Emma West’s trial scheduled for the sixth time

Robert Henderson

Emma West was due to stand trial at Croydon Crown Court for  two racially aggravated public order offences  arising from her complaint about  mass immigration and its effects made on a Croydon tram  in November 2011 . The trial has been delayed yet again and she will now (allegedly) stand trial on 10 May.[1]

The authorities are extracting the bodily fluids if they expect the general public to believe there is a legitimate reason for the delay.  The 10 May will be the sixth (yes, that is the sixth) trial date Ms West has been given since she was arrested .  By 10 May she will have been waiting to be tried for just short of eighteen months. The delay  is patently unreasonable.

The latest  excuse  given for the inordinate delay is “legal reasons”.   The only likely reasons are political ones, namely, her trial will challenge the politically correct status quo. This is because unlike virtually everyone else who has been charged with these type of offences she has made it clear she will be pleading NOT GUILTY.   The authorities simply  do not know what to do with her.

There is an added complication. When the previous re-scheduling happened the charges of assault against two police offices during the investigation of her case were also delayed  -they were originally due to be held on 3 March and were re-scheduled for 15 April.[2]

It will be interesting to see if these cases (to be heard in a magistrates’ court) go ahead on the 15 April or are put back yet again.   The authorities may have decided they want these cases to be heard before the racially aggravated public order offences. That could be to her disadvantage not just because it would taint her with  a criminal conviction before her Crown Court trial, but even more  dangerously because a criminal conviction for violence could provide the local social services with grounds for removing or threatening to remove her young son.  That might well be used as a lever to persuade her to plead guilty.  It is all too easy to imagine the cant the social services could come out with: “If you show remorse, Emma,  it may be possible to let you keep your child because it shows willingness to change. But if you stubbornly stick to your  not guilty plea we may have to take your son away from you because you are an unfit mother.”

The other possibility is that if the assault charges  are heard on  15 April and she is found guilty, she might be sent to prison. This would be very unusual for common assault cases, but the fact that the alleged victims are police officers might give the magistrates grounds for doing so. If that happened her son would probably be taken into care.  Whether she would ever get him back is a moot point. This scenario could of course also be used to frighten her in pleading guilty.

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39 Responses to Emma West’s trial scheduled for the sixth time

  1. FrankS says:

    Looks to me like the Croydon Guardian is breaching the sub judice rules on reporting unfinished criminal proceedings. They are not just reporting the charges against her but effectively saying she is guilty of them.
    I wonder if her defence people know about this.

    Incidentally, is there something missing from your article? – it seems to end mid sentence.

  2. David Kelly says:

    Wasn’t there some black woman who made some inflammatory and racist remark involved in all this? She’s the only person who should have been arrested. Ms West is clearly innocent of any crime, so this travesty of a case should be dismissed. If I’d been working the CPS, that black woman would have been the only person in this business to face any charges.

    • David Brown says:

      She was probably mentally ill the corrupt transport police only charged her because of the kickback from the Emma West case, She was bailed but did not turn up her court date so she was held in jail for seven days than fined a hundred pounds. It took some eleven police morons and three cars to arrest Emma West. Around four o’clock on the day of the Croydon riots all the police had vanished from the Croydon High Streets, note massive police cordon round the flagship Regent Street Apple Store at same time. During the hight of the Croydon riots re-inforcements from Thames Valley and Hampshire police where turned away.

    • Sarah says:

      I just found this page, I like it! It’s pretty funny. Just to put you straight though, I’m afraid you’re wrong – Ms West is not “clearly innocent of any crime”, she is in fact very guilty, as the video footage shows. It’s completely indefensible, and I am glad I am not her barrister, as they are going to lose the case. Incidentally, I’m a law student studying for the Bar in London, so I actually know a little bit about this sort of thing. And when I say a little bit, I mean a great deal, which is why I’m able to say with such confidence that you’re all wrong when you talk about the sub judice rules and how this isn’t a crime. It was. It’s called section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986. She also subsequently assaulted a police officer.

      Anyway thanks for the laughs! It’s given me a good break from revising for exams (in order to make sure I don’t end up a keyboard warrior like you guys). Keep soldiering on! As you can see, you’re all making a HUGE impact on society – hahaha.

      • What she is accused of should not be a crime in na society which claims it is free.

