About England calling

This blog is devoted to England and the English. It will deal with the origins, people, history, culture and  accomplishments of the English. That part of the blog is designed to provide readers with a sense of where the English come from and the great part their country has played in the shaping of the modern world, something which has been denied to  English children in recent decades as political correctness has taken a grip on English life through its religious promotion by the British political elite of  all our major parties.

The blog will also  address the British elite-sponsored Anglophobia which currently afflicts England and politics insofar as they affect England and the English, especially the democratic deficit produced by devolution. The aim here is to demonstrate how this Anglophobia may be challenged and top provide the tools to do just that.

I shall be posting most days.

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42 Responses to About England calling

  1. nonracist says:

    I dont understand your logic.Who is English ?Everyone who live’s here is.Why harp on about Billy Bragg or anyone else ?We are ALL under the yoke of government,everyone in the world !Forget borders and nations.To create a fair world must be the aim.Changing the system.We are Human Beings,first and foremost.Hate and Racism is the tactic used by the”Powers That Be”(Bankers)to cause thier,Divide & Rule policy to carry on.Please,wake up.And yes,I am English.
    By the way,I emailed Billy Bragg last year to ask if he wanted to join(before i was aware that i could not under Charity Commission rules.Under the yoke ?)non-racistparty.org.uk(a domain name i own)NO REPLY !!!!!

    • John says:

      To say that everyone who lives here is English is simplistic. If I move to the USA, am I suddenly American? Perhaps because I then live there I should start trying to change it to make it suit my English preferences?

    • No sir we are not all English, people who come to live here(Immigrants) are not English, they may be called British but are certainly not English.

      • Mary Sircar says:

        I agree with this 100%

      • AGoodwin says:

        They may become English if they respect the country and its history, but they’re not entitled to that simply by being here, using us as economic cashcow, not integrating, bleating on about ‘imperialism’ as if that makes the working class obliged to roll over and give up everything we worked and fought for.

    • Kenny says:

      You must be very old to think in that 1960s way. Good luck in catching up!

    • Master Distiller (Third Floor Distillery) says:

      “To create a fair world must be the aim.”
      No, that must NOT be the aim. Only that which is beneficial to the ethnic English, to make them whole and complete in their own country MUST be the aim. The rest of the word can rot.

      “We are Human Beings,first and foremost.”
      Wrong again. There are the English, and then everyone else.

      “Hate and Racism is the tactic used by the”Powers That Be”(Bankers)to cause thier,Divide & Rule policy to carry on.”
      If by hate and racism you mean how the Foreign Hostile Elite(TM) in The City hates the ethnic English because of their racism against the whole world including the English, then yes, you are correct. But as history has shown, “racism” only flows one way: from the invading filthy Third World skraelings to the English. If the English move to protect themselves it’s just Hate and Racism(TM).

      • ARIADNE says:

        You remind me very strongly of my late grandfather, who would have me believe that humanity falls into just two groups: the Greeks (us) and those who would like to be Greeks … Pity the two of you never met. I’ll relieve you of my wretched presence straight away, Master, and go “rot” somewhere quietly.

        Have a long, happy life in your English world–luckily I exist far away from you.

      • Why are you so afraid of the English, Ariadne… RH

      • Tostig FitzHerbert says:

        Well said

      • AGoodwin says:

        All other countries put their own people first. This goes for the other European countries who are fawned over by metropolitan liberals as paradise of tolerance and openness. Have a real look at the Scandinavian countries that Europhiles fawn over. The open borders experiments of their elites have created parallel societies and the people have started to have enough. Yet English Guardian elites have their eyes closed. We are far from the most nationalistic people in Europe, we are just held to a ridiculous standard by our middle class liberals who despise the working class whatever our politics are.

    • Bob says:

      “Multiculturalism” and “Diversity” are the divide and rule weapons used by the “bankers”. To forget borders and nations is to play into the hands of the “bankers”. Every international organization which is formed is a potential threat to humanity, because it can be infiltrated and perverted by the agents of the “bankers”. A no surrender upholding of nation states, is the only weapon which can be employed to save humanity from the “bankers”. All those who think there is a utopia and a brother hood of man, are a danger to themselves and to the rest of humanity, the “bankers” call you the “useful idiots”.

