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Alex Salmond’s attempt to disown the UK national debt should be a non-starter

Robert Henderson During  February 2014 the Conservative, Labour and LibDem parties all  pledged not to enter into a currency union consisting of Scotland and the rest of the UK if there is a YES to independence in the coming referendum … Continue reading

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Scottish Independence – How Cameron sold England down the river with the Edinburgh Agreement

Robert  Henderson The Edinburgh Agreement was signed By David Cameron and Alex Salmon  in Edinburgh on 15 October 2012. ( ). It established the legal basis for the Scottish independence referendum. The first point to note is that Cameron went … Continue reading

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BBC drama goes in to bat for Scottish independence

Robert Henderson The BBC Radio 4 play  Dividing the Union was  a crude piece of propaganda for Scottish independence (Broadcast at 2.15pm 14 March  – available on IPlayer  for six days from the date of  uploading this blog post The … Continue reading

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The Old Buffoonian treads on dangerous ground

The Old Buffoonian treads on dangerous ground Robert Henderson Boris Johnson  has suggested that the radicalisation of Muslim children should be treated as child abuse and children subjected to such an environment should be taken into care: “At present, there … Continue reading

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What happens if Scotland votes NO to independence?

Robert Henderson The Scottish independence referendum is deeply flawed as a democratic process because (1) the terms of independence have not been agreed before the referendum is held so Scottish voters will be buying a pig in a poke; (2)  … Continue reading

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