      • Dawn Morris says:

        You really are gullible. Do ou believe everything the state tell you to think? Mind you students are conformative and as you wish to slot into the system it adds up.

      • Sarah says:

        Robert Henderson – of course it should be a crime to use abusive and inflammatory language in public. Why shouldn’t it be? I assume you are in favour of Islamic hate preachers being locked up for the things they say? If you use abusive, threatening, or violent language in public you should be punished – whether you are Aabu Qatada or Emma West.

        Dawn Morris – I am going to assume you didn’t have the benefit of further education after school. For the record, I believe what my own extensive research of academic theories from both sides of the political divide tell me to think – if you’d been to university you would realise that students are among some of the most sceptical people in the world when it comes to believing what the government tells them. I don’t base my opinions on anything other than personal well-informed research. That is the principle of scepticism and high-level academic debate – something which incidentally is lacking in most of these boards.

      • Lurker says:

        Ms West is not “clearly innocent of any crime”, she is in fact very guilty, as the video footage shows.

        Sarah point to anything Emma said and explain to me EXACTLY why it is illegal.

        It’s completely indefensible, and I am glad I am not her barrister, as they are going to lose the case.

        Then why have they failed over and over to bring her to court. If its an open and shut case they should have her potted away in short order. A good barrister would destroy the prosecution ‘case’.

        It’s called section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986. She also subsequently assaulted a police officer.

        Section 5 is largely BS and you know it. All sorts of trivia can get blown up by that. Basically if a copper wants to do you for something, one wrong word can give him that. Or more likely they will just ignore it.

      • David Brown says:

        Sarah -Emma West was refused bail for her own protection .This was a lie or do you really believe this was a genuine decision . Come on her is the phone number of the magistrate 01689 811678 fool or liar ? Here is the phone number of the CPS woman 0208 549 2992;
        Of course agents of the state are honest – did you see the recent story in press, Guardian , Telegraph, Daily Mail about the late MP Cyril Smith. Who used to molest boys according to the retired officer in the case the CPS ruled it was not in the public interest to prosecute than a man from MI5 took all police evidence on the grounds of national security.
        Gerald Ellis do not know why i typed his name here.
        Fact a few minutes after Emma West made her so called rant it stopped at station . Two members of the transport police where there none of the passengers made any official complaint . Seven of them are now witness for the defence . You can see picture of the prosecution fake witness. who seems to have dropped out of the case on my http://www.davidsfirst.blogspot.com
        Emma West was prosecuted because a video was up-loaded to youtube which had over eleven million hits around the world. Not for being rude to some tram passengers.

        please tell us you really think she was refused bail for her own protection and this was not a lie to intimidate her into pleading guilty on the basis that she faced longer in jail awaiting trial.

      • David Brown says:

        Sarah = the state has gone all out to fabricate a case against Emma West hence the crude in your face lie of refusing her bail for her own protection by Croydon magistrates. They know that if the case goes to a jury at least depending on the ethnic make up, she will probably be found not guilty. Hence the recent assault charge . She can not elect for jury trial on this so the same lying Croydon magistrates will convict her on this , regardless of facts or truth . eg Gerald Ellis who hangs around Croydon family court.

  3. David Brown says:

    yes this case begun with a lie when Croydon’s evil magistrate Gerald Ellis and subsequently Ian McNeil used to protective custody lie scam to refuse her bail in order to intimidate her into pleading guilty . Contact details for the perjures can googled up. You can be sure they will
    covertly intimate that her child will be taken into care if she does not enter a guilty plea. They know that a jury would give a not guilty verdict. This case came about because of the youtube video which at the tine had eleven million views around the world. You can be sure this case was sanctioned at the highest levels of Camerons Cabinet . As someone posted on Telegraph , not me, crush one to crush millions.

  4. canspeccy says:

    Robert, thank you for the timely report and astute analysis on an important story that the national dailies won’t cover.

    A couple of minor glitches: (1) the footnote links above go to a page not found instead of to your footnotes; and (2) there is a minor problem with the wording of the second sentence of the third paragraph.

  5. and in enfield up the road….opemipo jaji is awaiting trial for the rape and attempted rape of an 11 year old…..this is the type of person she was obviously making comments about..or could it be the somalian paedophile given £7000 for his detention awaiting deportation…she should stand for parliament..on a plain thinking,honest,pro english ticket….