  2. Edwin says:

    Well I know one thing the BBC are Anglo-phobic……so they are racist and discriminatory
    Directly you challenge them they hide behind gobbledeegook and self denial ,with dumb innocence, enhanced with stupid replies after passing you from one senior advisor to another, pages and pages of PC of useless meaning-less crap
    Heads need to Roll in the BBC, it is a Nasty Animal out of control.

  3. barry says:

    Great site but if living here you cant be English then living in Scotland you cant be Scottish. Country without borders will never happen although in theory it is a good thing we have to protect what we have got as its being slowly eroded its just we have had britishness shoved down our throat, we are English all we are doing is standing up and saying it like everyone else does is that so wrong?

  4. Richard says:

    I would like Nonracist to expound further on his world view. His/her opinion is an established viewpoint that despite my best efforts I really do not understand. I am English ( a Londoner) and I identify myself as such. But that identity is not based on the geographical location of my birthplace (Hyde Park Corner) but on the cultural, philosophical and political influences I experienced during my formative years. These influences were, I believe, distinctive to me and hundrend of thousands of other children growing up around me. This makes my sense of identity (English) significantly different from that of my neighbour, who spent his early years some 8,000 miles away before he arrived in this country.

    It seems to me that your view makes an assumption that my sense of identity causes me to believe I am somehow superior to my neighbour. I can assure you it does not, but I do believe is is significantly different. No doubt my neighbour may well take the view that because of his migration he has a wide experience of cultures to inform his opinions and I can appreciate this view.

    You say we should ‘ …….forget borders, forget nations’ and that ‘……hate and racism is a divide and rule policy’ which is a conspiricy by ‘……the powers that be (Bankers)’. My friend let me enlighten you, that couldn’t be further than the truth! Big buisness does not want to “divide and rule” across nations or races, they want exactly the oppocite. They want the sort of world you desire. A world without borders and nation states, a world without people who have a cultural identity ,a sense of patriotism and thefore unique consumption preferences. They want what you want , they want us all to be the same,so similar we forget our national preferences, so we all become the same.
    Then they can sell us the same things all over the world. Coke, Starbucks, Apple, McDonalds, Microsoft, etc etc. So I suggest it is you that should ” please wake up”!

  5. Antony says:

    I’m sorry you share the delusion that outsiders may call themselves English. Self-hating people care only for fashionable opinion as a rule, which means you probably use the terms English and ‘British’ interchangeably, and want for a proper sense of both. Allow me to help. I posted what follows to an English democracy site run by a former adviser to Tony Blair. It was used to invite comments on the ‘new English fascism’. I’m quite proud of that. Bear in mind my opinions are not necessarily those of Mr Henderson.

    First ‘British’ is not an identity. It is a cloak of anonymity enemies reach for when trying to divert from English accomplishment. It is used to suggest burdens shared more or less equally throughout these islands, masking the damage inflicted on England and perpetuating the anonymity that allows it to continue. Is immigration really ‘British’, or an almost exclusively English curse ? You know the answer. Myself I couldn’t care less about ‘Britain’.

    Nations are not the product of the political convenience they serve. Nations are special. The etymology of the word could not be less equivocal. Nations are peoples related by blood. Countries are not nations. Countries are geographical spaces occupied by nations. For a thousand years England, comparatively isolated from mainland Europe, enjoyed one of the most settled populations in the western hemisphere.

    I am a nationalist. Since I am a nationalist, and in view of the meaning that properly attaches to the word ‘nation’, I believe nationalism without an explicitly racial component to be a waste of time. Racialism advocates separation. It has nothing to do with ‘hate’. It has nothing to do with ’supremacism’. It is far from something to be ashamed of. It merely asserts biology as the overwhelming determinant of human capacity, providing the surest means of preserving true human diversity.

    I submit that racial identity is integral to national identity, that race and culture are indissolubly linked, that one is a by-product of the other. These two, indeed, ‘cannot be separated….(for) only the people who created a culture can sustain it. If immigration changes the face of America – and of Europe – nothing else will remain unchanged’ (McDaniel, G. & Taylor J., A Race Against Time, New Century Books 2004).

    And since English culture is European culture and European culture necessarily white, racial awareness is nothing short of vital if the English, my people, are to survive.

