The deaths of Richard Everitt and Stephen Lawrence: compare and contrast

Robert Henderson

The Death of Richard Everitt (see below)  is an article I wrote in 1994. Compare and contrast the elite response to his death and that of Stephen Lawrence.

Richard was knifed to death by an Asian gang approximately 300 yards from my front door. The gang was large with perhaps as many as 15 members. The gang was known as the Drummond Street Posse and had gone out that night specifically looking for a “white boy” to attack because they felt they had been “wronged” by a white boy (

The gang were arrested the same night for a separate incident and blood was found on 19-year-old Badrul Miah. This turned out to be a match for that of Richard. Miah, later boasted that he had “stabbed up some white boy”.

After nine months the police had arrested 11 people in connection with the murder. The 11 dropped to six and after a committal hearing the number fell to 3. Eventually only two came to trial, Badrul Miah and Showkat Akbar. Akbar was found guilty of violent disorder and sentenced to three years, of which he served 18 months. Miah was sentenced to life but let out on licence after 11 years despite the trial judge describing it as an unprovoked  racist attack (see Mirror link above).

The parents of Richard suffered beyond the loss of their child: “After the trial Mandy and Norman tried to move on but were the victims of threats and racial abuse. They had to leave the home where they raised their children and move out of London to Essex.” (

Those are the bare facts of the Everitt murder. Compare the elite response to his murder with their response to that of Stephen Lawrence:

1. Only one person was convicted of the murder even though all were guilty because of the legal principle of joint enterprise.

2. There has been no media campaign to bring the others to justice.

3. There has been no public inquiry into Richard’s murder.

4. The one person  convicted of Richard’s murder  was released after 11 years without any media or political uproar.

5. There has been no concerted media campaign stretching over nearly two decades to bring the others in the gang to justice.

6. Unlike the Lawrence case where the Daily Mail accused the five suspects of murder in 1997 (, no representative of the national press or broadcasters called any other member of the gang which murdered Richard a murderer.

7. The gang members who attacked Richard were older than those accused of attacking Stephen Lawrence.

8.  Unlike the Lawrence murder, British politicians from the word go not only refused to adopt the tone of moral outrage which they routinely do when the death of Stephen Lawrence is discussed, but actively tried to play down the racist aspect. Considerable pressure was put on Richard’s parents at the time to go along with the usual Maoist pc line that they were not racist and so on. The local MP, Frank Dobson, was most notable for his near  silence.

It is often said these days that the grip political correctness has on British society is much worse than it was. It is true that the absurdities get ever greater as the politically correct compete to be the purest ideologue, but, as the Everitt case shows,  in really important matters such as the administration of justice  it was already solidly entrenched two decades ago.

Here is my 1994 article:

The death of Richard Everitt

Robert Henderson

The various mass media and political responses to the murder  of Richard Everitt in Somers Town on 14th August is evidence  of a fundamental rottenness in public life, namely a  stubborn refusal to address the legitimate concerns of the white population about the effects of Asian and black settlement in Britain. More particularly, it shows the profound contempt with which the white working class in heavily settled immigrant areas has come to be viewed by those with power and influence, who see them as at best as an expendable nuisance and at worst as a positive evil.

Comment by politicians and the media about Richard’s death has been extremely muted. Moreover, the main thrusts of the few statements that have been made have concentrated on the dangers of reprisals against Asians and previous attacks on Asians. Sincere expressions of anger or regret by public figures for the death of this white working class boy are notable by their absence. Concern for the predicament of the white working class, who form the native population of the area, has been entirely absent. The contrast with the media and political response to the death of, for example, Stephen Lawrence is startling. Where are the broadsheet editorials? Where the anguished protestations of horror from all political parties? Where the calls from pressure groups for laws to prevent racist attacks? Where the Home Secretary visiting the area to express his horror? Nowhere, that is where.

The coverage of the Daily and Sunday Telegraphs illustrates vividly the extent to which double standards are applied in the reporting of violent attacks that may have a racist motive. Here are the two broadsheet newspapers which are reputedly the most Tory, the most nationalist, the most sympathetic to native British interests. Yet the Daily Telegraph carried only three news reports about the murder, the second of which – only two days after the death – appeared on page 7. All three reports fit comfortably onto a sheet of paper little larger than a side of A4. None of the reports contains any comment. The Daily  Telegraph has printed no letters, articles or leaders on the subject. It has, in fact, made no comment on the matter.

The Sunday Telegraph has carried a single piece written by an Asian, Amit Roy. (Again there have been no letters or leaders). The article’s headline gives its flavour. What could it be? ‘The tragedy of Richard Everitt’? ‘The plight of the white working class’? No, my naive friends of course it was not. The Sunday Telegraph decided that the appropriate headline was ‘Asian victims learn to strike back’. Grossly provocative would seem an apt description.

In the article Mr Roy’s primary concerns are to (1) paint the Asians as the real victims and (2) issue oblique threats of further Asian violence through the device of bruiting the names and “hardness” of various Asian gangs. Mr Roy does not, of course, say he approves of such behaviour but then he does not need to, the headline and the general tone of the article ensure that the reader gets the message. As for Richard Everitt, well, Mr Roy very generously says that he ‘appears to have been innocent of any kind of racist behaviour’. Would it have made any difference if he had been? Would Mr Roy then have thought the murder acceptable? I would not wish to bet against it. As for The BBC, they thought the matter was of such little importance that it merited, the day after the killing, no more than two minutes at the end the Radio 4 programme ‘The world at One’.

