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Would a libertarian society deprive individuals of cultural roots and collective identity?

There are many rooms in the libertarian  ideological house.  That fact often derails rational discussion of libertarian issues, but it need not be a problem in this instance because the question being asked is most  efficiently  examined   by testing  it … Continue reading

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The Archers – An everyday story of age shall not wither them and implausible plot-lines simple folk

Robert Henderson Age in Ambridge is a remarkably flexible quality.  Take Lillian Bellamy.  The character has a 40 year-old son whom she bore to her second husband when she was in her late twenties.  In real life years she would … Continue reading

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The trouble with England

I wrote The trouble with England in 1993. It provided the basis for Is it in the blood? which was published by Wisden Cricket Monthly in 1995. The article is towards the bottom of this blog post – The … Continue reading

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Ashes news – “Australia’s experiment with their Asian immigrant population will be shelved.”

I sent this letter to the Daily Telegraph on 13 August: Sir,   Scyld Berry’s piece on the fourth Test Ashes win  (Those scars will last until winter – 13th August) ) included this in my paper copy:  “Usman Khawaja will … Continue reading

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Sorting out the mess after the Euro collapses

Robert Henderson 17 of the 28 EU states make up the Eurozone. If the Euro collapses 17 new national currencies will have to be established. A conversion rate for Euros to each re-established national currency will have to be agreed.   … Continue reading

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The terms on which the rebellious American colonists may be taken back into the Empire

In 2002 the following request was made by denizens of the District of Columbia to rejoin the British Empire “DC Vote would like to encourage supporters of DC rights to come out to the British Embassy on July 3, 2002 … Continue reading

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