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ADC John Grieve and Greg Dyke’s “Hideously white BBC”

A Federal Britain?

A fundamental malaise

A guide to Anglophobe propaganda

America’s love-hate affair with England in films

An “independent” Scotland must not be allowed to have the pound as their official currency

A sane future for English cricket Ashes news –

“Australia’s experiment with their Asian immigrant population will be shelved.”

BBC Anglophobe anti-white propaganda: The liberty of Norton Folgate

BBC drama goes into bat for Scottish independence

Being arrested in England is no small matter anymore

Black and Asian cultural separatism in the UK

Bring the Nuclear Deterrent to England now

Bruges Group meeting 23rd April 2013 – Immigration: Can we control it?

Bruges Group International Conference 9 11 2013

Cameron’s “British values” enshrine political correctness

Celtic hands deep in English taxpayers’ pockets

Courage is the best defence against charges of racism

Cricket – the first modern game

Crime, punishment and public confidence in justice

Diane Abbott, racism and “positive discrimination”

Do you want this potential terrorist target in London?

Don’t laugh; Labour are flying the English flag

Don’t make complete Celts of yourselves

Ed Miliband and the Left’s attempted sabotage of England and Englishness

Elite Mischief – Gordon Brown and The Francis Crick Institute

Elizabeth I’s speech at Tilbury before the defeat of the Armada

Emma West and the State – The State has its way (sort of)

Emma West, immigration and the Liberal totalitarian state

Emma West, immigration and the Liberal totalitarian state part 2

Emma West, immigration and the Liberal totalitarian state part 3

Emma West has her trial delayed yet again

Emma West trial delayed for the third time

Emma West trial scheduled for the fifth time

Emma West’s trial scheduled for the sixth time

England and Britain – what is it to be British?

England and the arts

England and the concept of science

England and the Enlightenment

England and the only bootstrapped Industrial Revolution

England and the rise of science

England and the practice of science

England and the rejection of violence

England: the mother of modern politics

England: the mother of modern sport

England: the most extraordinary of national histories

England – the saviour of the Reformation

England was wealthy long before the Empire and the Slave Trade

English education – a project to culturally cleanse the English

English education and the great grade inflation fraud

English education and the triumph of the progressives

English education, immigration and political correctness

English education in saner times

English education: the roots of its politicisation

English state education – a project to culturally cleanse the English

English Icons – an exercise in Anglophobic NuLabour propaganda

English liberty and the Black Death

English liberty and the Peasants’ Revolt

English liberty and the weakness of state power

Englishness in Films – Master and Commander

English National Identity

English – the language of the world

English Speaking Union debate: ‘This house believes that an English Parliament is the last hope for a United Kingdom’

Evolving English exhibition – ends 3 April 2011

Frank Field calls for an English Parliament on Any Questions

Football – the world game

Freedom is part of England’s cultural DNA

George Orwell, left politics, modern liberals and the BBC

Harry Brown is very white

Helping Boris Johnson to understand why foreigners “get all the jobs”

How do we get an English parliament?

How England became the mother of modern politics

How English football became foreign football played in England

How Thatcher became the useful idiot of the education progressives

How the CRE ignored the racial abuse of the English

How the English saw themselves at the height of Empire – Cecil Rhodes’ will

Human accomplishment and the English

If England was a sovereign state again

Immigration – English sport is a mirror of English society

Important English constitutional documents

Ire in Babylon

Is it in the blood?, Peter Oborne and the question of Englishness

Is it in the blood?, CMJ and the hypocrisy of the media

Is it in the blood? and the hypocrisy of the media

Is modern fielding really superior to what it was in the past?

It isn’t a crisis of capitalism but a crisis of globalism

It isn’t “just sport”

Is the English Defence League (EDL) the real deal?

It must be no to Devomax

Jack Wilshere and the English

Leveson Inquiry: Robert Henderson’s application for core participant status

Leveson Inquiry – Wanted- people who have had their evidence ignored

Liberals in a multicultural denialfest

Make sure the costs of Scottish independence get into the media

Margaret Thatcher: the most useful of idiots is dead

Mass migration is an English not a UK problem

Mending English cricket

Michael Heseltine – Rebalancing the British Economy

Michael Vaughan and the greatest English Test bowler

Middle England Murders

Modern batsmen don’t know they’re born

Nations and Empires

No 10 Downing Street e-petitions dealing with Immigration, the EU and the ECHR

No 10 Downing Street e-petitions dealing with England and the English

No need to speaka da English in the NHS

Notable English technologists and inventors

Not as white as they are painted

Of what has England to be ashamed?

Part of England has been invaded

Part of England has been invaded part 2

Patriotism is not an optional extra

PC World: Playing a little game with the politically correct

Piers Morgan lied to the Leveson Inquiry

Poems of cricket

Poems of England

Politically incorrect film reviews – Outlaw and Made in England

Politically incorrect film reviews – Tinker, Tailor, Soldier ….Spy

Political speech and action in Britain: What is legally permitted ?

Prison for merely speaking…Non-custodial sentences for sustained physical attacks

Public and Private Confusion (And, yes, there is an alternative)

Quantifying English intellectual accomplishment

Referral of Piers Morgan’s perjury to the Leveson Inquiry

Remember, remember the fifth of November – it speaks to us today

Richard North: useful idiot or Europhile wolf in Eurosceptic’s clothing?

