Brexit: an object lesson in elite betrayal

Robert Henderson

On 15  January Theresa May suffered the  greatest defeat of any British Prime Minister  when she put the draft deal she has  struck with the EU to a vote in the House of Commons. The deal was  rejected by 432  votes  against to 202 votes for, a colossal majority against accepting the deal of 230.

The bald figures  are  terrible enough but they are even worse than they appear for the government’s “payroll vote” of MPs  holding  government office is around 140. These  would be expected to vote with the Government. Hence, May will have  only attracted around 60 backbenchers (who within reason can vote as they like) to support  her  draft deal.

This gives May and her government a tremendous problem because ever since she came back to Parliament with the draft deal she has been saying it is her way or the highway as she has stubbornly insisted that  no other deal is available and that a failure to accept it could mean no Brexit. As the draft deal she has agreed offers  Brexit in name only  (Brino)  and resembles the type of treaty a defeated enemy who had sued for peace might agree to   such is the subordination of the UK interests which according to many commentators would leave the UK as a vassal state. The Commons showed what they thought of the  goods on offer and chose   to reject them in the most spectacular fashion.

The problem is that May is still Prime Minister . The day after suffering the defeat over her deal a vote of No Confidence in the Government  was defeated by 325 votes to 306 .  This means that she stays as Prime Minister and the threat of an early General Election has receded.  Nor can she face another Tory  leadership challenge  for the better part of a year because she won a vote of No Confidence  in her leadership just before Christmas.

The defeat of May’s deal is  encouraging for Brexiteers inasmuch as  the overwhelming  result should have greatly lessened any  thoughts May had of coming back with a few insignificant cosmetic changes made to the deal  nearer the 29th March leaving date.  However, that is still a possibility  and there  are many other threats to thwart a true Brexit . If there is a serious breakdown of party discipline  there is nothing to stop remainer MPs  doing anything they  want because the house of Commons consists of a substantial majority of remainers.

There  is one bright light amongst this gloom for Brexiteers, namely the fact that the date for the UK’s leaving is fixed in an Acct of Parliament .

Section 20 of  the European Union (Withdrawal ) Act  2018  states ‘“exit day” means 29 March 2019 at 11.00 p.m.’

To  change the date of the UK leaving the  EU requires either an amendment to or repeal of the Act.

While the Brexit leaving date remains unchanged it does not matter what else happens because it places a legal obligation on the UK to leave. Consequently, a  second referendum cannot be held, an extension of Article 50 cannot be sought by the UK or granted by the EU and  Article 50 cannot be revoked. In addition remainers, however aided and abetted by a remainer Speaker of the Commons,  cannot  ultimately stop the UK leaving the EU on 29 March.

However, the House of Commons is remainer dominated (around 6o%)   and  could vote to amend or repeal the leaving date, but  there are serious obstacles to that happening.

To begin with it would  nakedly expose their anti-democratic partisanship.  Ever since the referendum most remainers have constantly bleated the refrain that  they honour the result whilst making it perfectly clear that they want to sabotage Brexit.  If they alter the leaving date that pretence would be unsupportable because once the date was altered or removed completely from  the Act the remainers would be forced to commit themselves to going down one of these paths:

  1. Extend the two year Article 50 negotiating period, perhaps indefinitely.
  2. Revoke Article 50
  3. Announce that the UK is remaining in the EU.

4, Legislate for another referendum on Brexit.

There is also be  the possibility  of a snap General Election if no one could command a majority in the Commons.

Having their true feelings and intentions towards Brexit exposed will be more than embarrassing for many MPs  because  there are many constituencies – and especially ones filled by Labour  MPs – which voted heavily to leave the EU  while their MP voted to remain and has consistently opposed Brexit by fair means or foul.  Consequently, leave voters might well punish remainer  MPs in leave constituencies.

Brexit  did not have to be  thought hideously complicated.

Much has been made of the complexity of the Brexit.  This claimed complexity  is largely down to having  remainer  PM and a remainer dominated cabinet which looked for  terrors where there were none. At best their heart isn’t in Brexit and at worst they are deliberately trying to sabotage Brexit.

If  the process pf leaving the EU had  been conducted by a leaver PM and a leaver dominated Cabinet most of the complexity would have dissolved. There would still have been a potential problem with  remainer dominated Commons (and Lords) but with a government firmly committed to Brexit it is doubtful that remainers in Parliament would have been so blatant in their attempts to overthrow Brexit.

With a resolute  leaver as PM backed by a  leaver dominated cabinet the mere fact of their existence would have changed the language and progress of the negotiations between the UK and the EU.

Trading on World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules

Leaving without a deal to trade under WTO rules is a real possibility because of both the fast approaching leave date and the inability of the House of Commons to come up with any plan which can command a majority.   Moreover, significant numbers of leave MPs have embraced the idea as being the best route out of the EU  for  of the  UK .

There are two reasons  for embracing  the idea of leaving to trade on WTO terms. The first is that it simplifies matters  because it is ready made system and allows business to plan . The second  is that it prevents, at least in the short to medium term,   remainder politicians trying to sabotage  Brexit after the UK has formally left the EU.     Nor of course does  WTO membership  mean that future bilateral trade deals cannot be struck.

The Deep State

The Deep State is often portrayed as a conspiracy. In fact it is better thought of as a blind  sociological  event.  There is no group of conscious conspirators, simply people being groomed to have the same opinions  or at least saying they  do.

What has happened in the  UK (and the rest for the West to varying degrees) is the success of the long march through the institutions.  That is what ultimately has given the UK an elite (politicians, mediafolk, teachers etc) who are  overwhelmingly politically correct internationalists  and its those people who are at the forefront of the attempts to sabotage Brexit.

