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Brexit: an object lesson in elite betrayal

Robert Henderson On 15  January Theresa May suffered the  greatest defeat of any British Prime Minister  when she put the draft deal she has  struck with the EU to a vote in the House of Commons. The deal was  rejected … Continue reading

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Theresa May’s Betrayal – Bruges Group meeting 3 12 2018

Speakers Rt Hon. the Lord Lilley, PC Parliamentarian and former Cabinet Member Rt Hon. Sammy Wilson MP Brexit Spokesman for the Democratic Unionist Party Daniel Kawczynski MP Member of the European Research Group The  three speakers were all  good value … Continue reading

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Call those who would overthrow Brexit by their true name: traitor

Robert Henderson Traitor: noun. One who is false to his allegiances or acts disloyally to country,  king, cause , religion or principles (Oxford Concise Dictionary) The attempted sell-out of Brexit by Theresa May as laid down in the  white paper … Continue reading

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The Bruges Group meeting 28 March 2018 – Too many loose ends remain untied

 Robert Henderson    There was a healthy attendance for the first meeting of 2018 The speakers were John  Redwood and the economist and journalist   Liam Halligan.  They were both good value judged purely as speakers but I ‘m afraid Redwood … Continue reading

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Don’t listen to the ” keep Theresa May at all costs ” Brexit siren voices 

Robert Henderson    There are plenty of voices saying stick with Theresa May because that is the best hope of achieving Brexit. This goes against all the evidence about her  intentions that we already have from her behaviour over the … Continue reading

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Theresa  May and the attempted murder of Brexit

Robert Henderson A  transition period lasting at least two years after March 2019 when the UK will have to abide by EU laws including new ones; a massive “divorce  bill” currently slated to be around £39 billion  and probably much … Continue reading

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The logic of Brexit

Robert Henderson Remainer  determination to subvert Brexit  is shamelessly alive and kicking. Since the referendum on 23rd June 2016 those who voted to remain in the EU have given a ceaseless display of antidemocratic and profoundly dishonest  behaviour in their … Continue reading

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