I live very close to where Richard died. I can tell you that such a tragedy is unsurprising. The area is a poisonous racial brew in which the Bengalis are merely the most toxic ingredient. The reality of mixed populations is directly contrary to the liberal fantasy of peaceful multiculturalism. Coloured immigrants actively resist integration and where, as in the case of the Bengalis, they form a sizable population they are not even circumspect in their behaviour towards other racial groups. Hence the Bengali gangs. Hence the regular police presence, prior to his death, outside Richard’s school. Hence the harassment of elderly whites by Bengali gangs. Hence the constant air of tension which pervades the area.

The truth of the matter is that the English white working class has to bear the consequences of the liberal establishment’s enthusiasm for multiculturalism, while the liberal establishment avoids the consequences by making damn sure that they either live far away or by forming self-contained colonies on the edges of immigrant areas, which device allows them to further inflate their already monumental smugness by claiming that ” I live in Hackney” when they effectively live in Islington or “I live in Notting Hill” simply because their address happens to be one street away from Bayswater.

How many liberals would be happy to send their children to a school such as Richard’s in which all but two of the class were coloured? Imagine how isolated the boy must have felt simply by being in such a situation. Moreover, the children Richard will have mixed with will not be the products of middle class, westernised immigrants, but, in the main, the children backward Bengali peasants who speak little or no English and whose primary desire is to prevent their children becoming westernised.

The government of 18th Century Britain has been memorably described as ‘aristocracy tempered by rioting’. That, in fact, is a good description of the inherent circumstances of any form of government. Unless the political class addresses the problem of race honestly, they will be most assuredly “tempered”. No people will tolerate for ever a ruling class which so cravenly acts against their interests.

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13 Responses to The deaths of Richard Everitt and Stephen Lawrence: compare and contrast

  1. Barry says:

    This does not surprise me and a labour mp not commenting on it is again no surprise and people vote for this lot to represent them, yet a white male is murdered in a racisit attack and Mr dobson says nothing, nothing at all, what a disgrace. They are running scared , you can hear his advisors now saying dobson you cant comment it will look bad for labour our votes come from a large group in this area you will never get voted in again…perhaps the lawrences will get together with the Everitts and campaign to end racist murder. I think this murder in particular has be blown way out of proportion and it seems they had to find somebody responsible yet many murders are unsolved in the uk where is the campaign for them?

  2. simplepeter says:

    Can you please post a link to the claimed Sunday Telegraph piece mentioned above?

    • If you mean the Amit Roy article the answer is no because it was published in 1993, long before newspapers had websites.

      • simplepeter says:

        Perhaps it may be possible to obtain a copy of the newspaper article?
        I understand that copies are held in the national library?
        Do you know how to obtain these?
        I feel that this is an important thing to do and would provide additional power to your very powerful piece.
        I intend to enquire of the nearby ‘Thorp Arch’ library here in N’th Yks.
        Kind regards

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  5. Antony says:

    Another champion of justice is Anne Cryer, who as an MP for Keighley in Yorkshire (retired 2010) campaigned vigorously against forced marriages, though not against forced sex, at least where it involved asian men and white female children, a little local difficulty she rather preferred to ignore on the whole. The strategy called for Asian girls to befriend white girls at school, girls they would introduce to the men in their in their family in the hope of diverting unwanted sexual attentions. Asian children were thus pimping white children to the men of their community. Many of these men were in their twenties and thirties and even older. The English girls were just as frequently no more than thirteen or fourteen. I have no doubt the girls enjoyed all the attention. I have no doubt they also understood, as deculturalized white girls often do I’m afraid to say, that race-mixing brings approval and even status. They may even have been indifferent to the hypocrisy of their exploiters, who damned the children as whores and sluts even as they were enjoying their bodies. What’s really disappointing is that it’s still going on. That you have to blame the English for in the end, who remain too cowardly, to fearful of losing their pleasures, to protect their own families. During the negro riots last August some ethnic groups took to the streets in self-defence. All you heard in English areas was a cry of: ‘where were the police?’ It won’t do you know. It really won’t do.

  6. Stuart Moore says:


  7. Not you says:

    This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever read. You missed the part where white people were terrorising and abusing Asian families for years before this death. Comparing it to Stephen Lawrence is SICK. Stephen Lawrence’s death was spoke about the way it has been because racism is REAL for people of colour, racism is not real for white people. White people attack us simply because we’re coloured, we RESPOND to the attitudes displayed towards us. It’s always a ‘what about us too’ shut up. What about us ALL these years til this day still getting killed ? Did you ancestors experience slavery ? Are you still feeling oppressed due to that ? Do you still have a lack of opportunities just because of the colour of your skin ? When’s the last time someone told you to go back to your country while your in the country you were born in ? Oh never ? Shutup. Stephen Lawrence never even got justice you absolute idiot so the fact you’re even comparing, shows the sick individual you are. Two people died and you wrote a whole shit blog talking about media coverage and acting as if black people have EVER been treated better than you. We just had Brexit and you have all shown your true colours. England is shit and has no culture. You needed us. Your welcome dickhead.

  8. Chopper says:

    Would love to meet “not you” and debate this subject with him…..

  9. Andrew McGonigle says:

    I come from around that area and still know many people from Somers Town. There has been a rumour circulating for sometime that one of the gang involved in the sttack on Richard is now serving Camden Labour Councillor. I have email the Labour Party and The local newspaper a couple of years back now, asking them if they could look into this and see if there was any truth in this rumour but to date have not had a response from either.

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