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The Archers: an everyday story of simple culling  the Archers from the programme folk

Robert Henderson The  Archers is currently the subject of various story-lines  which bid fair to leave the programme a largely Archer-free zone. The pivotal Archer  family – David and  Ruth Archer – are in the process of selling Brookfield with … Continue reading

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Piers Morgan lied to the Leveson Inquiry

Piers Morgan lied to the Leveson Inquiry  (20 12 2011) when he claimed he had never illicitly received  information from the police when Mirror editor.   I can say this categorically because he admitted doing so in a letter to the … Continue reading

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The Archers: An everyday story of simple politically correct folk

The longest running soap-opera in the world, The Archers*, has just jettisoned one of its longest serving (30 years) and most popular characters, the stately home owner Nigel Pargetter, who hurtled to his fictional death from the roof of  his house … Continue reading

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