UK Devolution Constitution jigsaw

A deceptively difficult puzzle. Simple in principle because where the pieces should go is very obvious, but some people, and British politicians in particular, find it impossible to finish because they say they cannot to see where an English Parliament fits in.

Unhappy families

Card game for all ages. The idea is to collect a set of cards which reflect the common family situation in Scotland after the rejection of independence. Players attempt to collect sets cards with characters like Mr Angry, the SNP voter, Mrs Relieved, the Unionist, Master Thoughless, the SNP voter’s son and Miss Realist, the Unionists daughter.

Oil and Gas Tardis

Fascinating fantasy toy. Based on the idea of Dr Who’s time and space machine, the toy consists of what looks a simple like a large working scale model of a North Sea Platform. Looked at from the outside it pumps out every decreasing amounts of oil, but when you go inside the model the amount of oil pumped swells to match SNP dreams of untold oil riches.

Independence vote inflatable

An plastic toy which consists of two inflatable bulbs marked 45% and 55%. Uninflated the 55% bulb is larger than the 45% bulb, but when the bulbs are filled with hot air the 45% bulb miraculously becomes larger than the 55% one.

Call my SNP bluff

Three players recite what is claimed to be SNP policy while the other players decide which is the real SNP policy amongst the three. Warning: players must make sure the two false policies amongst the three are outlandishly improbable otherwise it will be all too easy to spot the real SNP policy. New improved version with scope for even more fantastic policies.

Conversational Gaelic DVD

Learn the language of your ancestors and find yourself part of a community of dozens of fellow speakers of our glorious tongue. Warning: due to a lack of Gaelic words for items and ideas created after 1700, speakers may find the range of conversation extremely limited.


Clearance of out of date stock ALL AT GIVEAWAY PRICES

Make you own currency kit

Allows you to name your currency, design your own coins and banknotes, create coins (3D printer included) and banknotes and set up a central piggy bank. Warning: the money will have the same value as that used in the game monopoly. Not to be confused with real life.

Create your own independent Scotland virtual world. The beauty of the programme is that you can make it as improbable as you want and it will still seem plausible if you are an SNP supporter. Lose yourself in pure fantasy.

SNP Sovereign Wealth Fund Moneybox

Purely decorative. The box is designed without any money cache because none will be needed. Frightening realistic.

            Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! while SNP bombast lasts

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4 Responses to SNP 2014 XMAS NOVELTIES

  1. James S says:

    Grow up you complete prick.

  2. Mark says:

    A real SNP 2014 Christmas novelty would be a sense of humour.

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