    It is by setting the borders at race that we protect who we are. If you are not white, you are not English. We should assert this with vigour, and for two reasons. First because it is true historically, and because the moral right of a people in their own homeland to define themselves in whatever way they see fit is no-one’s damned business but their own.
    Second, and crucially, because biological egalitarianism, the notion that human differences show only superficial variation between individuals and groups, is a lie. It is a lie carefully cultivated by internationalist propaganda for reasons of political advantage. It is a lie nonetheless. The English are who they are, their culture is as it is, in large part because of biology. Defend biology and you defend the nation.

    A Russian writer observed that a man with no racial sense is like a dog that never learns to bark. I hope you still have time. Better late than never.

    • 48panda says:

      “and because the moral right of a people in their own homeland to define themselves in whatever way they see fit is no-one’s damned business but their own.”
      –True, but fortunately the racists are in a minority so thankfully your definition is not that of the country as a whole.

      “only the people who created a culture can sustain it.”
      –Who are “the people”? Shakespeare is dead, but people of all races can still appreciate his work.

      You have a strange view of “culture”, like there are all these disparate silos of culture that should never be mixed. Culture grows, mixes and changes over time. Some of the changes are for the better, some for worse. Cultures influence other cultures and create new cultures. You seem to assume (correct me if I’m wrong) that transference of culture is both one way (immigrants changing the inherent culture of England) and wholly negative. Surely though, immigrants will absorb existing English culture as much as they influence it and many of the changes are positive. In any case, you seem more concerned with the “Englishness” of something than its actual level of quality.

      “English culture is European culture and European culture necessarily white”.
      –So if French, German, Scandanavian (white) people migrate to England, they can rightfully call themselves English immediately, but the (English-born) grandchildren of immigrants from the Caribbean can’t?

    • Tostig FitzHerbert says:

      Beautifully put. Now here is something else that is beautiful, I love being English, and that says everything.

  6. Dr Vicki D Able says:

    The English are a good and proud race of people. Support and nurture your race in the same way other races look after theirs otherwise, in the future you will regret its loss. The English have a great language, culure and customs that should be encouraged not wiped out.

  7. jd peiper says:

    I found this very interesting site having seen it mentioned in comments at the Daily Mail.
    As a foreigner married to an English lady, one of the first things I discovered some time ago, was that it seemed as tho the English were in a hurry to give away their country. Jeesh. If you want to sell the place that badly, get it over with quickly and auction it on eBay. I recall my first visit here many,many years ago and was amazed at how safe your streets were, and what an awesome (at the time) your post offices were. I’ve seen more of this country then my wife has, having traveled far and wide with music groups on what we called shotgun bookings. What an amazingly beautiful country this is. OK, sue me but, the world was a better place overall when Britannia Ruled.
    Now ppl not just here but Europe and to an extent even the USA, are living under the dictatorship of political correctness. Not a good thing for any of us.

  8. andy says:

    Was having a surf through the blogosphere the other day, as an alternative to the usual porn, music, sci-fi and supernatural that constitutes most of my casual browsing.

    I’m quite interested in English nationalism , as I feel Hollywood and the likes of the global media have squashed a lot of the quirkiness and eccentricity which I feel gives England it’s charm.

    Unfortunately what I found seemed to take me back to school bullying -i.e. gangs of aloof and aggressive jocks (in the American sense) picking on the ginger kid with NHS glasses etc.

    Rather than the promotion of individuality and diversity, there seemed a tendency to congregate around the marching in rank and file. One word that seemed to crop up was “homogenious” (sp) which conjours up in my mind supermarket processed dairy products i.e. milk with the cream skimmed off in a factory etc.

    Instead of the warmth of the English people I grew up with, the cosy pub with the bar philosophers putting the world to rights etc, what I found was stuck up, pretentious and boorish cliques – not the sort of people I’d like to spark up a joint and play scrabble with.

    My life experience has taught me that there’s class and class, and the two are different. A person of class can be upper, middle or working , but still approachable and open minded. Rich and poor alike can be great friends, free from jealousy. Conversely, a person without class is intolerant, stuck up and shallow. A tell tale sign of the latter is obsession with appearance and wealth.

    From what I’ve read on many such sites there is an implication only white people can be true ethnic English- how do they work this out? A person whose English ancestry dates back to the doomesday book, whose grandfather fought in the war is according to these less “English” because they have a Pakistani or Jamaican parent than somebody who has never set foot in the country but *looks* the part. As I said previously, obsession with looks suggests serious emotional immaturity.

