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SNP 2012 XMAS Novelties

Independence Balloon When filled with hot air the balloon floats away leaving its owner with nothing to hold onto Comes in your clan tartan or decorated with Saltires Hours of  innocent fun Has a use-by date of  31 December 2013. … Continue reading

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The Archers – An everyday story of underclass folk

Robert Henderson Always a programme to capture the politically correct Zeitgeist, the latest evidence of this is in the extended space given in both the regular Archers and Archers extra programmes to the underclass, the politically correct version of the … Continue reading

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You have to understand religion and the religious mentality to understand history

Robert Henderson YouGov have just undertaken a poll on behalf of the Oxford University Education Department to judge the attitude  of people in England to the teaching of  Religious Education (RE).  ( The support for such teaching was strong: “In … Continue reading

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The Chiles test for white liberal racial hypocrisy

by Robert Henderson In 2003 radio and TV presenter Adrian Chiles self-indulgently allowed himself a gigantic wallow in liberal breast beating . In a long article for the Daily Telegraph entitled ”Why are all my friends White?”, Chiles expressed his surprise … Continue reading

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