Emma West and the State – The State has its way (sort of)

Robert Henderson

Emma West has finally been worn down. Eighteen months after she was charged with racially aggravated intentional harassment and racially aggravated assault , she has agreed to plead guilty to the lesser charge of racially aggravated harassment, alarm or distress, with the original charges being dropped (http://www.thisiscroydontoday.co.uk/EXCLUSIVE-Emma-West-pleads-guilty-racially/story-19182717-detail/story.html#axzz2VKmkpyXr). The lesser charge does not,  unlike the original charge,  mention  intent and is unlikely to result in a prison sentence.

Until she attended a bail hearing in May this year Emma West had resolutely maintained a Not Guilty plea,  despite the considerable pressure applied to her by the state. This included imprisoning her in the highest security women’s prison in England (Bronzehill HMP) “for her own safety” instead of granting her bail,  despite Miss West’s insistence that she was in no danger. She has also had the constant fear that her young son could be taken from her.

At the bail hearing where she agreed to plead guilty to a lesser charge, this course of action was suggested not by the prosecution or defence but  by Judge Warwick McKinnon, the Recorder of Croydon, who feared the case was  “spiraling out of control”.

The report carried on the This Is Croydon website has a number of  extraordinary things to say. The reason for the inordinate delay in bringing the matter to trial is  attributed to the question of whether Miss West was fit to stand trial. That is very odd because if she is deemed fit to plead guilty to this  charge (and to other charges of assault on her partner  and a police officer)  what possible reason could there be for her  not being fit to stand trial on the original charges?  A plausible explanation is that the prosecution (and probably the CPS) dreaded going to trial on a racially charged case where most exceptionally a Not Guilty plea was to be made and  Mrs West’s psychiatric history was used as an excuse to delay the trial until she was psychologically worn down enough to accept a lesser charge.

The interesting thing is Mrs West may have had solid grounds for being deemed not fit to stand trial. She  was admitted as a  psychiatric in-patient  in 2011 suffering from depression. At the time of her arrest she was still receiving treatment as an out-patient.  As anyone who has tried to obtain  in-patient psychiatric care for someone who is patently severely mentally ill will know it is monstrously difficult to find  because so many residential psychiatric facilities have been closed since Margaret Thatcher’s Care in the  Community (Lack of Care in the Community in reality) policy was implemented in  the 1980s.

To be an in-patient now suggests her depression must have been unusually  severe.  Such a condition might well have led to Mrs West being deemed not fit to stand trial or the DPP deciding prosecution was not in the public interest.   She has also been self-harming whilst waiting for a resolution of her case. At best,  the prosecution were willing to put a vulnerable person under considerable stress for the better part of two years.

During the time since her being charged and now Miss West has picked up another couple of charges to which she has also pleaded guilty, assaults on a police officer and her husband whom she caused slight damaged to with a knife when he tried to stop her self-harming. It is conceivable that she could receive a prison sentence these offences, offences which only arose from the stress of being charged with offences which should not exist in a free society, namely, speaking her mind in public.

Mrs West will return to court for sentence on all three charges – the two assaults and the racially aggravated charge – on 1st July.

Her defence counsel  made several  distinctly odd claims:

1. that Miss West  had only maintained a Not Guilty plea because she was afraid of being labelled a racist. This is a straightforward nonsense because she has pleaded guilty to a charge which labels her a racist.

2. that her behaviour which led to her arrest was due to  ‘double the recommended dose of antidepressant Citalopram which had caused her to have “unusual” ideas.’  So there you have it, thinking mass immigration and its consequences has been a disaster counts as  ‘“unusual” ideas.’  The only thing which Citalopram may have done is loosen her tongue, a drug version of in vino veritas.

3.  that Miss West had been  “greatly distressed” by “Right wing groups such as the National Front and British National Party” adopting her cause –  support  which included sending her flowers and cheques – and that this had  “led her to try and take her own life.”  In view of her forthright lambasting of immigration and its effects,  it is more than a little difficult to believe that she would have been “deeply distressed” by those parties’ views on race and immigration.