    In the same vain, there’s those who’ll complain about the suffering of the indigenous working classes due to immigrant labour, but at the same time make fun of the dirt poor folk appearing on Jeremy Kyle and so forth- with more name calling such as “chav scum” etc.

    There is a lot for English people to be proud of, but it’s a shame that we are often prevented from having a voice due to the hijacking of our flag by not so much Nazi people but simply *nasty* people.

    After her divorce from Guy Richie, Madonna claimed many English men were “emotional retards”. Whatever you think of Madonna, I feel she is hinting at a very valid point, even from the perspective of an English man. The reason I believe that we get crap such as snobbery, bullying , sexism, racism and homophobia is because we are frightened of engaging in true personal intercourse. Sex taboos surrounding homosexuality and incest made be at the root of this. Southern Europeans often beat their northern counterparts at relationship closeness, though to be fair those same people often treat animals worse.

    There’s a big difference between the “stiff upper lip” or emotional stability and the sneer, or emotional insecurity. The difference between the pleasant and unpleasant characters tends to be that the latter are putting on a front, a mask because they are frightened of their real selves.

    Perhaps if some of those who march with the likes of the EDL could show as much loyalty to their women and children as they can to a flag, we’d have a better England.

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  10. PaulS says:

    Cornwall is not England.
    Granted, Cornwall has been effectively treated as part of England for a long time. However, the legal position is clear: Cornwall is a Duchy, not a County. It has a separate legal entity from England as it has never been incorporated into England. See here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constitutional_status_of_Cornwall and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cornish_people and http://www.thisisnotengland.co.uk/

    It is true that Cornwall has seen a great influx of incomers, of which I am one, nevertheless substantial proportion of people of Cornwall are Celtic in origin, just the same as the Welsh and the Scots, describe themselves as Cornish, have distinctive Cornish traditions and a separate Cornish language. The people of Cornwall constitute a nation and are recognised as such by the EU, despite the lack of recognition by the UK government and its efforts to suppress and ignore the demand of the people of Cornwall, such as the petition for Cornish Assembly, signed by 50,000 residents.

    Even many incomers also support the movement for law making Cornish National Assembly along the lines of the Welsh and Scottish assemblies.

    • Tostig FitzHerbert says:

      You are aware, I am sure, that the UK government is not an English government. I have no problem with a Cornish assembly and would also like to see an English Parliament. I may be wrong, but England is the only country in the EU (spit) that does not have its own government.

      • Bob says:

        Actually “Cornwall” is part of England under international law. The people were conquered in 828AD, they may not be the English, but the land they live on is part of England. Just because it is called a Dukedom does not mean it is separate to England, an English parliament has full authority to control what happens in Cornwall. If the people of Cornwall wish to attempt to take this land from England, they will need to try and do so by war, and if they win (ha, ha), then the land can be considered theirs. It is the same principle as the Falklands, Argentina tried to take it by war, and lost, the victor takes the land. In 828AD the victor took the land, the people can call themselves what they want, Cornish, British, Smurfish, but the land is part of England, hence the heir to the throne of England becomes the Duke of Cornwall.

  11. rossim02 says:


    As a Scotsman, an English parliament seems a laudable and good thing to campaign for. I wish it every success.

    I was perplexed though at some of your various articles and comments concerning either Scotland or the SNP. Surely it would be best if both countries were independent and properly supportive and friendly, just as say there’s cooperation and friendship with Australia and New Zealand?


    • para bellum says:

      If say Australia and New Zealand made a treaty to have themselves represented by one and the same parliament, and changed its name to Great Zealand. Then the people in New Zealand said were fed up of the Ausies being dominant, we want our own government and parliament back. But we don’t want them Ausies to have a parliament, we want to pretend they don’t exist, we want to break their country up into regions, we want to have a say in their country, but want to stop them having a say in ours. How long do you think they will be friends for?

      The moral of the story is if Scotland wants to be friends with England, then do the descent thing and stop sending your politicians into England. You chose to have your own parliament and government back, “Great Britain” thereby finished, just because idiot Brito-maniacs think they will try to continue Great Britain regardless, does not mean the Scots should go along with the deception. You have to stop all elections into the de facto British parliament, they are criminal, and the English are being provoked into taking affirmative action against a criminal political class, they will not be held responsible for the consequences.

