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6 Responses to Want to use material from this blog?

  1. Roger Gough says:

    Dear Robert, I read with interest your report on your visit to The Front Line Club in October. With due respect, it seems that you maybe unaware of certain facts which surround your report. I would be willing to correspond with you or meet with you on this important matter. I live in Gloucestershire and can provide bona fides, regards Roger Gough

  2. sandra houghton marshall says:

    Dear Robert
    Thank you so much for this website and for all you are saying and having the backbone to write it.
    I have just discovered this and how welcome in a country with a media and legal system making we English into second class citizens in our own country in favour of coloured immigrants.

    • The most important thing, Sandra, is for people to show courage in the face of political correctness and especially if the police become involved. In such a case the best strategy by far is to make it clear you will plead not guilty. That will almost invariably see the police off because the last thing the powers that be want is for the politically correct state to be challenged in open court.

  3. Bob says:

    The English need to get back to basics, who are the “police”? what are the “police”? If the “police” become involved with matters that are unconstitutional, then the “police” are an enemy of Queen and Country. If the “police” are attacking the realm, then they are insurgents, this is our England, the land of the English, we say what happens in our country. If the “police” violate our common law, then they must face law enforcement by the people.

    “the public are the police, and the police are the public” (Robert Peel)

  4. Yasmin Alam says:

    I love the refreshing honesty and analysis I’m discovering today, from this blog. However, I respectfully ask you to address one blindspot: this desire for self-rule, that foreign entities with very different languages, clothes, customs, religions, and values not enter one’s nation and take over, demanding their ways prevail is EXACTLY the sentiment of the ‘savages’, whose lands were invaded, who were massacred in their millions, over the course of centuries and it’s from those devastated lands and continents that the White elites continue STILL, to exploit and to bomb, it’s from there, that the refugees/immigrants are coming from. Let the White working class stop allowing themselves to be a tool of the White elites, stop manufacturing those weapons of mass destruction, stop joining the armies of he White elites, stop demanding people grow what were luxuries (a gram of tea in the 17th century, cost the same as a gram of silver) it’s through slave labour conditions and pay of 50 pence a day, that tea and other commodities/cash crops are now cheaper than a bottle of water. So White working class people, stop cooperating with your elites who create the immense global misery that undergirds the push to escape, to emigrate.

  5. Yasmin Alam says:

    PS I wrote against ‘political correctness’ and the lies undergirding the multicultural ethic. What happened? I was isolated at my workplace, subjected to disciplinaries, shunned by White liberal friends and my paper for a journal was ‘lost’.

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