This is a deeply worrying case because it shows just how ruthless the British authorities are willing to be when dealing with someone who does not accept the consequences of mass immigration willingly and supinely.

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27 Responses to Emma West and the State – The State has its way (sort of)

  1. David Brown says:

    I previously posted that given her mental health issues the evil people behind this case would be perfectly happy for her to have committed suicide, Everyone knows she was taken into protective custody not because of being rude to some tram passengers but because of the youtube video.
    The Daily Mail has its own spin on the case. It is selectively using readers comments which depict her some under class Chav we should all by disgusted by . With just a few comments about Muslim hate preachers. Comments which question the case and its conduct are more or less admitted, If she had originally pleaded guilty to the original child she would have been jailed as a warning to others.
    When that other women Woodhouse was jailed over a tube train rant both London ITV news and London BBC news made it the lead story in their 30 minute slot. Of course most ethnic murders , rapes and wounding’s are given little if any coverage.

  2. efgd says:

    It should never had gone to court in the first instance. She pissed people off, so what. So did a drunk on my train some years ago. He caused me distress and angst and was a bloody nuisance to many of the women passengers. But we just ignored him. I know it was the you tube video that brought it national attention to Emma’s outburst. But geezz for crying out loud what a way to treat someone who was just mouthing off AND WHAT A WASTE OF TAX MONEY ON THE CASE. Common sense no longer applicable for the law it seems.

  3. John Gray says:

    Thank you for that. I think Emma did very well.  It is one thing to be an old bruiser like me who has faced 6 SB in a cell(3 of us ended in hospital the other 3 fled).  I do know the pressures people face. May I use this in the next issue of Candour. I know I have been using a lot of your articles but I like your style and so do our readers. Full plug for your blog.  Looking at the latest issue I can see this going to 16 pages.

    • I am happy for anyone to reproduce posts from this blog provided they do so with proper attribution and in full.

      • CanSpeccy says:

        Have linked here.

        I see that all the media headlines, those I’ve seen anyway, now refer to Emma West, without qualification, as a racist. Could not a good lawyer get her a pretty good libel settlement with some of these shills for the destruction of human diversity and the subjugation of humanity to the globalist scheme of the money power?

  4. FrankS says:

    As disturbing as the official persecution of Emma West is the social media hate mob that brought it to attention in the first place.
    Youtube, Facebook and Twitter have given the unthinking and anonymous self righteous the ability to create a cyber-powered witch hunt

    • David Kelly says:

      Sadly, you’re right on the money, Frank. You have to be so careful what you say or do these days, because you never know who’s recording it. What kind of socially inadequate thought to record that incident on their phone and then post it on Youtube? There was a time when people would have their slanging matches, and that would be that. The very thought of the police getting involved in something so trivial would never have occured to us. We’ve become a society of nasty, petty grasses who can’t mind our own business. What happened to the 11th commandment?

      Can someone please take me back to a time when we didn’t have all this metro ‘liberal’ social ‘democratic’ cultural Marxist crap shoved down our throats all the time?

      • CanSpeccy says:

        You have to be careful what you say if you can’t afford a good lawyer.

        But it seems to me that Emma West has been traduced by a media complicit with the ruling elite in a project for the genocide of the English people, i.e., their destruction as a racial, religious and cultural entity.

        As far as I am aware, Emma West videoed comments on the Croydon Tram, though coarsely worded and certainly offensive to other passengers, were factually correct, or largely so. Which is to say most if not all of the other tram passengers were “not English,” in the sense intended, i.e., not members of the indigenous population.

        When Emma West urged other passengers to “go back to your own country,” she was expressing the objection of millions of ordinary Britons to the swamping of the indigenous populations of the great cities by immigrants differing from the indigenous community not only in race, but surely more importantly, in culture. The strength of that objection is evident from that fact that in only the last ten years over 660,000 white Britons have fled immigrant-dominated London boroughs.

