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Devolving powers to Manchester is the thin end of the Balkanising of England wedge

Robert Henderson The government have recently  announced the passing of responsibility for the £6 billion of NHS money spent   in the  Greater Manchester  area to a consortium of ten local councils.   This is in addition to the creation of a Mayor for … Continue reading

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Why a Labour/SNP coalition could spell the end of Labour as a major party

Robert Henderson There is a better than sporting chance that Labour and the SNP could form a coalition after the coming General Election.  Polls suggest that Labour will lose the vast majority of the 41 seats they currently hold in … Continue reading

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Molesting justice

Robert Henderson The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Alison Saunders  is to issue new  guidance to  police forces and prosecutors on the treatment of allegations of rape, viz: Mrs Saunders said: “For too long society has blamed rape victims for … Continue reading

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Islam is simply incompatible with Western society

Robert Henderson Seventeen people have  been murdered in the two terrorist attacks in Paris (between  7-9th January 2015). Ten were journalists, including some of France’s leading cartoonists,   working for the  French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. To them can be added … Continue reading

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Film review: ’71 – Life with the safety catch off

Main cast Jack O’Connell as Gary Hook Richard Dormer as Eamon Charlie Murphy as Brigid David Wilmot as Boyle Sean Harris as Captain Sandy Browning Killian Scott as James Quinn Sam Reid as Lt. Armitage Barry Keoghan as Sean Paul … Continue reading

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English votes for English laws: a rich diet of political fudge

Robert Henderson The Leader of the House of Commons, William Hague, launched  English votes for English laws into  the Commons on 16 December with the publication of  the command paper  The Implications of Devolution for England The paper’s proposals  include … Continue reading

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UK Devolution Constitution jigsaw A deceptively difficult puzzle. Simple in principle because where the pieces should go is very obvious, but some people, and British politicians in particular, find it impossible to finish because they say they cannot to see … Continue reading

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