The Commonwealth Games:  England should have many  more medals against their name

Robert Henderson

Gratifying as the official success of the England team at the Commonwealth games –173 medals made up of 58 gold, 59 silver and 57 bronze medals – this underplays the scale of England’s dominance.

Of the 19 gold medals officially ascribed to Scotland and the five ascribed to Wales, no less were won by competitors born in England.


Gold medallists born in England (Place of birth beside each) taking gold for Scotland are:

Dan Keating – Kettering – Gymnastics
Dan Purvis – Liverpool – Gymnastics
Sarah Addlington – Shrewsbury – Judo
Sarah Clark – South Shields – Judo
Libby Clegg – Stockport – Athletics
Chris Sherringham – Ormskirk – Judo
Hannah Miley Swindon – Swimming
Euan Burton Ascot – Judo

8 golds won

Scots born competitors taking gold for Scotland

Darren Burnett bowls
David Peacock bowls
Alex Marshall bowls
Paul Foster bowls
Neil Spiers bowls
Neil Fachie Cycling
Daniel Wallace Swimming
Ross Murdock swimming
Kimberley Renicks Judo
Louise Renwicks Judo
Josh Taylor boxing
Charlie Flynn boxing

11 golds won

The places of birth can be found at

NB the Scots born winners include those in bowls who won playing as pairs. Hence, there are more than 19 names when the two groups are added together. The English born competitors all took individual golds.


The gold medallists born in England (Place of birth beside each) taking gold for Wales were:

Jazz Carlin Shrewsbury
Georgia Davies London
Francesca Jones Kettering
Welsh born competitors taking gold for Wales
Geraint Thomas cycling
Natalie Powell Judo

2 golds won

The places of birth can be found here :

The two Northern Ireland golds were won by Northern Irish born boxers, Michael Conlon and Paddy Barnes.

It is reasonable to assume that the use of competitors born in England by Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will occur amongst those winning lesser medals or not winning medals at all. The percentage of Scots , Welsh and Northern Irish golds won by English-born competitors is 42% (11 out of 26). If this is repeated in the silver and bronze medals against the Scots, Welsh and N Irish names, that would mean 14 extra silver and 20 extra bronze for England. The English medal total overall would read:

69 gold – 73 silver – 77 bronze, a total of 219.

In addition to the skewing of the medal table by large numbers of English men and women sailing under Celtic flags, England also aids the Celtic Fringe born competitors in many sports because they are part of GB performance programmes which are largely funded by the English.

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4 Responses to The Commonwealth Games:  England should have many  more medals against their name

  1. james s says:

    This is rich coming from the man who endlessly complains about foreigners competing for English teams. Most English teams could be characterised by “Spot the White Man”.

    Place of birth is irrelevant. It’s the composition of those who came before you that defines your characteristics, positive or negative. How many in the Eng team were genuine Engs, not mongrels or outright foreigners? That would be an interesting statistic, if anyone was inclined to give a fxxk.

    You are truly sad Robert. Your Scottish name must really annoy you. To be of such lowly lineage. Sigh.

    • Antony says:

      ‘Place of birth is irrelevant’. I agree. Bloodline is everything. I’m glad you’ve dropped the pretence of opposing racism it suits Scots to assume when the cameras point their way, or when using high office to organize the mass immigration into England they make damn sure they avoid themselves. ‘Rise up and be a nation’? Funny but they never quite get round to it do they? At least not without access to someone else’s bank account.

  2. james s says:

    Interestingly 77 of England’s medalists were clearly immigrants or children thereof. Numerous will have qualified from the residency rules also.

    Considering you always crow about immigration and how this dilutes wonderful Englishness, why are you so quick to accept their clearly favourable contribution at the Games, World Cup etc.? They hugely upped your medal count and in most sports enhance a pretty average gene pool in sporting terms at least.

    The fact is you are genetically far closer to those in the Scottish, Welsh and N. Irish teams that you are to half your so-called English medalists.

    This will be certainly true in terms of culture also, with many foreigners competing for England due to the availability of sponsorship. Look at cricket, rugby, athletics etc.

    Unlike you I believe I am no better and no worse than any other human. To denigrate others’ achievements due to the fact some were not born in the country of their choice at the games when Team Eng was truly the mongrel nation of the games is pretty sad frankly and indicative that you are nothing more than a xenophobe who is too stupid to see the glaring hypocrisy in your articles.

    • How typically Scotch of you james: ‘Unlike you I believe I am no better and no worse than any other human‘. said with an all too typically Scotch air of overwhelming moral McSuperiority, and no trace of irony. Whenever I read your idiotic comments here I hear an effete old Edinburgh queen whining, or should that be ‘hwaining’ that he ‘woo-ont’ stoop to the level of the ‘Ainglesh’.

      Go and iron the pleats of your skirt you sad little man.

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