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There is much that suggest George Floyd’s death was an accident.

Robert Henderson “Some facts about the death of Floyd and the subsequent  trial of the police officer Derek Chauvin 1. Floyd  was a very large and powerfully built man , much larger than any of the police involved. 2. He … Continue reading

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The two Divisions of the County Championship are not a mile apart

Robert Henderson The results of the first    round of  Bob Willis Trophy  matches s suggests that the standards of both divisions  are  similar  and not  divided by a massive difference in standards as is so often claimed, with  three  Division … Continue reading

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Foreign players in County cricket

Robert Henderson  An analysis  of those who appeared in the first round of Bob Willis Trophy matches starting  2 8 2020 The total  number of foreigners appearing in these matches who are qualified for Test playing nations is   35 .  … Continue reading

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Black and Asian cricketers in the England team

Robert Henderson There has been an upsurge in politically correct complaining about the lack of black  and Asian England players.  Below are the Test averages of black and  Asian players who have  played Test  cricket for England since 1980. Before … Continue reading

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How England subsidises the Celtic Fringe

Robert Henderson  Population estimates – Office for National Statistics Public spending by country and region  Published Friday, December 13, 2019 Philip Brien This note provides information on levels of public spending per head in the countries and regions of the … Continue reading

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Escaping the  European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 2) Act 2019.

Robert  Henderson   The EU may  have  overreached themselves.  On  9th October the president of  the European parliament David Sassoli  suggested  that a n extension  under Article 50 should only be granted if  either a General Election  or  a second referendum  is  held during … Continue reading

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Slaying some Brexit Monsters

Slaying some Brexit Monsters Robert Henderson The island of Ireland   Throughput the Brexit negotiations about  Ireland  ‘s position, both north  and south, the Irish tail has been wagging the British  dog.  This is both ridiculous and dangerous.  At best … Continue reading

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Is Boris Johnson walking into an EU trap?

Robert Henderson The Daily Telegraph reports (3oth July) that Boris Johnson has said that the UK could stay in the customs union and single market for another two years.   This is potentially fatal for a true  Brexit. Consider what Johnson … Continue reading

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Adapting to different forms of cricket

The modern complaints about the difficulty of adapting to different forms of cricket does not stand up. Cricketers have had to adjust far more dramatically in the past, for example, in 1973 county cricketers had to play 20 Championship matches … Continue reading

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Stand fast must be the order of the day for Leavers

Robert Henderson “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which” .(The last sentence of  Orwell’s Animal Farm ) This … Continue reading

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