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Would a libertarian society deprive individuals of cultural roots and collective identity?

There are many rooms in the libertarian  ideological house.  That fact often derails rational discussion of libertarian issues, but it need not be a problem in this instance because the question being asked is most  efficiently  examined   by testing  it … Continue reading

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Michael Heseltine – Rebalancing the British Economy

12 June House of Commons Robert Henderson Michael Heseltine was the sole speaker.  He has recently submitted a government-commissioned report No Stone Unturned (http://www.bis.gov.uk/assets/BISCore/corporate/docs/N/12-1213-no-stone-unturned-in-pursuit-of-growth.pdf). It was unusually depressing fare,  because like the later Bourbons Heseltine has forgotten nothing and learned … Continue reading

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Public and Private Confusion (And, yes, there is an alternative)

I wrote Public and Private Confusion in 2006, before the credit crisis, before even Northern Rock was saved by the taxpayer. NuLabbour’s mania for privatizing anything in sight was in full spate, mostly, because the Tories had privatized all of … Continue reading

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The globalist lies about the British job market

Robert Henderson One of the great lies of the modern liberal is that in developed countries such as Britain unskilled  and low skilled jobs are a rapidly shrinking commodity.  Daniel Knowles of the Daily Telegraph  was at it  on 17 … Continue reading

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It isn’t a crisis of capitalism but a crisis of globalism

Robert Henderson Contents 1. Turning a blind eye 2. What is capitalism? 3. Globalisation and the developed world 4. The suppression of dissent 5. The developing world 6. The loss of  national control 7. The undeveloping world 8. Supra-national  politics … Continue reading

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War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Knowledge is Ignorance…. Treason is Patriotism…

Robert Henderson As yet another prime British business, the hi-tech company Autonomy, is bought  by foreigners and the country is still digesting the failure of a massive contract for trains to go to the  last British based train-maker Bombardier ( … Continue reading

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How English football became foreign football played in England

Robert Henderson English football has “enjoyed” the benefits of more or less unrestricted market forces and the globalist ideology for twenty years. The result is instructive: a combination of huge amounts of new money (primarily from television, sponsorship, inflated ticket … Continue reading

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The white working-class and the British elite

From the salt of the earth to the scum of the earth Robert Henderson Thirty years ago the primary client base  of the Labour Party was the white working-class, while the Tories still had remnants of the heightened sense of … Continue reading

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