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The housing crisis and how to solve it

Robert Henderson The housing crisis in Britain is becoming so severe that radical measures are needed. There are three general issues which need to be addressed: a. How to bring  rents  to a level which will allow those on a … Continue reading

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Wages and benefits are not comparable

Robert Henderson The Coalition’s line on benefits will not hold water.   The Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith claims it is unreasonable for benefits to rise in line with inflation when wages are not doing so (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/9787094/Iain-Duncan-Smith-raising-benefits-with-inflation-would-be-absurd.html). This ignores … Continue reading

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Elite Mischief – Gordon Brown and The Francis Crick Institute

I was recently contacted by Bloomberg News and asked to comment on the  Francis Crick Institute, a massive research laboratory which is being built in central London  on land immediately behind the British library and a road’s width  from the Eurostar terminal.  The … Continue reading

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Public and Private Confusion (And, yes, there is an alternative)

I wrote Public and Private Confusion in 2006, before the credit crisis, before even Northern Rock was saved by the taxpayer. NuLabbour’s mania for privatizing anything in sight was in full spate, mostly, because the Tories had privatized all of … Continue reading

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The racial and ethnic make-up of the 2011 rioters

Robert Henderson The mainstream  British media and politicians are desperate to claim that the recent riots and looting  have no racial context and that it is a multicultural event.(In fact, they have unwittingly reduced it to a black/white event because … Continue reading

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The wages of Scottish independence – infrastructure

Geographically Scotland is very isolated. It is a stranded at the top of mainland Britain with a single land border with England.  Any goods or people coming and going to Scotland have a choice of independent access by air and … Continue reading

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The wages of Scottish independence – public sector employment

One of the many major issues which an independent Scotland would have to address is the extent to which the Scottish economy is  dependent on public spending and in particular the number of public sector jobs which would be  moved … Continue reading

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