How did it it come about? A German student leader of the 1960s  Rudi Dutschke put forward the idea whereby societies were subverted from within by those of an internationalist bent who would patiently work to gain positions of power and influence. Eventually there would be sufficient of such people to change the  policies of Western societies from national to internationalist ones.  That point was reached in the UK at least 50 years ago and the politically correct stranglehold on our society is now in full  flower.

The capture of Western societies by internationalists has allowed them to permit  and even overtly encourage mass immigration of people from different cultures , denigrate their own societies,  traduce  the West and its native populations generally and introduce gradually the pernicious  totalitarian creed of political correctness which has “anti-racism”  (in reality anti-white racism)  at its heart.  The last brick  in the politically correct building is the increasingly draconian treatment of anyone who  refused to toe the politically correct line , treatment which is increasingly including the use of the criminal law and imprisonment.

That is why Western politics until recently has been so ideologically monotone. Brexit was a revolt against that mentality.

The bad faith of the remainers

The vast majority of MPs have overtly or tacitly supported the idea of the referendum and its result  by promising  in election manifestos, in Parliament and through their passage by large majorities of  the legislation needed to both set up the referendum and make provision for the

By doing so MPs forfeited their  right to do anything other honour the result of the referendum. That applies just as much to remainer MPs as  leave MPs because the leaver MPs were bound by both the democratic choice made by the Commons and the democratic choice made by the electorate.

Sadly, the behaviour of the most committed remainers with power and influence (including many MPs and peers in the house of Lords) has shattered  utterly the idea that the UK is a fully functioning democracy. Rather, it is an elective oligarchy whereby the electorate are offered an opportunity every few years to choose between competing parts of the elite, an elite in the UK whose general political ideas are largely shared by the various competing parts of that elite, ideas  which go against the interests and wishes of most of  the electorate.

Noe of this should be a surprise. The sad truth is that the central political question in any society is this, how far will the masses be able to control the naturally abusive tendencies of the elite.

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5 Responses to Brexit: an object lesson in elite betrayal

  1. paderb says:

    Robert, I fully concur with everything that you have written in this edition of your blog.

    I am no longer able to run my website due to ill-health but frequently visit the comments fora of daily newspapers and constantly argue the very things that you have said above. In particular that British ‘democracy’ consists of an elective oligarchy.

    I also, frequently refer people to your April, 2015 edition concerning FPTP as a starting point to achieve democracy in a country such as ours that shamefully has never achieved democracy in its true sense.

    Is it possible that you could republish the April, 2015 article for the benefit of those that may have missed it first time around?

  2. Albert Mesrinr says:

    We should be leaving NATO next.

  3. petecowell1 says:

    Media doesn’t point out how all the anti EU politicians are all idiots and liars, using leaving EU to have another chance to be big in politics, at the expense of people and society.
    Nigel Farage was paying his foreign wife on tax payers expenses and hiding money in foreign tax havens. Iain Duncan Smith who made up lies such as going to University of Perugia, when it was a two week course at another college in the same town, was following orders from his Bullingdon Club masters to make the poor and vulnerable suffer, until he was threatened by UN for human rights abuses.
    When Labour reformed House of Lords, Tories tried to vote against it, as wanted upper classes to live for free on expenses, while telling poor and millions they made unemployed then blaming them for being unemployed, they weren’t working hard enough to survive.
    USA born Boris Johnson whose family changed their name from the foreign relative names to Johnson to sound more British, talks complete nonsense. Such as saying there wasn’t a vote on 2nd war against Iraq when more Tories had voted yes to it than other parties. Yet he was given job as foreign secretary deciding on who we have peace with. That means he’s either a liar seeing what he can get away with blaming others for what Tories cause and media is in with him, or him and media are stupid.
    Michael Gove said in Guardian newspaper Education, that Labour were liars for saying Tories would get rid of EMA if they won election, and then he did get rid of it when they won election. Yet media don’t care about that. They care more about something from years ago.
    Only businesses left will be weapon makers sending arms to extremist groups USA want to overthrow other leaders, and extremist nations like Saudi Arabia. While rest of north Europe work for jobs, peace, health and free or cheap university education
    Nigel Lawson who closely linked British economy with USA in 80s relying on many being in debt until economy crashed by early 90s, and crashes every few years since after the USA, was recently advising we leave the EU, while he applies to live in France.

  4. petecowell1 says:

    I think media are hiding stories from companies warning about Brexit, while Sun readers whine on about BBC being biassed for stating true facts about the dangers of leaving the EU. Honda were warning for years in Swindon newspapers about the consequences of Brexit. Then when they say they’re leaving Britain near the date we were supposed to leave the EU, national news says it’s about uncertainty. It isn’t uncertainty, as will it get worse when we leave for real.
    I can see the future, lots of Sun readers who think Europe is a country in the middle east, or they want to leave the European Union because they don’t want people here from Pakistan, crying on Question Time because they thought anti EU politicians care about British people.
    It’s going to be same as when Thatcher didn’t like EU preventing upper classes, bankers and corporations mistreating most British people, when EU said workers should have enough breaks and genetically modified ingredients should be labelled, and then she turned us into a USA lapdog. Secret service whistle blower David Shayler told how she was going along with USA funding Al Qaeda in Libya against Gaddafi. A country people didn’t pay household bills, while more old British people were dying of cold than before.

    • Maverick says:

      I agree the economic arguments for Brexit are absurd ,protecting our borders is a joke. When Cassandra warned King Prium of troy not to close the gates of troy with the Wooden horse inside ,she was mocked. .
      How many people have died in Islamic attacks since Brexit.

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