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Bruges Group meeting 23rd April 2013 – Immigration: Can we control it?

Robert Henderson Speakers: Sir Andrew Green (MigrationWatch UK) Philip Hollobone (Tory MP for Kettering) Gerard Batten (UKIP MEP for London) This was a meeting truly remarkable the vehemence and explicit nature of the anti-immigrant feeling which was put forward not … Continue reading

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The Archers: an everyday story of simple feminists saying “Men!” folk

Robert Henderson The white male characters in the Archers are invariably  either louts or cringing wimps who are treated as children by the female characters.  (Ethnic minority male characters are of course exempted from this rule, being invariably middleclass and … Continue reading

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Emma West’s trial scheduled for the sixth time

Robert Henderson Emma West was due to stand trial at Croydon Crown Court for  two racially aggravated public order offences  arising from her complaint about  mass immigration and its effects made on a Croydon tram  in November 2011 . The … Continue reading

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Margaret Thatcher: the most useful of idiots is dead

Note: Undoubtedly a gigantic political personality, but that is disastrous if the politics and understanding of what she was doing are missing. One of her favourite claims was that she had been “badly advised”.  Just what you don’t want as … Continue reading

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