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The Archers: an everyday story of simple culling  the Archers from the programme folk

Robert Henderson The  Archers is currently the subject of various story-lines  which bid fair to leave the programme a largely Archer-free zone. The pivotal Archer  family – David and  Ruth Archer – are in the process of selling Brookfield with … Continue reading

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Want to win literary competitions? Pretend you’re black

I am white. I wrote this story as an experiment to test the effect of political correctness on literary competitions. I did this by creating a story which both had a black theme and was written in a way which … Continue reading

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The future of Englishness in films

It  may  be that the present popularity of Englishness  in  films  will pass,  although it shows no sign of doing so soon.  But  even if overtly English films do not maintain their  present  high global profile the use of English … Continue reading

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America’s love-hate affair with England in films

When  you go to the cinema think of how often English legends  such  as  Robin  Hood are used by Americans. Reflect on how,  until  recently  at  least,   American  universities  would  give  as  a  matter  of  course  considerable time to the … Continue reading

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The appetite for Englishness in films

What qualifies as a “culturally English film”?  How about this:   it is a film which either has an English context such as The Libertine or has a  cast  which  consists wholly or largely of  English  actors  playing “English”, for example, … Continue reading

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Englishness in Films – Master and Commander

Released 2003   Director Peter Weir Main cast Captain Jack Aubrey …. Russell Crowe Dr. Stephen Maturin …. Paul Bettany First Lt. Thomas Pullings …. James D’Arcy Second Lt. William Mowett …. Edward Woodall Midshipman Lord William Blakeney …. Max Pirkis Barrett … Continue reading

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How Thatcher became the useful idiot of the education progressives

When Margaret Thatcher came to power many thought she would attempt to undo the damage of the comprehensive experiment and progressive methods, damage which was already visible. In her 11 years in power she not only failed to repair the … Continue reading

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