Roger Scruton on the injustice done to England by devolution

Salmond’s proposed referendum question is heavily biased

Sixty years ago – we were naturally greener then

Scotch the ban on Scotch

Scottish Independence – How Cameron sold England down the river with the Edinburgh Agreement

Scottish independence? Yes, but only on these terms

Skintland: The Economist spells out the wages of Scottish Independence

SNP XMAS Novelties 2010

SNP 2011 XMAS Novelties

SNP 2012 XMAS Novelties


Sorting out the mess after the Euro collapses

Stephen Lawrence, Gary Dobson, David Norris and a political trial

Suppressing scandal – The Mayor of London’s State of London Debate 12 June 2013

That NuLabour “mistake” over mass immigration wasn’t a mistake non-shock

The abolition of the GCSE and the return of O Levels

The appetite for Englishness in films The Archers – An everyday story of disabled folk

The Archers: an everyday story of feminist career women folk

The Archers: An everyday story of simple politically correct folk

The Archers – an everyday story of simple politically correct folk part 2

The Archers – an everyday story of simple ever more politically correct folk

The Archers: an everyday story of simple feminists saying “Men!” folk

The Archers – An everyday story of underclass folk

The Archers – An everyday story of age shall not wither them and implausible plot-lines simple folk

The BBC way with Scottish independence

The beginnings of English intellectual history

The beginnings of England’s political success

The black-instigated and dominated 2011 riots and the Great Elite lie

The British elite express their hatred and fear of England

The Chiles test for white liberal racial hypocrisy

The claustrophobia of diversity

The complete Joy of Diversity columns

The complete “Wages of Scottish independence”

The deaths of Richard Everitt and Stephen Lawrence: compare and contrast

The demand for an English parliament

The democratic spirit and the English civil war, Commonwealth and Protectorate

The development of the franchise in England

The Effects of Mass Immigration On Canadian Living Standards and Society

The English and the rule of law

The English haters

The English Landscapes and Identities Project

The English in North America – Locating the Hidden Diaspora

The English must not take their future for granted

The English origins and value of the USA’s Second Amendment

The English sporting amateur

The English white working-class and the British elite – From the salt of the earth to the scum of the earth

The English voice on Scottish independence must be heard

The English Year Zero

The EU IN/OUT referendum: strategy and tactics for those who want to leave the EU

The first and most natural of nation states

The Free-Born Englishman

The future of England

The future of Englishness in films

The globalist lies about the British job market

The gratuitous denigration of things English – the reign of Elizabeth I

The great anti-patriot

The great anti-patriot

The housing crisis and how to solve it

The Levellers: the first English radicals

The Liberal Delusion – Book Review

The mother of modernity

The mother of modern sport

The non-economic costs of mass immigration to the UK

The Old Buffoonian treads on dangerous ground

The only world empire  ever worthy of the name

The Olympics: England and the Celtic Fringe

The oppression of Emma West : the politically correct end game plays out

The people of England

The political genius of the English

The position of minorities

The racial and ethnic make-up of the August 2011 UK rioters by group

The racial and ethnic make-up of the 2011 rioters

The really radical thing for the Tory Party to do – appeal to the English

The right of self-defence in England

The right to own and carry weapons in England

The roots of English democracy

The Scottish Independence Referendum – unanswered questions

The Stephen Lawrence killing: Are we in for more legally rickety convictions?

The significance of borders –why Representative Government and the Rule of Law Require Nation States

The Spring Edition of the Quarterly Review is out

The terms on which the rebellious American colonists may be taken back into the Empire

The trouble with England

The truth about UK oil and gas

The truth about social housing and ethnic minorities

The utilitarian case for the monarchy

The wages of Scottish independence – a divided country

The wages of Scottish independence – immigration

The wages of Scottish independence – If Parliament says NO

The wages of Scottish independence – infrastructure

The wages of Scottish independence – membership of the EU

The wages of Scottish independence – Nationality

The wages of Scottish independence – Public Debt

The wages of Scottish independence – public sector employment

The wages of Scottish independence – The monarchy

The wages of Scottish independence – the currency problem

The wages of Scottish independence – the loss of the military

The white working-class and the British elite

The “wrong” sort of indoctrination (for the Left)

The 2011 British riots and the white liberal’s great lie

Ultimately the USA is the child of England: no England, no United States

Wages and benefits are not comparable

Want to win literary competitions? Pretend you’re black

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Knowledge is Ignorance…. Treason is Patriotism…

Well, at least there wasn’t a six-foot dancing penis

What a true assessment of the economic costs of mass immigration would include

What if there is no English Parliament?

What happens if Scotland votes NO to independence?

What has happened to “English votes for English laws”?

What has happened to Emma West? W

What the British people want from their politicians … and what they get

What the nation state owes you and what you owe the nation state

What to do if you become involved with the criminal law

What would happen if the UK disintegrated?

What makes a nation?

Where are the English-Americans?

Where have all the express bowlers gone?

Why are the British political elite so Hell-bent on denying England a Parliament?

Why modern English batsmen are so poor against spin

Why nothing short of  an English Parliament will do

Why was England in the sporting vanguard?

Will there always be an England, whatever the origin of its people?

Would a libertarian society deprive individuals of cultural roots and collective identity?

You have to understand religion and the religious mentality to understand history

Youth unemployment: how to cure it


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