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 How England became the mother of modern politics

English exceptionalism – The political success of the English – Why was England so different? – The treatment of foreigners -The Free-Born Englishman – Equality and privilege -The mediaeval elite ideology -The Peasants’ Revolt -Anti-clericism -The Black Death -The limits … Continue reading

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The Commons Education Select Committee  and the libelling  of the white working-class

Robert Henderson The Commons Select Committee (CSC) on Education has  produced a report on the underachievement of white British working-class children.  This  ostensibly  highlights the poor educational performance of white British children who are eligible for free meals (FSM)  compared … Continue reading

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What the British people want from their politicians … and what they get

Robert Henderson What do our politicians think of the electorate: precious little. All the major mainstream parties either ignore or cynically  misrepresent  the issues  which are most important to the British – immigration, our relationship with the EU, the English … Continue reading

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The Liberal Delusion – Book Review

John Marsh, Arena Books, £12.99 Robert Henderson “Is Western society based on a mistake?” asks John Marsh in his introduction. The possible mistake he considers is whether liberals have a disastrously wrong concept of what human beings are and what … Continue reading

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Sixty years ago – we were naturally greener then

Robert Henderson The world of sixty years ago I was born in  England in 1947 into a world  where the national watchwords were  “make do and mend” and “waste-not-want-not“.   That was in part attributable  to  post-war austerity ,  but mostly  … Continue reading

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You have to understand religion and the religious mentality to understand history

Robert Henderson YouGov have just undertaken a poll on behalf of the Oxford University Education Department to judge the attitude  of people in England to the teaching of  Religious Education (RE).  (http://www.ox.ac.uk/media/news_releases_for_journalists/121126.html). The support for such teaching was strong: “In … Continue reading

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Elizabeth I’s speech at Tilbury before the defeat of the Armada

Delivered by Elizabeth to the land forces assembled at Tilbury (Essex) to repel the anticipated invasion of the Spanish Armada, 1588. “My loving people, we have been persuaded by some that we are careful of our safety, to take heed … Continue reading

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The gratuitous denigration of things English – the reign of Elizabeth I

Robert Henderson Allan Massie, a Scot be it noted, decided to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II  with a deprecating piece on her great predecessor and namesake, Elizabeth I designed to pour  cold water on the idea that … Continue reading

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The utilitarian case for the monarchy

Robert Henderson The utilitarian case for the monarchy is not about pageantry, deference  or the vulgar belief that it is worth keeping because it acts as a tourist magnet. It is not about the cost of the monarchy compared with … Continue reading

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The right of self-defence in England

Robert Henderson The Current State of Things If there is such a thing as a natural right it is surely the right to self-defence, for any organism will defend itself when attacked. To deny a man the right to defend himself … Continue reading

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