  6. William Gruff says:

    Is there no support campaign for Miss West? No letter writing campaign?

  7. Dawn Morris says:

    Why is her solicitor allowing this?
    The persecution of Emma West continues today at Croydon crown court as there is a ‘listing for mention’.
    At court a ‘listing for mention’ means that a case will be listed for mention in the Crown Court if there is something that one of the parties wants the judge to rule on before the trial has started. This might be a formal application, for example for the court to rule on whether or not the prosecution can rely on some hearsay evidence, or it might be something minor, like the Defence getting a ticking off for not having filed a Defence Case statement or something like that. This is why it is called a mention, it’s being dealt with very quickly, usually in 20 minutes or so, by a judge. The defendant would usually not have to attend unless bailed to do so, only his or her lawyer.

  8. Mick Griffin says:

    Sarah the girl with the benefit of further education after school.
    Sarah the girl that has completed her own extensive research
    You should know the assault charges result from the police assaulting Emma in her own home months after the alleged offense.
    You should also know it is a totally separate charge and being dealt with by a different court.

  9. Sarah says:

    Mick Griffin – Yes, I am aware they are separate offences, mainly because (as mentioned) I am studying for the English Bar. The main issue being addressed, however, was that apparently Emma West is clearly innocent, and that the crime she committed has no place in a free society.

    There is no need for further discussion on the fairly ludicrous idea that a jury would never give a guilty verdict – the evidence is on video, beyond reasonable doubt. Conspiracies have nothing to do with it.

    The offence which Emma West has been charged with has also successfully been used to charge a black man shouting racist language at a nearby BNP demonstration – and judging from your screen name, Mick Griffin, I would venture to assume that you would be in favour of this man being charged.

    The rule of law must be applied consistently to all people, whatever their race or religious belief, and in this case it is concerned with charging people who commit racially aggravated offences. This law is used against Islamic hate preachers, black men racially abusing BNP members, and drunk white British women who go off on an embarrassing racist rant on a public tram, equally.

    Thanks for the pointers that racially aggravated assault and “assault” (by which I assume you meant battery) are different things though! I’ll tuck that away in my “already knew that” file.

    • Dawn Morris says:

      Yes, oh wonderous one, I did have the benefit of further education after school and I aver that students generally are mindless clones who follow the political guidance and opinions of their tutors. This moral superiority you show depends on feeling that you are on the right moral side which is the established orthodoxy. That is what is promoted by those with power and influence. To put it another way by your conforming to the fashionable morality.

    • Lurker says:

      The main issue being addressed, however, was that apparently Emma West is clearly innocent, and that the crime she committed has no place in a free society.

      Come on Sarah, go to the video and point the word or words, the moment or moments where the offence was committed. It should be easy, especially for a legal genius like you. Ive seen a ton of comments by whining blacks and liberals about the video but Ive yet to see a single one answer this question.

    • David Brown says:

      was the black man refused bail for his own protection.? Can you post a link about this case as can not find it on google have e-mailed BNP asking if they know anything about this . The law is not applied equally its used to give the illusion that it is. Its used in the must extreme case involving an ethnic such as a Muslim cleric openly inciting violence . It is used ruthlessly against English people who say anything about an immigration policy which has all ready made them a minority in many towns.

  10. Mick Griffin says:

    I dont know how you would handle it if you were Emmas solicitor.
    But what would you ask the judge to do if the prosecution offered no evidence in crown court.

    Your Honour.My client has no case to answer.
    The other option to the scenario is the judge saying.I dismiss this case on the grounds of no evidence offered by the prosecution.(Words to that effect)

    Or the prosecution saying.I have no evidence to offer.
    With the last scenario the judge is obliged to dismiss the case.

    What happened in the real world with Emma was the judge said.
    “You have a video”
    Prosecution says.Er Er Er.
    I was in court to witness this Sarah.
    We all know this is a political persecution.
    I think Sara that the judge is not in a place to offer evidence but to hear it and assist the jury.
    He can offer an opinion after the fact but he must never offer up any evidence.
    He is the judge of the evidence.There is a clue in his court title.

