If a Eurofanatic wanted to design a plot to thwart Brexit ……

 Robert Henderson

If a Eurofanatic wanted to design a plot to thwart Brexit they could not do better than contrive the situation Theresa May has wrought. It works like this: 

Stage 1 call an unnecessary General Election when there is three years still to run before an election is legally necessary. 

Stage 2 produce a manifesto which  frightens huge numbers of an electorate, including the natural supporters of your party  by  (1)  promising to reduce pensions and pensioner benefits  and (2) threatening to make anyone who is infirm and aged use all their accumulated wealth to pay for their care until they are down to their last £100,000.

Stage 3. Do a u-turn on some but not all of the threatened charges made in stage 2 to give the appearance of government irresolution.  

Stage 4. Produce no policies which have a broad appeal and make what policies there are vague  and uncosted. 

Stage 5. Make the election all about the leader by sidelining other senior members of the party. 

Stage 6. Devise  annoying catch phrases such as “strong and stable”  and repeat them at every opportunity. 

Stage 7. Keep the leader away from any situation where they might have to debate or explain their position and ensure that the leader acts with the arrogant assumption that a huge win is assured. 

Stage 8. Allow no meaningful discussion of what Brexit will or should  amount to. Keep the leader uttering “Brexit means Brexit”  and  “No deal is better than a bad deal” .

Stage 9. Engage in attacks on the mentality of the leadership and  policies of the main opposing party.  

Stage 10. Having failed to gain a majority the leader should put it about using her subordinates that because there is no majority there is no mandate or practical way of effecting a “hard Brexit”,  by which is meant a genuine Brexit.

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4 Responses to If a Eurofanatic wanted to design a plot to thwart Brexit ……

  1. paderb says:

    I fully agree with you Robert. My suspicion of Theresa May’s intentions have been fully vindicated.

    On the 29th of April, I sent a Freedom of Information Act request to the Department for Exiting the EU asking why the Government does not acknowledge why membership of the EU is illegal under both the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties and also the British Constitution. I have not received a reply although the answer is well overdue.

    It seems that it is not only the EU which ignores its own Law as the Department for Exiting the EU are in breach of the Freedom of Information Act:2000 simply because they do not wish to admit the fact that we should not be in the EU in the first place.

  2. david brown says:

    it took less than three months for a task force to go and liberate the Falklands and return. It took May ten months to send a letter – article 50 – to Strasbourg.
    She set out to sabotage Brexit from the start .
    As Home Secretary she let in more migrants than any other in British history.
    please people post links to this websites on newspaper websites

  3. Colin Ray says:

    I agree. Looking at Theresa May’s performance as Home Secretary, leading a department that a former Home Secretary described as, “Not fit for purpose.” Mrs May did nothing to change that perception. She did little or nothing to restrict non EU immigration, which would not have contravened the EU’s Freedom of Movement policy, she offended the Police Federation and kept her head well below the parapet during the EU Referendum campaign. Except when she gave a speech to the Institute of Mechanical Engineers on April 16th, just a couple of months before the referendum. It was clear from her speech she was committed to the UK remaining in the EU and her tone made her look like a passionate advocate and supporter of the EU.

    Mrs May could have triggered Article 50 very shortly after the Referendum result. She chose not to do so and, in not doing so gave the EU the opportunity to consolidate and organise their opposition. Her dithering also gave the pro EU remain camp the time to take her government to court and further delay our notice of exit.

    By calling a completely unnecessary general election, Mrs May has now given the Remain camp, the majority in her own party, the opportunity to obfuscate, delay and what has been described today, as wage ‘utterly bitter trench warfare. Her tough words, such as “No deal is better than a bad deal,” is looking more and more like empty rhetoric, coming from a Prime Minister who is a committed Europhile whose Damascene Conversion to committed Brexiteer is highly suspect.

    Our ruling classes need to be forcefully reminded that that they are only the custodians or caretakers of our country. They are not the proprietors and owners of it, able to do with it whatever they wish. Including giving it away. If they manage to subvert or dilute the democratic will of the majority of citizens then they deserve to have mass civil disobedience on our streets. After all, their are other precedents in our history.

  4. Our ruling classes exercise the power we have given them without the responsibility to take the PERSONAL Consequences. IMHO, they need to fear the very real threat that the enraged People will seek a Ceausescu-style solution.

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