        The case against Emma West was never about racism, it was about the suppression of free speech, in particular suppression of opposition to the genocide of the English.

        I suspect with a first-rate legal team Emma West could have been vindicated in the courts. So what about an English people’s legal defense fund? I mean one not dominated by security services’ controlled agents.

        Probably the idea’s a non-starter. The English middle-class seem sold on the extinction of their own people. Probably because they always despised people like Emma West, and think their best hope of survival lies in sucking up to the ruling class. But they may be surprised to find that the Camerloonatics and Milibandits have as much contempt for them as they have for Emma West.

  5. David Brown says:

    yes the labour party once sort of sided with the working class Daily Mirror readers, The Conservative’s with sections of the middle class Daily Mail readers. Now they and the Lib-Dems almost openly despise the people of England. From Cameron’s contempt for party members most of whom are old to the Speaker of the house who went to Romania to slag off British workers. As in the ones where low skilled jobs have wages driven down by migrants. Note the double standard its OK to say that but anyone saying much about the Somali gangs operating in Woolwich would risk being the subject of a police investigation/

  6. Scamp says:

    Re: Her defence counsel made several distinctly odd claims:
    There’s one small detail been left out here which may also have an important bearing.

    I noticed it in the comments under the ‘This Is Croydon’ article.
    “”West’s barrister said their (BNP / NF) support – including sending her flowers and cheques – had “greatly distressed” his client and led her try and take her own life”.

    But the (article) writers Twitter feed also mentions (@Gareth_Davies09 12:03 AM – 5 Jun 13)
    “Her legal team claim West was assaulted by left-wing “extremists”, who threatened to burn her house down”.
    Why is there no mention of this in the above article?

    In this case, one as to assume then that flowers and cheques “led her try and take her own life” but persons unknown “who threatened to burn her house down” had no bearing on this.””

    That’s an extremely reasonable statement IMHO.
    I also wonder if anything’s happened to find these people if this is true.
    Lots about this case doesn’t add up logically. It’s definitely been ‘contained’ somehow.

  7. Brit in Norway says:

    I hope Emma can get her life back. She has been put upon terribly, it seems as though they would never have given her her day in court so I can understand her accepting the lesser charge. It is harder for a woman to withstand this kind of assault. Electorally, I am all for the NF and smoking state agents out. I doubt Emma West would have had a problem with the NF s support for her.

  8. CanSpeccy says:

    Morality in Britain is now ephemeral. The teachings of the church, that is the state church of England headed by QEII, are bizarrely no guide to what the state deems to be right or legally permissible. Will the position of the British state on what it calls “racism” prove any more durable? Today, anti-racism in Britain is synonymous with genocide, but there is no reason to suppose that this perversion of morality will persist indefinitely. With leadership by blatantly corrupt, arrogant and smarmy non-entities, a change might be expected sooner rather than later.

  9. John says:

    The English would be better off separating from London. Obviously. Independent candidates for secession. Democracy in action.

  10. maverick says:

    After the horrors of Woolwich and the murder of a schoolgirl in Birminham ,the fact that Emma is still facing trial is indicative of how far our legal and political system has sunk .
    Her comments were far more prophetic than the empty wafflings of Camoron,Dufton Bufton (boris to the masses)

  11. andrew salter says:

    Re the Daily Mail reporting of this case they only used readers comments which deplored her with a few saying “what about that Muslim hate preacher.” Readers comments should be a cross selection not selected to make us think everyone is against her and think her ruthless persecution was justified.

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  16. Sarah says:

    ” […] offences which only arose from the stress of being charged with offences which should not exist in a free society, namely, speaking her mind in public.”

    So I take it you don’t mind if Islamic hate preachers speak their mind in public then? You have a very funny idea of a free society, it doesn’t seem like it would work.

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