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What is treason today?

A vital part of the liberal internationalist plot to destroy Britain as an independent nation is the destruction of the concept of treason. They do this the attempt through a tidal wave of propaganda about the joys of diversity, the … Continue reading

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Being arrested in England is no small matter anymore

Robert Henderson There was a time when being arrested in England  did not matter very much.  Before digital technology  came of age your fingerprints  and mug shot might be taken,  but if  no charges were laid or, if you were … Continue reading

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Emma West, immigration and the Liberal totalitarian state part 3

Robert Henderson Emma West appeared at Croydon magistrates court on 3rd January.  She  will stand trial  on  two racially aggravated public order offences, one with intent to cause fear. She will next appear in court  – Croydon Crown Court –  … Continue reading

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The 2011 British riots and the white liberal’s great lie

Robert Henderson “These riots were not about race: the perpetrators and the victims were white, black and Asian. “These riots were not about government cuts: they were directed at high street stores, not Parliament. “And these riots were not about … Continue reading

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The racial and ethnic make-up of the 2011 rioters

Robert Henderson The mainstream  British media and politicians are desperate to claim that the recent riots and looting  have no racial context and that it is a multicultural event.(In fact, they have unwittingly reduced it to a black/white event because … Continue reading

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