Foreign players in County cricket

Robert Henderson

 An analysis  of those who appeared in the first round of Bob Willis Trophy matches starting  2 8 2020

The total  number of foreigners appearing in these matches who are qualified for Test playing nations is   35 .  This is an improvement on the 60 odd  foreign players last year which is due to cornavisurs but it is still 35 too many.

For  far too long English county cricket has been   a paycheque  for foreigners generally  and an invaluable  learning experience  for  younger foreigners.

 No other Test playing nation handicaps itself by allowing their First Class  game to be swamped by foreigners denying an opportunity to many a young England player.  

The break down of the 35 is as follows:

SA    (21)

W Madsen (Derbys)

J Duplay  (Derbys)

M Cohen (Derbsy)

R Dickson (Durham)

D Beddingham (Durham)

G Harte (Durham)

S Harmer (Essex)

C Cooke (Glam)

M De Lange (Glam)

G Roderick (Gloucs)

H Kuhun ( Kent)

K Jennings  (Lancs)

D Villas (Lancs)

D  Klein (Leics)

C Ackerman (Leics)

R Vasconcelos  (Northants)

E Gay (Northants)

R Van der Merve  (Somerset)

E Bryam  (Somerset)

Dan Moriarty   (Surrey)

M Wessls  (Worcs)


Australians   (9)

N M Hogan  (Glam)

N  Selman (Glam)

I G Holland (Hants)

M Claydon (Kent)

G Stewrat  (Kent)

S Robson (Mddx)

S Eskinazi (Mddx)

N Sowter (Mddx)

S Hain (Warks)

West Indies players  (1)

D Rawlings (Sussex)


N Z  players  (2)

M Quin (Essex)

KK Fuller (Hants)


Irish  (2)

J Carlson (Sussex)

T Murtagh (Mddx)

For completeness these arte the  cricketers who have no national Test side to play for. 

Grand  total of 5.

Scots   (2)

RAJ Smith (Glam)

JH Davey (Somerset)


Welsh  (2)

K Bull (Glam)

K Carlson (Glam)


Netherlands  (1)

Ryan ten Doeschate (Essex)

Domestic black and Asian cricketers  who appeared in the first round of Bob Willis Trophy matches starting  2 8 2020

The grand total is  13.  I include these because of the claim being made that black and Asian cricketers are being ignored for the England side.

Domestic Asian players   (10)

H Hoosein (Derbys)

V Chopar (Essex)

Feroze Isa Nazir Khushi (Essex)

Ajeet Dale  (Hants)

Hamidullah Qadri (Kent)

Saif Ali Zaib (Northants)

H Hameeed (Notts)

S Patel (Notts)

R Patel (Surrey)

A Virdi (Surrey) )


Domestic Black Players  (4)

K  Barker (Hants)

D Bell-Drummond (Kent)

B Mike (Leics)

D D’Oliveira (Worcs)

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