans or the Israelis with less than one prize per miilion?

        Now why not pay attention to the subject of Robert Henderson’s post instead of libeling me and spinning divisive and unsupportable racial supremacist theories.

  10. maverick says:

    The recent murder on the bus in Birmingham of an English girl christina Edkins by a black male reputedely a African has showed the real consequences of the horror of a multi racial immigration policy.
    The case has dissappeared from the public view ,it is one of the most horrific cases i can remember and there have been many.The poodle press including the the “oh so “self righteous Daily Mail have put this case on the backburner ,no doubt for political reasons.
    I am unaware if the suspect has been charged .

  11. david brown says:

    the suspect has been charged, He most probably target a white girl. In the last couple of months tn the press was the story of a black maie in Hounslow who slashed with knife two white women he meet in the street. The Daily Mail had the story of a Nigerian on JSA. who punched two random selected white women to the ground. So hard both lost a tooth.
    You might see a pattern her but to put all these incidents together would probably be classed as inciting racial hatred,
    then any one of the following words Finland Norway Denmark Sweden

    • David Howells says:

      A 9-year old boy in Birmingham committed suicide recently because he was being bullied by Asians and his headteacher would not do anything about it. His mother told the media that she is not a racist which shows how stupid people are in those areas. The only way to our children is to advise them to stay away from dark-skinned people. The schools are teaching them the opposite and putting them in danger. Birmingham men are cowards and very obedient to the state and just sat and watched as 90% of their city was taken off them. Even the ones with young daughters talk about football or anything but the widespread child rapes being carried out against our communities by Muslims.

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  13. David Howells says:

    Magistrates are state functionaries who do what the state expects of them for rewards like local status and an honour from the Queen. Bear in mind that the Coalition has just forced a Bill through parliament to allow secret trials and they are currently planning on suppressing internet sites. we are living under a developing Soviet-style tyranny and have a moral duty to resist. At the heart of this evil system is the Western elites drive to destroy Western nations, respective cultures and us Western people. The present dispossession of us is one aspect; legal persecution, as that of the heroic Emma, another.

  14. david brown says:

    i fully agree with the above. The introduction of state controls on the press will then be used as the pretext to say we need to control the internet. They will at first pretend its to protect children from porn, stop self harm promoting sites targeting the vulnerable , use by terrorists . At the moment the so called blockers eg Netnanny are a matter of private choice. But the state is already moving to force the main servers to block access to porn unless the user signs up to be unblocked. Next just like netnanny does, so called hate sites, meaning any that deal with the demographic deconstruction and Islamic subjection of the west.

    BACK TO EMMA WEST – a few additional facts her solicitor has seven witness statements from tram passengers which give a different cast on the events already submitted to the Court another reason for the CPS to fear losing. What happened to there Massive sized Ena-Eubanks put in fear of petite baby holding Emma West , see picture on http://www.davidsfirst.blogspot.com

    Her MP Barwell has put through the Mental Health Discrimination Bill 2013. As the Croydon Guardian has reported several times Emma West has a long history of depression and had been have treatment for this only a few days before the so called tram rant. The people persecuting her are so morally evil that the probably hope she would commit suicide.
    A Few years back, http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2007/oct/ukcrime.uknews4
    On the same tram route a 44 year old black male flew into a tram rage and punched a 97 year old Indian man, ex-British Army to the ground. He was not refused bail and walked free from Croydon Crown Court.

  15. Alex Feltham says:

    There’s another great take on the Emma West trial disgrace in “Two Racist Crimes” at:


  16. As has been mentioned elsewhere following the subjects covered in Murray’s ‘Coming Apart’ American Jews may on average have higher IQs than average European Americans but due to the massive disparity in population numbers between the two groups, Europeans at similar levels of IQ dwarf Jews in the US. Therefore if admissions were solely down to IQ, Euros would be enrolled at much greater frequencies than they actually are.

  17. Dykeward says:

    So….another trial date has passed and the trial is again adjourned. I tried to glean why and the best I could find was an article by The Voice (the black newspaper) that suggested EW did not turn up in court. But in clicking on the link, the page has now been removed.

    Has the constant will it / won’t it taken its toll on Emma? Or is the article snippet misleading?

  18. TheSnail says:

    government = evil

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