The two Divisions of the County Championship are not a mile apart

Robert Henderson

The results of the first    round of  Bob Willis Trophy  matches s suggests that the standards of both divisions  are  similar  and not  divided by a massive difference in standards as is so often claimed, with  three  Division 2 victories over  Division 1 sides and only two  Division 1 sides over Division 2 sides.

Membership of  County Championship  divisions  at  the end of the 2019 season were:

First Division

Essex, Somerset, Hampshire, Kent , Surrey, Nottinghamshire Warwickshire,  Yorkshire,

Second Division

Derbyshire, Durham, Glamorgan, Gloucestershire, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Middlesex,  Northants, Sussex, Worcestershire

The Bob Willis Trophy being nothing to do with the Championship,  teams from the two Championship Divisions are  mixed up  with teams being allocated to the new completion geographically.  This meant some Division 1 teams playing Division 2 teams.

The results of first round of Bob Willis Trophy matches on  1 8 20120  were:

9 Matches played

8 Results

1 Draw

 Division 2 sides  wins over Division   sides

Middlesex over Surrey

Sussex  over Hants

Derbyshire  over Notts

Division 1 sides wins  over Division 2 sides

Somerset v  Glamorgan 

Yorks over Durham

Division 2 sides wins  over Division 2 sides

Leics over Lancs

Division 1 sides  wins  over division 1 sides

Kent v Essex


Northants v Wareks   –  Drawn    Div ision 2 side v Division  1 side

Mddx v Surrey – Surrey wone by 190 runs   – Division  2  side beats division  1  side

Lancs v Leices –  Leics wone by 7 wickets  –  Dvision 2  side b eats Division  2 side

Gloucs v Worcs  – Worces won by 8 wickets –

Division 2 side beats  Division  2 side

Kent v Essex  – Essex won by two wickets –

Division  1 side beats  Division 1 side

Durham v Yorks – Yorks won by 6 wickets –  Division  1  side beats Division 2  side 

Notts v Derbys – Derbys won by 3 wickets  – Division   2  side beats Division  1 side

Somerset v  Glamorgan  Somerset  won by 289 runs  – Division  I side   beats Division 2 side

Sussex  v Hants   – Sussex won by 94 runs   – Division  2  side beats Division  1 side

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