    Judging by my screen name you are assuming a little to much.
    That is just what my given name at my birth registration is.Its in capitals by the way.
    I know nothing of this “black man” that you mention and you discriminate against on the grounds of his race.Enlighten me please.
    You could find a judge ordering you to prison for making the statement.”a black man”
    You should know with your extensive research. The law in fact says the offense.In your case the written words on the internet.
    Dose not have to be racial like your statement by accurate perception or interpretation is.
    It just has to have a perceived racial overtone.
    I look forward to seeing you in court Sarah.

  11. Sarah says:

    Haha, to suggest seriously that I would be persecuted for saying what I’ve said on the internet shows you don’t follow the news much! Considering how difficult it was for people on Twitter breaching gagging orders to be prosecuted. The internet is a whole different beast I am afraid, which is why forums like this are online instead of you all actually meeting and starting a rally.

    You have zero chance of having me prosecuted for what I say on here, your main difficulty being 1) you don’t know my real name, and 2) come and find me!

    The black man I mentioned is from the case of Ward v Chief Constable of the West Midlands Court of Appeal (Civil Division). You don’t know the law much on racial discrimination (or by the sounds of it the definition of the word “discrimination”) but no, it’s not discrimination to say what I said. As above, you have exactly a zero percent chance of a judge “ordering me to court”.

    RE your comment, “the prosecution says, er er er”, is that because you didn’t understand what they were talking about? I’ve been in court many times to see criminal trials and it’s difficult to follow all the time, so don’t be ashamed.

    RE your comment on the judge, I agree with you, but don’t particularly see its relevance?

    Also that’s quite unfortunate that your actual name is Mick Griffin! To avoid confusion in future though, I have some suggestions? Either go by a nickname, so you don’t unfortunately sound so much like Nick Griffin, because with a name like that and postings like yours on forums like these it’s hard for people not to come to the conclusion I did.

    Anyway yeah, I’ll see you in court! Haha. You people are fun.

    • Lurker says:

      Haha, to suggest seriously that I would be persecuted for saying what I’ve said on the internet shows you don’t follow the news much!

      Oh dear Sarah, you screwed up.

      Emma West was arrested for saying something on the internet. So whats the difference? Please do explain. You do know Sarah that she was arrested after the video went up on Youtube, no one on the tram lodged a complaint, the complaint against her originated from Youtube viewers ie something she said on the internet.

      One difference is that she could be identified, as ‘Sarah’ you cannot. Since you seem sure of your legal and moral superiority in this matter you should have no need to hide behind anonymity.

    • David Brown says:

      sarah the only case i can find – ward v chief constable of the west midlands court of appeal (civil division) was in 1997 . Was this a civil action taken out by ward against the police.? What was he actually accused of doing. Yes we know the police sometimes fabricate things even that all interviews are tapped, i am sure you would agree with this as there have been cases in the press of them doing it to black people eg the off duty black fireman who went to help cops during riots and was tasered than falsely charged with obstruction -story can be found on Daily Mail website. Not that we would think they are doing this on the so called assault case against to be heard at Croydon magistrates . Court has one of highest conviction rates in country way above other courts or cases heard by juries, It has one proven liar in the form of Gerald Ellis.

  12. Sarah says:

    Also, further tip – it would probably help you in debates if you stop saying things like:

    “Dose not have to be racial like your statement by accurate perception or interpretation is.”

    It’s hard for me to engage when I don’t know what you’re talking about due to appalling grammar. I assumed you were proud of being English? Try speaking it. It might help your case.

    • David Brown says:

      Sarah – do you expect anyone to believe that Emma West was charged over being rude for a couple of minutes and not because of the youtube video which had eleven million views,?
      Do you really think the Croydon magistrates twice refused her bail for her own protection? Rather than a false lying pretext to hold in jail for months awaiting trail.

      Are we to understand that you would have advised her to plead guilty and any one else so charged by the state?

      Any chance we will get a direct honest reply?

