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The Archers: an everyday story of simple ever more absurd storylines folk

Robert Henderson What a remarkable place is  Ambridge. In an England experiencing  normal  rather dry winter weather Ambridge is in currently in  the grip of what one can only imagine is a  monsoon  that  has escaped from the tropics and … Continue reading

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The Archers: an everyday story of simple culling  the Archers from the programme folk

Robert Henderson The  Archers is currently the subject of various story-lines  which bid fair to leave the programme a largely Archer-free zone. The pivotal Archer  family – David and  Ruth Archer – are in the process of selling Brookfield with … Continue reading

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How the BBC fixes phone-ins – The Radio 5  Breakfast Programme phone-in on 6 May 2014

Robert Henderson The think tank Policy Exchange  has published a report  on racial  and ethnic minorities entitled A portrait of modern Britain.  The headline grabbing statistic in the report is the claim that” the five largest distinct Black and Minority … Continue reading

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The BBC way with Scottish independence

Victoria Derbyshire BBC Radio 5 16 Sept 2013 10.00 am -12.000 noon Debate on the Scottish independence vote This was a  classic example of  the BBC’s  interpretation of balance and consisted of a number of regulation issue BBC propaganda tricks. … Continue reading

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The Archers – an everyday story of simple ever more politically correct folk

Robert Henderson Listeners to the Archers have long remarked at the miraculous retention of an Irish accent by the bastard son of  Brian Aldridge and Siobhan Hathaway Ruairi Donovan after arriving in England at the age of 5 and living … Continue reading

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The Archers – an everyday story of simple politically correct folk part 2

Robert Henderson Ambridge is becoming  even more diverse. The “dual heritage” daughter of the white vicar  who was married to a black Jamaican (now dead) and is now married to a Hindu is being given much more prominence. She has … Continue reading

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