      • rossim02 says:

        Your comments presume that your average Scotsman thinks that England shouldn’t have devolution, that it should be broken into regions against the will of its people and that they believe that Scottish politicians should run England over the will and desires of its own representatives. And in presuming all this you would be wrong and are projecting your own anger against your average Scots person rather than where it should be directed – politicians (particularly Labour politicians) and indeed many members of the English political class. For the truth is English MPs outnumber by a huge degree those from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. They can and do nearly always get their way by dint of numbers. So the moral of the story is not that Scots should stop sending MPs to Westminster to represent them (in the many areas which are not devolved, despite the erroneous view that nearly everything is devolved) but that Unionist Scottish MPs should do the decent thing and not vote on English only legislation (as is SNP policy) and English politicians and individuals should get off their arses and use their massive numerical majority to sort out a fairer system that meets the needs of the people of England rather than moaning about the evil Scots oppressing the poor down trodden yeoman of England.

      • AGoodwin says:

        Victimhood identity politics is fashionable. It’s not enough that Scotland is independent, they need to be seen as casting off a colonial oppressor but that is ahistorical rubbish.

    • AGoodwin says:

      Tell this to your SNP who don’t just want independence, they want “freedom” from the “evil colonialist” English based on a pack of lies that erases Scotland’s real role in historical crimes they want to dump on us. Don’t pretend you don’t want to see it. Independence is nothing to them if it doesn’t involve victimhood. The English working class are completely fair game for everyone to shit on.

  12. Stephen Robert says:

    In regard to Scotland and monarchy .A governor General in the country where the monarchy originates from,remember ,ELIZABETH 1 died without issue,would be ludicrous .Scotland is not Australia or Canada. Scotland perhaps should send a governor general to LONDON while HRM is resident in Scotland as she is every bit as much Queen of Scots as she is Queen of England ,some would say more so.Prince Charles is a descendent of Mary Stuart 1 fourteen times

  13. Bob says:

    The proper title is Queen of the English and not Queen of England, in fact the ultimate proper title should be “Lady of the English”, because “queen” means wife, and relates to the wife of a King. Elizabeth first and second were not wives of a King, so should not be called “Queen”. The Stuart monarchy was the most evil trouble making monarchy the country has known, and not legitimate under English common law.

    The whole concept of having one monarch for England and Scotland, has failed, every bodies friend is no bodies friend. What needs to be considered is that either Scotland or England should elect a different dynasty to the throne of their country.

  14. Palm Ole says:

    As a practical comment – I wanted to mention I came after watching “Britain’s Bloodiest Dynasty – The Plantagenets (2014)” available on torrent on get in touch by email (palm at riseup.net).
    As for the rest – at first I thought a lot of things like ‘how typically British’ or ‘how typically old’ or ‘how typically traditional’ but after seeing everyone talking about the details, I just thought it is what it is and you all just, are. No need to put you in any boxes. We all have different aims and journeys, and to think this is the place through text… hmmm, probably not. Enjoy my and welcome to email if you want a more personal put-it-nicely-on-the-table type of offering using text.

  15. AGoodwin says:

    Every other country in Europe is allowed to be proud of their heritage and ethnicity. Including those with histories of imperialism and colonialism. Including those that take a harder line on immigration than the UK. Anglophobic English liberal lefties fawn over these European countries while shitting on their own working class. It’s cultural hatred. They want to erase the English working class because they culturally despise us, as the bourgeois left has since the Fabians promoted eugenics. It’s got nothing to do with colonialism or “racism” really or they would hold France and Italy and the Netherlands to the same standards instead of kissing up to them.

    • AGoodwin says:

      Okay, Germany is an exception. But even they are starting to get sick of being guilt tripped over crimes of their ancestors that they had no control over. People need an identity. Deny them this and they will get nasty and the unpleasant form of nationalism will emerge. Nationalism itself is not inherently a bad thing.

  16. Anthony English says:

    The English gave their name to England and have lived there ever since. People who have since come to England and merged into the English population and are indistinguishable from the English and claim no identity other than English and are accepted by the English as being one of their own, are English.

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