  13. Mick Griffin says:

    “the prosecution says, er er er”
    That is actually what the prosecutor said Sarah.
    The West case should have been dismissed.
    The actual race law says.”Parliament has passed legislation aimed at outlawing crime where the offender is motivated by hostility or hatred towards the victim’s race or religious beliefs (actual or PERCEIVED).”
    Keep this for reference.http://www.cps.gov.uk/legal/p_to_r/racist_and_religious_crime/
    Saying monkey banana coconut swing mango chocolate and a whole manner of other words can put you in prison.As can posting the word black on the WWW.
    A bnp blogger was given six months for saying Darkie darker muslims and blacks.
    Lucky for him he got it suspended for a year.
    Another guy was convicted of racial harassment for having a picture of Adolf Hitler on his face book page.
    The word perceived makes the law a total sham as it just makes opinion the law.
    The UKs race laws are nothing new.In the 8ts a guy called Joe Pearce was given six months for his first offense and then a year for his second.
    The prosecution and judge said he had printed the truth. But the truth is no defense in law.
    His evil racial crime was publishing a youth zine with reproduced unadulterated cuttings from mainstream newspapers.
    Racially or religiously aggravated harassment sentencing.Statutory Limitations & Maximum Penalty: Section 32(1)(b) 7 years. Section 32(1)(a) 2 years.

    Your childish jibe at my “appalling grammar”
    Some people have to work for a living.I started work at age 11 and had my own business employing 14 full time people at 21.

  14. Dawn Morris says:

    A newly elected UKIP councillor may be prosecuted for a joke on Facebook about Islam, that he made about a year ago. Actually, the word is persecuted not prosecuted.
    The police has sized his computer, and a file has been sent to the Office of Public Prosecutions.

    Prosecuted for a joke. That is how deep the reign of terror on dissent is in this country.

    If I were to offer any advice to UKIP members or officials, it would be close all your social media accounts. Because everything you have posted has been logged and recorded and there is a small army of establishment and desperate LibLabCon morons trawling everything on the web in a frantic effort to dig up some dirt on you. Whether it be true or spun.

    A good example is that guy reaching out to adjust his webcam with his left hand or whatever, which turned into a Nazi salute in the free press [cough]. Be warned. Luckily some people can see through propaganda like that and it only adds to embolden and encourage them in the fight for political change.

    I would also recommend UKIP members returning the favour and monitoring all the voting habits and social media content of local LibLabCon officials. Write them letters and see if you can trip them up, go to their surgeries and ask awkward questions: put them on the spot in regard ‘sensitive’ subjects.
    Politically, the time leading up to the next election is going to be spent digging up dirt on UKIP for such time as they can drop these dirty bombs at election times.

    Wouldn’t you think the police have better things to do than persecute people and taking their computers over a ‘joke’?

  15. Dawn Morris says:

    Tut,tut,tut. it’s only reasonable to persecute these types of opinion.

  16. Dawn Morris says:

    Good to see free-thinking, sceptical students demanding academic freedom rather than mindlessly conforming to PC http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2013/05/17/kennedy-school-students-demand-inquiry-into-immigration-thesis/6Izovn4svIW6jvlm7VSDFO/story.html

  17. Dawn Morris says:

    The curious procedure known as ‘police bail’ has for nearly 30 years allowed police and prosecutors virtually unlimited time to consider charges against those who have been arrested.

    In several recent cases, people have had to endure many months with their whole lives effectively suspended, before being told they are not to be charged.

    This is a denial of the presumption of innocence. Arrest should take place after investigation, not before it.

    Andy Trotter, Chief Constable of British Transport Police, and an influential figure in the Association of Chief Police Officers, deserves praise for criticising this practice, and his idea of set time limits should be urgently considered.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/ar…#ixzz2TkzXfAcZ
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    • David Brown says:

      i. Emma West was refused bail twice for her own protection? .This was a lie used by Francis Lockheart of the CPS . Croydon magistrate Gerald Ellis subsequently Ian MacNiell google up the names and contact details. Dawn you are either a fool or a liar do you really think we should believe that these vile evil magistrates, both company directors did this out of genuine motive to protect her. Are we meant to think they really believed this ? do you? Come on tell us you think they are not perjures as in lying in court but really did think it was for her own protection.

      • David Brown says:

        sorry above post was intended for Sarah, Judging by her political stance, which we can be sure is pro-mass immigration, if she had been Emma Wests solicitor she would have falsely advised to plead guilty,

  18. Jeff Bean says:

    Emma West is listed at Croydon crown court today 23rd May 2013

  19. Dawn Morris says:

    Emma wasn’t far off the mark was she?
    POLICE have released CCTV images after a teenager was stabbed on a packed bus in Croydon.
    Officers say the 18-year-old was attacked on the no 60 bus when it stopped in the London Road at the junction with Broad Green Avenue, Croydon. The bus was heading towards Croydon Town Centre.


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