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Don’t let the elf and safety  fanatics emasculate cricket

Robert Henderson There is a very real danger of  a knee-jerk health and safety reaction to  the tragic death of the Australian batsman Phil Hughes emasculating cricket.  Hughes was hit on the back of the neck  trying to hook when … Continue reading

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British Future report says 25% of British adults want all immigrants repatriated 

Robert Henderson The think-tank British Future has recently published  the report How to talk about immigration based on research conducted by ICM, Ipsos MORI and YouGov. The report purports  to provide a blueprint for both the pros and antis in … Continue reading

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The Archers: an everyday story of simple culling  the Archers from the programme folk

Robert Henderson The  Archers is currently the subject of various story-lines  which bid fair to leave the programme a largely Archer-free zone. The pivotal Archer  family – David and  Ruth Archer – are in the process of selling Brookfield with … Continue reading

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Film Review – Mr Turner

Main cast Timothy Spall as Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851) Dorothy Atkinson as Hannah Danby Paul Jesson as William Turner Marion Bailey as Sophia Booth Ruth Sheen as Sarah Danby Sandy Foster as Evalina Dupois – Martin Savage as Benjamin … Continue reading

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